Observing Hermione’s assistance, Cassandra’s eyes lit up with meaning. She had keenly noticed Hermione’s actions, from casting the Freezing-Flame Charm to swiftly grasping Wentworth’s intentions and then collaborating with him to divert Quirrell’s attention.

Finally, she followed Wentworth’s instructions, aiding Cassandra’s escape without hesitation.

Cassandra recognized Hermione as a knowledgeable, adaptable, and self-aware individual.

Even though the outcome of their current predicament was uncertain, Cassandra had already made up her mind. “If just I had my notes here… after a few considerations, I believe that Hermione deserves a spot in Secret Hallows.” She thought to herself.

If they managed to return safely to Hogwarts, she planned to extend an invitation to Hermione to join the Secret Hallows.

Meanwhile, Quirrell was in close proximity to Harry and Wentworth, with Cedric attempting to counter from behind.

Despite Cedric raising his wand, Quirrell remained undeterred, evidently focused on confronting either Harry or Wentworth first.

Confronted by Quirrell’s neglect, Wentworth turned to Harry and reminded him of their earlier conversation, “Harry, do you remember what I said to you before we came here?”

An anxious nod from Harry confirmed his recollection, “Yes, I remember Wentworth! It’s to put my trust in you no matter what.”

Wentworth’s smile was faint as he decisively seized Harry’s shoulder, wordlessly positioning him to face the oncoming Quirrell, while Wentworth took a protective stance behind him.

Witnessing this, Quirrell erupted into maniacal laughter, accusing, “You are afraid! Wentworth Grindelwald, you are afraid! The view before me, the leader of the Alliance is afraid? You are nothing before Lord Voldemort, but it’s too late! You’ve angered him, and now, all of you must pay the price! “

“Fool! Focus more on fighting them. Stop saying unnecessary stuff!” Voldemort’s voice rang from behind Quirell’s head.

Cedric, on the other hand, gazed at Wentworth in disbelief.

Clearly seeing Wentworth’s actions caught Cedric off guard.

He hadn’t anticipated that Wentworth would choose to use Harry in such a manner.

Was this still the Wentworth he thought he knew? Hiding in fear behind their junior’s back?

Upon hearing Quirrell’s manic laughter, Hermione and Cassandra halted and turned back to witness Wentworth positioning himself in front of Harry.

The reactions of Hermione and Cassandra diverged significantly.

Horrified at the sight of it, Hermione’s eyes widened, her face reflecting despair. “Harry!” Hermione called.

Conversely, Cassandra wore a relieved smile, displaying appreciation for Wentworth’s unexpected act of protection.

Wentworth and Harry, however, had little time to assess the onlookers’ reactions.

Leaning close to Harry’s ear, Wentworth spoke softly, “I promised you that I will help you collect your parents’ belongings from them! Now be a good boy, extend your hands, and prepare to get them back with interest!”

In the midst of the escalating tension, Harry’s heart raced as he followed Wentworth’s urgent instructions, raising his trembling hands. Anxiously, he queried, “Wentworth, what should I do? I don’t think there is—“

While they were talking, Quirrell had breached the wall of fire with his wand pointed menacingly at Harry, who stood guard by Wentworth with a helpless expression.

However, Wentworth confidently stepped back and reassured, “You don’t have to do anything, Harry. I have everything under control! Put your trust in me!”

Despite Wentworth’s assurance, Harry couldn’t relax as Quirrell advanced, threatening to direct his wand at Harry’s forehead.

Faced with imminent danger, Harry instinctively closed his eyes, bracing for the worst.

Suddenly, a powerful force propelled Harry forward.

Feeling the impact, he sensed his arms embracing something, and then, amidst the chaos, heard Quirrell’s agonized scream. “UAGHHH! THIS CAN’T BE! HOW DARE YOU PULL SUCH A CH— AAAAAHHHH!”

Wentworth had surged from behind in the blink of an eye, executing a forceful kick that propelled Harry towards the oncoming Quirrell.

