Under the leadership of Headmaster Dumbledore, everyone arrived at the door of Hufflepuff’s common room.

Dumbledore looked impassive, Professor Sprout was nervous, and Professor Ilona was full of curiosity.

As the door opened, a loud commotion from inside reached their ears.

“Wentworth, you clever little devil, how did you come up with this?”

“Wentworth, as a new Hufflepuff this year, I’ll nominate you as the best freshman!”

“Wentworth, you said you know how to cook Muggle food?”

“Yes, senior, if I knew this would happen, I would have made dumplings!”

Hearing Wentworth’s voice and the conversation inside, Professor Ilona couldn’t help but smile.

“Dumplings? Are they that delicious? Well, tonight, would you like to come to my dormitory…”

“Cough cough!”

Both Professor Dumbledore and Professor Ilona coughed simultaneously, and Professor Dumbledore entered the Hufflepuff common room without a word.

The once lively atmosphere fell silent as Professor Dumbledore and the Professors appeared in the common room.

Everyone held small bowls with meat in their mouths and stared blankly toward the entrance.

Some had their cheeks puffed like groundhogs.

“You all, what have you done?!”

The first to break the silence wasn’t Professor Dumbledore but Professor Snape, the Professor responsible for the Potions class.

Snape rushed toward the students, observing them sitting around the cauldrons filled with sliced meat, lettuce, potatoes, and other ingredients.

The cauldrons, however, lacked the usual heavy potions.

His anger surged, and his gloomy face seemed to drip with water.

“These cauldrons are essential tools for your future potion classes. For a Potions Master, the cauldron is their most crucial companion! Yet, you use it to cook dishes?!”

“Who came up with this? Speak up!” Professor Snape yelled.

Although the Hufflepuff students immediately averted their gaze whenever Snape’s eyes crossed theirs, none of them stood up to confess who initiated the idea.

Wentworth had considered raising his hand, knowing Snape was not heartless.

However, before he could, Cedric stopped him with a gentle shake of his head.

Unsurprisingly, Snape noticed Wentworth’s intention and walked over slowly, asking, “Mr. Wentworth, do you have something to say?”

“I’m sorry, Professor. This was my idea, and I’m willing to take full responsibility for it!”

Wentworth admitted it without hesitation, which made Snape angrily chuckle. “Okay, since you’ve confessed, then I…”

Before Snape could finish, Cedric stood up and said, “Professor Snape, I believe the responsibility lies with me. Wentworth made this hot pot for me and asked me to try it!”

This unexpected turn surprised Snape, as it was rare for students to take the initiative to claim responsibility, which further darkened his mood.

To his astonishment, Hufflepuff’s prefect, Green, also stood up, saying, “I think the responsibility should be on me. As a prefect, I not only failed to stop them but I was also drawn into this hot pot and couldn’t resist… But it’s just so delicious! Moreover, I commanded this hot pot party, so the responsibility is mine!”

As Green stood up, many Hufflepuff students followed, admitting their involvement in the incident.

“It’s my fault. We came here to check on them, but we got carried away by the hot pot and forgot to report back, leading to this misunderstanding!”

“No, it’s me. As the female prefect, I shouldn’t have accused them of eating alone… but it was just so tasty!”

Professor Snape felt dizzy as he saw the Hufflepuff students surround him.

Usually, they would avoid him like the plague.

At the back, Professor Sprout watched her students with relief and pride in her eyes.

Professor Dumbledore and Professor Ilona kept their eyes on Wentworth, their expressions inexplicable.

“Enough!” Professor McGonagall’s shout silenced the Hufflepuff students surrounding Professor Snape.

Professor McGonagall stepped forward, saying, “This behavior is outrageous! Do you think you can rebel? Making mistakes requires punishment; that’s a given. But do you really think the school will bend to a group gathering like this?”

As the Headmistress of Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall was competent and excellent.

Her words left the Hufflepuff students speechless.

Snape realized that he seemed to have been surrounded by his own students, and his anger began to rise again.

However, before he could speak, Professor McGonagall turned to him and said, “But then again, Professor Snape, the crucible is just a tool for students to use. Whether it’s for boiling potions or…”

“It can’t impact future teaching! I think a mild punishment will suffice; no need to make a big fuss; what do you think?” Professor McGonagall tried to calm him down.

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Published On: August 27, 2023

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