Upon hearing Rosier’s questioning, Carrow, who had appeared bold and defiant just moments before, immediately abandoned his arrogance. His demeanor shifted as soon as he noticed Wentworth standing behind Rosier.

Carrow took a few steps forward, approached Wentworth, and respectfully bowed. He uttered, “Welcome back, young master.”

The rest of the witches and wizards in the room also noticed Wentworth’s presence. The previously noisy hall abruptly hushed. Subsequently, a series of greetings filled the air. Maintaining an impassive expression, Wentworth navigated through the crowd.

Rosier, mindful not to discuss the matter openly in the presence of numerous wizards, guided Wentworth through the gathering. They ascended a staircase, leaving the main hall behind.

As they passed Carrow, Rosier subtly gestured for him to follow. Carrow, who had previously lowered his head, sighed in response. A stern glare from Rosier prompted Carrow to fall in line obediently.

As Wentworth and Rosier ascended to the second floor, Auston hurriedly approached, positioned himself in front of Wentworth, and courteously opened a door. Bowing respectfully, he said, “Master, this is my father’s study. Please feel free to use it.”

Despite Auston’s understated manner and the opulence of the room’s décor, Wentworth had no time to appreciate the surroundings. He proceeded directly to the back of the study, settling into the largest boat-shaped table. Without uttering a word, he focused his gaze on Rosier.

Observing Wentworth’s silence, Rosier let out a sigh. Nevertheless, he stood up, approached Wentworth, and began, “Wentworth, there’s something we need to tell you. It’s not that we intended to keep it from you, but it just happened, and we haven’t had the chance to inform you. I hope you can prepare yourself for what I’m about to say.”

Upon hearing this, Wentworth closed his eyes. He sensed that an unfortunate event had occurred involving Abernathy. In Wentworth’s mind, memories of moments shared with Abernathy flashed, portraying the image of this old man who had been a constant presence since Wentworth woke up in this world—a figure akin to family.

After a moment of contemplation, Wentworth slowly opened his eyes, and a resolute expression settled upon his face. Speaking deliberately, he said, “You can tell me, Grandma Rosier. I want to know what happened to Grandpa Abernathy!”

Observing Wentworth’s demeanor, Rosier released a prolonged sigh and exchanged a brief glance with Carrow on the side. However, upon realizing that Carrow, usually self-assured, quickly averted his gaze, Rosier rolled his eyes and continued, “Wentworth, Abernathy is missing.”

“No way. How can he go missing? Are you sure he wasn’t hiding or something else? There is no way someone of his caliber to just went missing all of a sudden!” Hearing this revelation, Wentworth was momentarily taken aback.

Carrow found an opportunity and decided to convey her feelings, “I believe it’s because of those damned Goblins inside Gringotts, Young Master! Those little bastards are hiding something from us in Hogsmeade.”

Before even having the chance to continue further, Rosier extended her hand, signaling Carrow to stop, “Please, let me explain it to Wentworth.”

Carrow looked at Rosier for a while before finally nodding.

Perhaps Rosier’s approach had been too intense, or perhaps the grandeur of Greengrass’s family estate had contributed to the gravity of the situation, prompting Wentworth to brace himself for Abernathy’s absence instinctively.

Consequently, when Wentworth heard the simple statement that Abernathy was missing, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. However, he concealed this reaction, maintaining a serious expression. Furrowing his brow, Wentworth gestured towards the chairs in front of him, instructing, “Sit down first, and then provide me with a detailed account of what happened.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s directive and observing his composed response, Rosier felt a subtle sense of reassurance.

Despite Wentworth’s already displayed precocious nature, his unwavering determination in the face of sudden changes pleased Rosier immensely.

As Rosier and Carrow settled into their seats, Auston took on the role of a gracious host, preparing drinks and refreshments for the trio.

Rosier resumed the narrative, “Wentworth, upon receiving your letter and that Floo Powder shipping order, Abernathy and I suspected that Gringotts might be involved in something questionable. Following our discussion, Abernathy decided to personally infiltrate Gringotts under the guise of applying for a job.”

“He skillfully secured a position as a spell-breaker at Gringotts, leveraging his exceptional magical abilities. Abernathy diligently recorded his daily observations and discoveries, transmitting them to Gringotts through covert channels. Everything proceeded smoothly under my watch.”

“However, after Abernathy had been inside Gringotts for about ten days, we suddenly stopped receiving any communication from him. Initially, I thought Abernathy might have been delayed by unforeseen circumstances, causing a delay in sending his updates. I wrote to him, but after three consecutive days without any response, I became certain that something had happened to Abernathy.”

As Rosier recounted the events, her usual demeanor of a strong woman faltered. In the face of the sudden disappearance of her old partner of decades, her eyes took on a rosy hue. She confessed with red eyes, “It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have allowed Abernathy to disguise himself as another wizard and infiltrate Gringotts. We were too impatient.”

After her admission, Rosier accepted a glass of pumpkin juice from Auston Greengrass, taking a sip as her emotions gradually steadied.

Wentworth had been listening attentively to Rosier’s narrative, choosing to remain silent throughout.

Only when Rosier’s mood had somewhat calmed did Wentworth direct his attention to the window behind him, inquiring, “So, what’s happening with the numerous witches and wizards outside? Some even seem to be calling for another Ministry of Magic war?”

As he spoke, Wentworth cast a brief glance at Carrow beside him. Initially intending just a gentle tap, Wentworth was surprised when Carrow promptly stood up and then prostrated himself on the ground, sincerely pleading, “Young Master, it’s all my fault. Please punish me, Young Master!”

As Carrow spoke, she simultaneously retrieved his wand and raised his hands above his head while remaining prostrate on the ground.

Carrow’s immediate and disciplined reaction took Wentworth by surprise. Glancing at Rosier, Wentworth noted the absence of any astonishment in her expression.

Observing this scene, Wentworth realized that he was catching a glimpse of another facet of the Alliance. Carrow’s seamless actions and Rosier’s stoic countenance were unmistakably conveying a message to Wentworth—such occurrences were routine in the history of the Alliance.

In simpler terms, it boiled down to a singular principle: Own up to your mistakes, and if punished, stand at attention!

The news of knowing Abernathy went missing and the current wizards and witches gathering just outside of the room is growing to be more than just a minor problem in Wentworth’s mind.

With the sudden appearance of Voldemort, this might be the worst time to have all these troubles lined up for the Alliance.


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Published On: March 5, 2024

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