The collision between Harry’s raised hands and Quirrell’s form became a chaotic moment, leaving everyone, including Cedric, Hermione, and Cassandra, utterly stunned by the unexpected turn of events.

“How could he even think of such a way…” Cedric commented on the situation as he covered his mouth out of surprise.

Meanwhile, Hermione, who was watching from quite far away, had her eyes closed as she saw Wentworth pushing Harry forward.

Hearing Quirell’s scream, she couldn’t help but open her eyes once again and exclaimed, “No way! What did Wentworth just do?”

“That’s why you need to put your trust in him no matter what; this is the Master of the Alliance, after all we are witnessing. There is no such thing such as useless moves in his repertoire!” Cassandra explained with a proud expression.

Harry couldn’t resist the urge to open his eyes, and to his shock, he found Quirrell’s head nestled in his arms.

A perplexed Harry witnessed Quirrell writhing in pain, with white smoke emanating from his forehead. “What’s happening right now, Wentworth?!” He asked with a puzzled expression as he saw Quirell’s pathetic state.

This eerie spectacle startled Harry, causing him to take two steps back in fear.

In his apprehension, Harry inadvertently released Quirrell’s head, yet the professor continued to display signs of extreme agony. “CURSE YOU, GRINDELWALD!”

Despite the distance, Quirrell, with a pained expression, extended his hands toward Harry, who had unwittingly become a part of this enigmatic encounter. “IF I CAN’T GET YOU, THEN I WILL TAKE POTTER DOWN WITH ME!”

In the midst of this unsettling scene, Wentworth’s calm voice reached Harry from behind, “Harry, as I promised, you have the chance to reclaim what’s yours. Are you going to let it pass by? I have served the dish for you on a golden platter; enjoy.”

Determined, Harry gritted his teeth, mustered his courage, and approached Quirrell once more. “This is for my parents!”

With resolute determination, he seized Quirrell’s face firmly with both hands, ready to confront the bizarre situation head-on.

Subsequently, Quirrell’s agony intensified, and the area where Harry’s hands had made contact with Quirrell’s face began to undergo a gradual and unsettling process of decay.

Finally, after a brief period, Quirrell collapsed to the ground, motionless, accompanied by an audible “pop” sound.

Witnessing this, Harry took a step forward, seemingly intent on assessing Quirrell’s condition.

However, before he could proceed, Wentworth swiftly pulled him back.

Simultaneously, a sinister, contorted shadow emerged from Quirrell’s lifeless form, making a beeline towards Harry Potter.

Wentworth, anticipating the imminent threat, acted promptly. He aimed his wand at the shadow and proclaimed with authority, “Crucio!”

In response to this incantation, Voldemort changed his trajectory.

Emitting a wail of anguish as he ran away, he hastily disappeared into the depths of the Forbidden Forest because he knew how much his soul would suffer if an unforgiving curse hit him in this state.

The onlookers exchanged bewildered glances, and the Forbidden Forest swiftly returned to a state of tranquility.

After a while, Cedric urgently shouted, “Green!”

He then rushed quickly towards the direction where Green had fallen. With Quirrell’s collapse, the curse binding Cassandra was released, prompting her and Hermione to run toward Wentworth and Harry, respectively.

Meanwhile, Harry remained in a daze, still processing the events that had unfolded. Utterly confused, he mumbled, “What’s happening here?”

Rushing over, Hermione embraced Harry and eagerly inquired, “Harry, what was that magic? How did you do it?” While she directed her question at Harry, her sidelong glances betrayed her true curiosity about Wentworth.

Caught between the bewildering experience and Hermione’s inquiry, Harry instinctively looked back at Wentworth, who, at that moment, was preoccupied and unable to attend to their questions.

Instead, Wentworth and Cassandra shared an affectionate gaze, oblivious to the curiosity and confusion unfolding behind them.


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Published On: February 29, 2024

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