Professor Dumbledore didn’t stop Hufflepuff’s cheers but turned to Professor Ilona and apologized for interrupting her reception.

“Professor Ilona, I’m sorry to interrupt your welcome reception. Shall we go back and continue? I’m very interested in what you said about Indian wizarding customs.”

Professor Ilona smiled and replied, “It’s okay, Headmaster Dumbledore. In fact, I’m in love with this great school now!”

With Prof Dumbledore and the other professors leaving, the Hufflepuff students continued their hot pot party until the evening.

As the other Hogwarts students were having dinner, they noticed the long empty table of Hufflepuff, making them uncomfortable and puzzled.

Later, when Wentworth was heading back to his bedroom to rest, Cedric knocked on the door.

“Wentworth, you have potions class with Professor Snape tomorrow night,” Cedric said.

“Since you haven’t attended a potions class yet, I’ll help you prepare tonight; although you won’t learn much in one night, it will give you some mental preparation.” Cedric cheered on Wentworth.

Cedric’s kindness made Wentworth accept his offer despite being tired from the day’s activities.

To Wentworth’s surprise, Green, the Hufflepuff Prefect, also showed up with several books in his hands and handed them to Wentworth.

“Wentworth, these are the notes I’ve taken in Professor Snape’s class over the years. I’m giving them all to you, hoping they’ll be of help.”

Green praised Wentworth as the lucky star of Hufflepuffs and offered his help for any future needs.

As Wentworth attended the prep class Cedric arranged for him, he came to appreciate Hufflepuff even more, with its loyal, honest, and courageous traits occupying a special place in his heart.

The following Monday, Wentworth had his first class at Hogwarts, the History of Magic, taught by Professor Binns, the Ghost Professor.

As expected, the class proceeded uneventfully, with the teacher not waking up anyone.

After that, the new Hufflepuff students went to Professor Snape’s potions class in the afternoon, with Wentworth as the backbone.

In the corridor, they encountered Cassandra, a star-like freshman from Slytherin.

“You’re blocking my way!” Cassandra said to Wentworth with a frown.

Wentworth considered stepping aside, but with so many Hufflepuff students behind him, he felt it was important to stand his ground.

“Cassandra, there’s plenty of space for all of us to go together,” He responded.

Cassandra showed disdain and retorted, “You think too highly of yourself!”

As the situation tensed, Prefect Kirk arrived with other Hufflepuff seniors, surprised to see Wentworth facing Cassandra.

“Who are you?” Wentworth asked Kirk curiously.

Kirk hugged Wentworth and blocked the way for Cassandra and her fellow Slytherin freshmen.

He advised Wentworth to stay strong and not take Snape’s mocking to heart.

Finally, Wentworth entered the classroom with Hufflepuff seniors’ support, and Cassandra went to the opposite side.

Cassandra challenged Wentworth, claiming to prove who was the best freshman.

Just as the tension was building, Professor Snape’s low voice echoed through the classroom entrance.

“It looks like you’re a bit better than the fools in Gryffindor in the morning; at least you managed to find the classroom!”

“I hope you have a better thoughts process than them so you don’t waste the time of my life!”

Wentworth turned to see Snape at the door, looking directly at him.

The class was about to begin, and the young wizard knew he was about to face the challenge of his first potions class with the formidable Professor Snape.

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Published On: August 28, 2023

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