The abrupt closure of the Book of Admission left Quirrell visibly shaken, prompting him to inquire, “Master, what happened this time? Why did this occur? Does the artifact reacted this way because it sensed of our presence?”

The voice behind Quirrell responded with an angered curse, “Useless fool! This has nothing to do with us! The Book of Admission is far more discerning than the Quill of Acceptance. A mere magical fluctuation can trigger the Quill’s response, but such power is insufficient to gain recognition from the Book of Admission.”

“Children lacking magical ability may have residual magic from their parents, but once that magical influence dissipates, it unequivocally signifies their inability to cast spells.”

As Quirrell scrutinized the Book of Admission and the pen before him with curiosity, Ron and Harry reached the corridor outside the Room of Requirement.

Observing Harry pacing in the corridor, Ron overheard him murmuring softly, “I need a room for studying.”

After uttering this request thrice, Harry turned his gaze back to the initially vacant wall. To their amazement, a new wooden door materialized on the wall.

Witnessing the magical transformation of the Room of Requirement, Harry and Ron exchanged glances, eagerly pushing the door open and stepping inside.

“Wow, look at all this, Harry! I believe even Hermione would be surprised if she is with us.” Ron couldn’t contain his amazement upon entering the vast room.

Half-filled with towering bookshelves, the space housed an array of various books and notes. On the other side, there were practice dummies for magic spells and the necessary tools for concocting magic Potions.

The only problem was the absence of herbs and the other materials in the room; they could go ask Professor Sprout for the materials if they were truly interested in alchemy.

Right now, their purpose is only to learn and review the materials given to them in the classes.

Surveying the room, Harry and Ron instinctively gravitated toward the bookshelves.

Among the numerous textbooks for each Hogwarts class, they discovered notes left by countless students over the years on one particular shelf.

Harry and Ron momentarily dazzled by the wealth of knowledge on the shelves.

Harry’s attention was drawn to a notebook marked with Snape’s name.

After a brief hesitation, he decided to take it from the shelf.

Meanwhile, Ron exclaimed in astonishment, “Oh my god, I found my father’s notes! I never thought Dad did well at Hogwarts. I always assumed he was just boasting to me!”

Ignoring Ron’s enthusiastic exclamations beside him, Harry gently opened Snape’s notebook in his hands and quickly flipped through the pages.

The title page revealed, “Severus Snape – Third Year,” indicating that these were notes Snape had taken during his third year at Hogwarts.

As Harry continued to flip through the notebook, he couldn’t shake the growing suspicion about Professor Snape.

Nearly all the recorded notes were associated with dark magic.

While not as extreme as Unforgivable Curses, the effects of many spells documented in the book were disturbing enough to unsettle Harry.

Even spells categorized as non-dark magic could lead to severe consequences, known as cursed or poisonous spells.

For instance, one spell could cause the opponent’s front teeth to grow uncontrollably, with the possibility of piercing through the jaw.

If that spell hinted at mischief, the subsequent one was outright malicious.

It induced unsightly boils to erupt on the victim’s skin, creating unbearable discomfort.

“I can’t believe Professor Snape is even thinking of these kinds of Spells…” Reading through the effects of these spells sent shivers down Harry’s spine.

Meanwhile, Ron’s exclamation interrupted his thoughts. “Harry! Come and see, Harry! Look what I found! Lily Evans, isn’t that your mother’s name?”

Hearing Ron’s exclamation, Harry quickly set aside Snape’s notebook and hurried over.

As he saw Lily Evans’ name on the notebook, Harry felt a rush of excitement and said with a tremor in his voice, “Yes, it’s my mother’s name!”

Taking his mother’s notes from Ron’s hand, Harry gently stroked it, and his eyes became moist almost instantly.

Observing Harry’s emotional moment, Ron lightly patted his shoulder and said, “Open it and take a look, Harry. If there’s anything useful, use your mother’s notes to study. I’m sure she’d be blessing you to ace the final exam, wouldn’t she?”

Though Ron’s words were meant to be comforting, Harry felt deeply moved and expressed his gratitude with a heartfelt “Thank you.” With a sense of reverence, Harry delicately opened the title page of his mother’s notebook.

“What’s this?” Ron couldn’t help but ask as he noticed something on the title page of Lily Evans’ notes.

As Harry revealed it, Ron exclaimed in surprise, “It looks like these are a thousand paper cranes!”

Harry delicately cradled the paper cranes in his palm, studying them closely before remarking, “Yes, it’s a thousand paper cranes! What a beautiful collection! I believe the person who folded these must have been very skilled. These could be the handiwork of my mother herself.”

Witnessing his friend receiving such a sentimental keepsake from his late mother, Ron couldn’t help but share in Harry’s joy.

Ron grinned and said to Harry, “You never know, Harry. Your mother placed these paper cranes on the title page of her notebook, indicating they held great significance to her. I reckon your father might have given her these cranes, a token of their love! Perhaps it’s a symbol of their everlasting connection.”

Listening to Ron’s interpretation, Harry offered a small smile and replied with a touch of ambiguity, “Maybe.”

Harry sensed that, regardless of the circumstances, he would find a way to come to terms with them.

Continuing to peruse his mother’s notes, both Harry and Ron wore puzzled expressions, prompting Ron to exclaim eagerly, “Hold on, why do some of the things written in your mother’s notebook seem oddly familiar to me?”

Agreeing with Ron, Harry explained, “You’re right. Although my mother didn’t explicitly state it, these must be her first-year notes since several subjects closely align with our current curriculum.”

“Look at the history of magic; it’s nearly identical, hardly changed. Yet, some subjects, like potions, have evolved considerably from then till now.”

Ron, seemingly astonished, declared, “I actually got it right?! Harry, I think you can breeze through the final exam; it’s like even the heavens are on your side!”

Harry shook his head, gently caressing the paper cranes, and uttered, “I believe my parents are looking out for me from above… Their love for me is still warm until this moment.”

Ron patted Harry while giving him a warm smile, “Well, as much as I wanted you to cherish this feeling, we have limited time to study. I suggest we start getting as many books as possible before we study together; how does that sound?”

Harry nodded before he closed his mother’s book and continued to look for other books.


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Published On: February 19, 2024

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