It was undoubtedly the aftermath of the disaster, but Wentworth and Cassandra remained composed despite the catastrophe.

Cassandra turned to Wentworth, and her opening remark was filled with excitement, “Wentworth, you’ve defeated the Second Dark Lord!”

However, Wentworth merely shook his head, expressing disapproval, and replied, “Don’t be too complacent. This is nothing compared to Voldemort’s true strength! At most, it could be considered a puppet that managed to defeat him. I will defeat him myself sooner or later!”

Interrupting his words, Wentworth stopped and looked apologetically at Cassandra. He continued, “Cassandra, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have…”

Before Wentworth could finish his sentence, Cassandra gently placed a finger over his lips, silencing him. “Shh, don’t bother saying anything. We both know it wasn’t all your fault.”

Despite the unfinished statement, the smile on Cassandra’s face deepened, and she seemed poised to say something when an interruption occurred.

Suddenly, Harry approached, standing beside Wentworth and Cassandra, and eagerly inquired, “Wentworth, what just happened? Why does Quirrell react when I touch him?”

Harry’s words were cut short as Hermione pulled him back, her face flushing. She intervened, saying, “Harry, you can ask Wentworth about this later. Right now, everyone needs to rest!”

Observing this, Cassandra gracefully stepped back, a faint smile playing on her lips. She added, “I’m going to check on Green and Cedric!”

With a light, agile step, Cassandra swiftly departed. Wentworth couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Harry, expressing his annoyance.

“Harry, how are you feeling now? Do you have that sense of pride and excitement that comes with being a true savior?” Wentworth inquired, his tone tinged with frustration.

In response to Wentworth’s question, the initial excitement on Harry’s face gradually faded, replaced by a wry smile. He admitted, “No, I still feel a bit uneasy. I know this victory wasn’t solely due to my own strength. I fear that I might suddenly be rendered helpless the next time I face Voldemort.”

Harry’s candid response surprised Wentworth. It seemed unexpected for Harry to be so self-aware.

After a moment of contemplation, Wentworth spoke up, “Harry, if you had asked someone else that question, they might have attributed it to love! But my answer is – that’s the power of magic!”

Wentworth continued to explain, “Back then, your mother sacrificed herself, casting a protective spell fueled by love to save you from Voldemort. Additionally, Quirrell, in his quest for immortality, consumed the blood of a unicorn and faced an eternal curse. It all led to the circumstances we witnessed.”

Taking a brief pause, Wentworth added, “In simpler terms, your mother made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure your safety! And you happened to encounter an opponent who was under various punishments due to his sins. Do you understand?”

As Wentworth clarified, Harry realized that it wasn’t due to any inherent special talent of his own but rather the substantial sacrifice his mother had made on his behalf. Contemplating this revelation, Harry fell into a thoughtful silence.

Observing Harry’s contemplative state, Wentworth wasn’t particularly concerned about a teenager’s mental well-being at the moment.

He was well aware that Harry possessed a resilient psyche despite facing numerous challenges.

The trials and tribulations he would undergo in the future were significant, yet it hadn’t diminished the resilience inherent in many children. If it were an ordinary person, the weight of those experiences might have led to prolonged depression.

Wentworth exchanged a glance with Hermione, signaling his departure from Harry’s side.

He then turned to seek out Cedric, Green, and the others. Meanwhile, Hermione chose to remain, offering her support to Harry.

As Wentworth walked past Hermione on his way to join the others, Hermione softly spoke, “Don’t worry, Wentworth. What happened tonight shouldn’t be discussed, and we won’t mention it.”

Wentworth paused momentarily, acknowledging her words with a nod before swiftly continuing on his way.

While Wentworth knew Hermione was referring to her hidden identity, in truth, he hadn’t been overly concerned about maintaining secrecy at this point.

Despite the circumstances, Hermione’s consideration for confidentiality impressed Wentworth. It was a testament to her astuteness and ability to think ahead, qualities that would undoubtedly contribute to her future role as the Minister of Magic, extending beyond her academic prowess.

Arriving at Cedric and the others, Wentworth noticed that Green had managed to sit up, although his pallid complexion revealed the toll the magical exertion had taken on him. It was clear that he was experiencing the aftermath of magical power depletion.

“Don’t worry about me the slightest, Wentworth! I am fine as a horse!” Green exclaimed.

Addressing Cedric and Cassandra, Wentworth instructed, “Take Green back to Hogwarts immediately. Once you’re back, Cassandra, guide Green to find Professor Snape, and Cedric, inform Professor Dumbledore about the events that unfolded here.”

Cedric, eager to know Wentworth’s plans, asked hastily, “What about you, Wentworth?”

With a playful glint in his eyes, Wentworth responded, “Of course, I’ll be staying here to safeguard the scene. Just in case whether he returns or another member of the Deathly Hallow came here.”

Observing Wentworth’s expression, Cedric and Cassandra exchanged knowing glances, realizing that Wentworth likely had a different agenda.

Without further inquiry, they proceeded to assist Green.

Cedric supported Green, and Cassandra bid farewell to Hermione and Harry before they departed together, leaving Wentworth alone in the Forbidden Forest.

As the figures of Harry and the others disappeared from view, Wentworth spoke to the seemingly empty surroundings, “Professor, how much longer do you intend to observe?”

As Wentworth’s words echoed, Dumbledore materialized before him, wearing an expression of regret as he approached Quirrell’s lifeless body.

Unsurprised by Dumbledore’s sudden appearance, Wentworth acknowledged that he hadn’t concealed his actions tonight. “I knew you were aware of my presence by the time I got here. You’ve been acting quite reckless because you have realized of my presence, am I right, Wentworth?”

In fact, he intentionally stayed in front of Hogwarts Castle for an extended period to ensure Dumbledore took notice of the events transpiring in the Forbidden Forest.

During the initial clash with Quirrell, Wentworth’s fire snake and Quirrell’s water snake had soared into the night sky together, creating a spectacle akin to a genuine clash between water and fire, illuminating a large portion of the forbidden forest’s night sky.

Wentworth was certain that Dumbledore, being the foremost wizard in the magical world, wouldn’t remain oblivious to such intense magical disturbances.

Confronted by Dumbledore’s presence, Wentworth spoke with a hint of frustration, “Professor, do you have complete confidence in me, or do you genuinely believe in Harry Potter’s proclaimed role as the savior who effortlessly vanquished Voldemort?”

In response to Wentworth’s inquiry, Dumbledore responded calmly, “It seems you all handled the situation admirably, didn’t you? After all, Quirrell was once my student, and it’s truly difficult for me to confront him directly.”

Upon hearing Dumbledore’s words, Wentworth expressed his disapproval, stating, “Much like Tom Riddle back then?”

A heavy silence enveloped the scene as Professor Dumbledore’s expression changed when he contemplated the choices he had right now.


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Published On: March 1, 2024

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