Under the somber night sky, a bolt of lightning streaked across, followed by the resonant rumble of thunder. In response to the thunder, raindrops began to cascade from the heavens.

Observing the downpour, Quirrell abandoned any intention of berating Cassandra. He moved to conceal Voldemort under the turban once more, only to be adamantly rebuffed by Voldemort.

“No need for that, you fool! I might not have my body now, but I am not that weak!”

Cassandra’s earlier words appeared to have spurred Voldemort, as he staunchly declined Quirrell’s suggestion.

Fixing his gaze on Cassandra, Voldemort uttered coldly, “You will regret your decision, little girl! I hope you remember how generous I was when we met again later.”

“What makes you think that I would love to meet you again later?” Cassandra retorted cheekily.

Simultaneously, as thunder reverberated, Wentworth, stationed in front of Hogwarts Castle, rose to his feet and declared, “It’s nearly time, let’s go!”

Responding without hesitation, Green and Cedric stood up to follow.

Harry suggested to Ron and the others, “You guys stay here; I can go alone!” Yet, the proposal was unanimously rejected by the trio.

“No! If you go, then I will follow you, Harry!” Ron replied.

“He is right, Harry!” Draco chimed in.

Both Ron and Draco insisted on accompanying Harry.

Upon witnessing their determination, Harry felt a heartwarming surge.

However, Hermione stepped forward and asserted, “No, we can’t all go together. I’ll accompany Harry; both of you can stay!”

Underneath the overcast night sky, a brilliant bolt of lightning arced across the heavens, promptly followed by the resonant echoes of thunder.

As the group prepared to embark on their mysterious mission, a sense of tension and urgency filled the air.

Hermione’s insistence on accompanying Harry drew Draco’s fervent objection. “What do you mean by that? It would be better for me to be the one following him; remember, I was the one that saved you!”

He believed having an extra helper would be beneficial, but Hermione, displaying a profound understanding of the situation, sought to dissuade him.

“Shhh, stay quiet about this, but I have my suspicions about Wentworth. Let me be the one to follow Harry for now. You and Ron can stay behind instead. Inform Professor Dumbledore immediately when we haven’t returned by the day ended.” She leaned into Draco’s ear, revealing her suspicions about Wentworth’s motives and urging him to stay behind for a more critical task.

“What do you mean by that? There is no—” Draco, initially shocked by Hermione’s revelations, found himself silenced by her intense gaze.

She implored him to remain at Hogwarts, ready to inform Professor Dumbledore if they failed to return safely before dawn. Hermione’s words carried a sense of urgency, a plea for vigilance.

Meanwhile, Ron, observing Hermione and Draco’s secretive conversation, grew uneasy.

“I don’t care what you say, but I will be the one to follow Harry!” Sensing a potential rift, he voiced his determination not to let Harry face impending dangers alone, emphasizing the bond of brotherhood they shared.

As the group braced for the impending mission, the mysteries and tensions surrounding Wentworth’s actions hinted at a deeper, hidden truth that would soon come to light.

Upon hearing Ron’s determined words, Hermione let out a sigh and discreetly approached Ron, whispering in his ear.

She explained her deliberate decision to keep Draco, emphasizing the potential risks associated with Slytherin’s connection to Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

Hermione stressed the need for Ron to remain vigilant, watch over Draco, and, in case of any mishap, report the day’s events to Professor Dumbledore.

After contemplating Hermione’s words and catching a hint of fragrance from her hair, Ron reluctantly agreed to stay behind. With their roles assigned, Harry and Hermione positioned themselves behind Wentworth as they prepared to embark on their journey.

Observing the group’s readiness, Wentworth took the lead and headed towards the Forbidden Forest without hesitation.

As they advanced, raindrops began to descend from the sky.

In response, Cedric swiftly wielded his wand, conjuring a transparent airflow that expanded into the shape of an umbrella. Walking behind Wentworth, Cedric’s magical umbrella skillfully deflected the raindrops, creating a protective barrier that shielded them from the downpour.

As Draco and Ron stood their ground, they observed Wentworth and the others gradually disappearing into the depths of the Forbidden Forest.

Once inside, Wentworth issued an instruction, “Green, take the rear. We need to be cautious; there might be a threat from behind.”

Without uttering a word, Green complied, positioning himself at the rear of the group.

The formation now consisted of Wentworth and Cedric leading at the forefront, Green at the back, and Harry and Hermione shielded in the middle.

This arrangement slightly eased the tension on Harry’s face, but Hermione, standing beside him, became even more uneasy. “There is no way he would call Harry all of a sudden when he refused to help a bit yesterday… something is wrong here,” She thought to herself

From her perspective, Wentworth’s decision to place himself between Harry and potential threats could be interpreted in two ways: either as a protective measure for Harry, or as a way of surrounding both Harry and herself.

Hermione had been harboring suspicions about Wentworth’s motives since the beginning of the day.

She knew that Wentworth had been aware of Professor Quirrell’s issues for some time, yet he hadn’t reported it to Headmaster Dumbledore or taken any decisive action.

The unanswered questions lingered in Hermione’s mind as they ventured further into the Forbidden Forest.

On this day, Harry was abruptly summoned and confronted with the truth: Professor Quirrell had been attempting to harm Harry. Sensing that Wentworth was concealing something from Harry, Hermione subconsciously tightened his wand grip.

As Wentworth diligently searched for traces of Quirrell or Voldemort, a venomous snake suddenly dropped from the treetops in front of him.

Halting his steps, Wentworth observed as the snake spat venom at him before nonchalantly changing direction.

Without hesitation, Wentworth followed the serpent’s lead.

After a brief walk, Quirrell’s silhouette emerged in the distance, illuminated by a faint light.

Wentworth’s gaze lingered on Quirrell for just a moment before shifting to Quirrell’s back, where Cassandra appeared to be ensnared by an invisible force.

She was bound to a tree, rendered immobile, and her voice silenced by a curse.

After acknowledging Wentworth’s presence, Quirrell spoke with a sinister tone, “You’re here, Wentworth Grindelwald!”

Upon hearing Quirrell’s words, Hermione was the first to react, her eyes widening in shock. She instinctively covered her mouth with both hands to stifle any potential scream.

Wentworth, however, responded with calm authority, “Quirrell, at Hogwarts, I respected you as a professor, but here, you’re nothing more than Tom Riddle’s lackey.”

“As Wentworth Grindelwald, the heir to the Grindelwald family and the leader of the Alliance, what right do you have to bark before me?” Wentworth asked with a furious expression.


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Published On: February 24, 2024

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