Indeed, the note in Professor McGonagall’s hand had been strategically placed there by Wentworth himself.

This action stemmed from the terms of Wentworth’s agreement with Dumbledore, one aspect of which involved uncovering the mystery of the Hooded Unicorn in the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts.

Wentworth was well aware that the one behind the hooded figure was none other than Lord Voldemort, who had taken possession of Professor Quirrell. Even Wentworth speculated that at the very least, Dumbledore had an inkling of this truth.

Observing the commotion behind him, Wentworth smiled inwardly and mused, “I apologize, Harry. This senior is not particularly fond of the late night stroll in the Forbidden Forest other students do, so I had to enlist your assistance. Besides, you and Voldemort share a destined rivalry. This doesn’t benefit me only; just take it as a way for me to look out for your future!”

Satisfied with his own benevolence, Wentworth continued to observe the unfolding events.

As anticipated, the following day brought news that Professor McGonagall had meted out punishments to Harry and the others.

Each student faced a deduction of fifty house points, coupled with the obligation to collaborate with Hagrid in patrolling the Forbidden Forest— mirroring the events in the original book.

Wentworth wasted no time in taking action.

The following afternoon, he accompanied Hagrid to the Hogs’ Head Bar in Hogsmeade Village.

Hogsmeade, recently emerging from turmoil, exuded a somber atmosphere.

Upon arriving at the Hog’s Head Bar, it appeared desolate, with only a veiled witch occupying a corner.

The bar owner, engaged in wiping a solitary cup, seemed to be the sole inhabitant.

Hagrid, cradling a mysterious box emitting peculiar sounds, exchanged a distracted greeting with the bar owner.

Under Wentworth’s guidance, he approached the lone customer in the Hog’s Head Bar.

“Ah, Hagrid, it’s been a while!” greeted the veiled witch as soon as they crossed paths.

Caught off guard, Hagrid’s name on the stranger’s lips left him momentarily stunned. With a gentle flourish, the witch lifted the veil, unveiling a surprisingly familiar face.

Initially taken aback, Hagrid exclaimed in surprise, “It’s been a long time, Professor Ilona! How have you been?”

Once again, it was Rosier who assumed the guise of Professor Ilona, making an appearance at the Hog’s Head Bar.

“Why are you back here? I heard about your resignation from the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts due to health concerns. I’m truly sorry to hear that, Professor Ilona.” expressed Hagrid upon recognizing Ilona.

Wearing a smile, Rosier replied, “No need to address me as professor anymore. I’ve stepped down from my role at Hogwarts. Wentworth informed me of the situation, and it turns out he needed a little favor from one of the wizards I am familiar with to take care of your Dragon. If you’re comfortable with it, you can entrust that little cutie to me, and I’ll take it to Austria.”

Elated by Rosier’s offer, Hagrid enthusiastically nodded, exclaiming, “Certainly, Professor! Your help would be fantastic!”

With a tinge of nostalgia, Hagrid gently caressed the box in his arms before handing it over to Rosier.

Observing Hagrid’s sentimental expression, Wentworth, standing to the side, placed a comforting hand on Hagrid’s shoulder and assured, “Don’t worry, Hagrid. I can guarantee that this little one will be well taken care of!”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s assurance, Hagrid mustered a strained smile, forcing the corners of his mouth into an awkward and unappealing grin.

Subsequently, Wentworth and Rosier exchanged glances, and Rosier took charge of the box containing the Norwegian Ridgeback, departing from the Hog’s Head Bar.

Wentworth, opting for pumpkin juice, engaged in a couple of drinks with Hagrid, who seemed unenthusiastic. The two lingered at the Hog’s Head until the night had fully descended.

Returning with Hagrid to his hut, the two were met with Filch brandishing a lantern, leading Harry and Draco to Hagrid’s door.

Upon their emergence from the cabin, Filch was momentarily stunned at the sight of Wentworth. His excitement quickly surfaced as he exclaimed, “Aha! Look who I found! Wentworth?! It seems like the star student at Hogwarts violated the curfew today!”

As Filch spoke, his gaze lingered on Wentworth with a greedy glint as if he had spotted something delectable, and drool nearly escaped from the corner of his mouth.

“Wentworth, even though the professors favor you, it’s a shame that no one is exempt from punishment if they violate school rules! What’s your plan…”

Filch’s words were abruptly cut off as Wentworth didn’t wait for him to finish. Instead, he produced a note from his belongings and firmly pressed it against Filch’s forehead.

Initially indifferent to Filch’s enthusiasm, Wentworth had intended to play along for a moment before dismissing the caretaker.

However, upon witnessing Filch’s increasingly wretched expression, with what seemed like every pimple on his body popping out, Wentworth decided to intervene and spare Filch the embarrassment.

Upon examining the note, Filch realized that Wentworth held instructions from Dumbledore himself, granting him permission to enter and leave Hogwarts Castle after curfew, even into the Forbidden Forest.

A wave of regret swept over Filch’s face as he begrudgingly accepted the reality.

“You found yourself a good wind blowing on your side, Wentworth! Next time I catch you without that letter, it’s all over for you!” Abandoning his earlier plan to taunt Harry, Draco, and the others, Filch turned away with the lantern, visibly furious.

Observing the turn of events, Harry and his companions burst into laughter. Draco, particularly amused, approached Wentworth and remarked, “Wentworth, you’re quite impressive. This is my first time seeing Filch’s expression like that!”

Harry inquired, “Wentworth, what brings you here at this hour?”

Upon hearing Harry’s question, Wentworth responded with a satisfied look, recognizing Harry as a capable confidant. He addressed the group with an air of concern, “I heard about Professor McGonagall’s punishment for you. Honestly, I think it’s a bit too severe! You know, the Forbidden Forest is incredibly dangerous. There are werewolves in the shape of a full moon, and spiders that can swallow people whole, and…”

As Wentworth detailed the dangers of the Forbidden Forest, a collective fear settled upon Harry and the others.

Ron, in particular, adopted a defensive posture, ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

Towards the end, Wentworth altered his voice, adopting a stern tone as he declared, “Coincidentally, according to the note approved by Professor Dumbledore, I have the liberty to freely enter and exit Hogwarts Castle after curfew, including the Forbidden Forest. My plan is to accompany you to prevent any accidents!”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s resolute statement, Harry and his companions were deeply moved.

“I love you so much, Wentworth!” Draco was even tempted to give Wentworth a hug, but Wentworth promptly rebuffed the gesture.

Disregarding the rejection, Draco quipped fiercely, “It’s all the fault of the individual who snitched. If I find out who informed Professor McGonagall and jeopardized my plans, I’ll make sure my father sends them straight to Azkaban!”

“Oh, could you please stop it with that?! Do you know how annoying you sound when you keep bringing your father’s name to every single problem you’ve encountered?” Ron rebuked with an annoyed expression.

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Published On: February 12, 2024

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