After Harry concluded his statement, as he was turning to leave, Hermione caught him from behind, halting his departure. “Wait a minute, Harry!” Hermione called out.

“What is it, Hermione?” Harry turned his head, casting a quizzical look at Hermione, who began to speak.

“Harry, if your goal is simply to reclaim your mother’s Paper Crane, there might be a way to do it without confronting Professor Snape directly,” Hermione suggested.

Harry, caught off guard, was puzzled. Before he could seek clarification from Hermione, she elaborated, “We can devise a plan to stealthily retrieve your mother’s paper crane from Professor Snape’s office.”

Harry’s eyes brightened at Hermione’s proposition, and Ron, too, suddenly grasped the idea.

Draco observed the exchange among the trio, his gaze sweeping over Hermione, Harry, and Ron in succession. Eventually, he sighed with a wry smile.

“I’ve always felt like I don’t quite fit in with you lot, and I think it’s because I’m not crazy enough!” Draco remarked, a bitter smile playing on his lips.

Hearing Draco’s comment, Ron retorted, “Then why, as a Slytherin, are you always hanging around with us Gryffindors?”

Draco swiftly fired back, “Why? Can’t handle the presence of a Slytherin, Weasley?!”

Ron gnarled at Draco as they once again got into another banter.

Harry and Hermione, meanwhile, paid no heed to the ongoing banter between Draco and Ron.

After contemplating for a moment, Harry nodded slowly and spoke, “Hermione’s idea isn’t out of the question. If we’re just aiming to retrieve my mother’s paper crane from Snape… No, to get it back, I would prefer it if we don’t harm anyone in the process! I might not need to seek Wentworth’s help; perhaps a few of us can manage it.”

Unexpectedly, Hermione shook her head decisively in response to Harry’s proposal. “No, Harry. I believe it would be wiser to involve Wentworth.”

Confused by Hermione’s stance, Harry sought an explanation. Hermione clarified, “If everything goes smoothly, it’s fine. But what if it doesn’t? What if Professor Snape discovers our attempt?”

“If Snape truly was a Death Eater, his office must harbor numerous secrets, and I’m unwilling to risk being silenced by Snape! With Wentworth by our side, we can at least hold out a bit longer, creating an opportunity to draw attention and ensure Snape doesn’t resort to drastic measures!”

Upon hearing Hermione’s suggestion, both Ron and Draco involuntarily shivered, vigorously nodding their agreement.

After a thoughtful pause, Harry too concurred with Hermione, stating, “Hermione, you’re right. No time to waste—I’m going to ask for help from Wentworth now.”

While Harry embarked on his search for Wentworth across the Hogwarts campus, Wentworth himself lounged on the lawn near the Quidditch pitch, casually chewing on a blade of grass and gazing leisurely at the sky.

Eventually, a figure interrupted Wentworth’s tranquil view. Unfazed, Wentworth nonchalantly patted the grass beside him and uttered, “Sit.”

Looking at Wentworth’s grassy spot with disdain, Cassandra snorted but reluctantly took a seat.

From a distance, an observer would witness a picturesque scene unfolding.

Under the vast blue sky, atop the lush green grass, a blond boy reclined lazily, while beside him, a curly-haired girl sat quietly, combing her hair.

Some of her hair made its way into Wentworth’s mouth while he was chewing on the blade of grass.

After a moment, Wentworth quipped, “Cassandra, you summoned me here just to fill up my mouth with your hair, didn’t you?”

After Wentworth’s remark, he plucked a strand of Cassandra’s blonde curls from his mouth, then gracefully rose to his feet with hands firmly planted on the ground.

“Ah, you squashed my hair!” Cassandra complained with a soft snort, expressing her dissatisfaction while chuckling.

Evidently, when Wentworth executed his handstand earlier, he inadvertently pressed down on Cassandra’s hair.

Observing the mishap, Wentworth, unfazed by the need for formalities, promptly lowered himself and offered an apology. “Well, I am sorry, milady.” He apologized sardonically.

However, Cassandra, rolling her eyes, retorted angrily, “Wentworth, cut it out. You haven’t forgotten your true identity, aren’t you?”

Upon hearing Cassandra’s admonition, Wentworth was momentarily taken aback, he knew where she was going with this quesiton, but he soon responded with a nonchalant smile, saying, “What identity? Here at Hogwarts, I’m just an ordinary student.”

Cassandra’s countenance suddenly turned serious, catching Wentworth off guard with the unexpected shift.

In a solemn tone, she emphasized, “Wentworth, perhaps Hogwarts seems too serene, but you must not lose sight of the fact that you are not merely an average student here. You are a descendant of the Grindelwald family, a leader of the Alliance.”

“Actually, my father didn’t allow me to get close to you at all in the first place. He said while you are still young, there are other factors that need to be considered as the mysterious position of Alliance currently at now after the imprisonment of your grandfather.”

“With all things going on, now I truly agree with my father after looking at how you’ve been acting all this time.”

Wentworth smiled before interrupting her, “Then I guess you must found a way to convince Mr. Vole after all.”

“You know how I convinced my father, Wentworth?” Cassandra asked.

Wentworth shook his head before replying, “Tell me.”

Cassandra continued, “I told my father that there are some things we can’t guarantee to accomplish in time, but I can guarantee that if I stay by your side, then both I and my father would be safe!”

Pausing for a while, Cassandra looked at Wentworth’s eyes with a determined look, “I gambled our future on you, Wentworth. You better not make me regret it!”

“Why does it sound so wrong?! It feels like you’ve entrusted me with both of your lives when I am not sure what my current relationship with the Vole family is in the first place.” Wentworth replied.

Hearing Wentworth’s words, Cassandra was also stunned; her face instantly turned red, but this time, Cassandra did not evade but glanced at Wentworth with a smile on her lips, paradoxically having the thought of, “I just entrusted the rest of my life to you, I trust my vision!”

Instead, Cassandra complimented to Wentworth, “You’ve got great judgment!” While giving him a thumbs up.

At this time on the Hogwarts campus, the sun was just right, the breeze was not dry, and the romantic feelings in Cassandra’s eyes did not dissipate in Wentworth’s heart for a long time.

Wentworth, while giving Cassandra a thumbs-up as a response, he replied, “Well, thank you.”

Observing this, Cassandra rolled her eyes, unable to suppress the smile playing on her lips. She then retrieved a letter from her robes and handed it to Wentworth, saying, “This is a shipping order from Floo-Pow company. My father copied it during a routine inspection at the Ministry of Magic while others were distracted.”

Taking the paper from Cassandra, Wentworth queried, “Floo-Pow Company? The only licensed floo powder producer in the UK?”

Cassandra nodded in affirmation.

Having the paper in their hands would make tracking the mysterious person wanting to meet Wentworth in Hogsmeade easier.


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Published On: February 20, 2024

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