Just as Draco immersed himself in anticipation for the upcoming school term, Dobby, the House-elf who was serving inside Malfoy’s Manor, entered the room holding a few newspapers.

Dobby approached Lucius, respectfully holding the newspaper above his head, and handed it to him. “Today’s newspaper, Master!”

Initially about to speak, Lucius became intrigued by something and was taken aback.

He promptly set aside the food in his hand and picked up the “Daily Prophet” that Dobby had brought.

“You may leave now.” Waving his hand dismissively, Lucius signaled for Dobby to leave swiftly.

On the front page of the Daily Prophet, a large photo captured attention.

The image showed a group of wizards either kneeling or lying down, surrounded by several individuals who appeared to be Aurors, brandishing wands for protection.

Subsequently, the Daily Prophet dedicated an entire page to describing in detail the British Ministry of Magic’s raid on the village of Hogsmeade under Minister Fudge’s command.

In the village of Hogsmeade, the British Ministry of Magic successfully apprehended a group of dark wizards from their most-wanted list, as reported by the “Daily Prophet.”

The newspaper detailed that the Ministry meticulously planned and executed this operation, strategically launching it during the Christmas holiday. The primary objective was to enhance the safety of Hogwarts teachers and students.

The report concluded with a list of the dark wizards captured by the Ministry during this operation.

Observing this, Lucius displayed a cold smile and nonchalantly tossed the “Daily Prophet” onto the table.

Witnessing Lucius’ action, Draco, fueled by curiosity, stepped forward, picked up the “Daily Prophet,” and perused its contents carefully.

After finishing, Draco expressed his anger, saying, “Father, this… this is a little too shameless!”

Hearing Draco’s discontent, Lucius was on the verge of frowning, ready to offer a rebuttal.

“Ahem, ahem!”

However, he halted when he heard Narcissa coughing twice. It dawned on Lucius that his son might now be a member of the Alliance.

Consequently, Lucius refrained from delivering the reprimand that had been poised on his lips.

Narcissa smiled and remarked, “Draco, strength does not necessarily translate to power. We are aware of the Alliance’s actions, and while they are formidable, they lack the authority to govern the wizarding world, leaving them voiceless. Hence, the people would always want to listen to the one they deem good instead of the one powerful.”

Listening to Narcissa’s insights, Draco nodded contemplatively, stating, “I now understand why the Alliance in the past was displeased with the Ministries of Magic in various countries!”

Lucius interjected, “Indeed. For the Alliance to fulfill its slogan, it must ascend to the position of rulers in the wizarding world. Do you understand what I just said, Draco?”

Draco, slightly perplexed by Lucius’s gaze, nodded instinctively. “Yes, father!”

Lucius and Narcissa exchanged meaningful glances, silently communicating something profound.

As the Daily Prophet circulated, the entire British magical community erupted in commendations for the Ministry of Magic and Fudge, fostering a sense of self-satisfaction in Fudge.

However, the era of tranquility was short-lived. The following day, a new edition of “The Quibbler” contradicted the report from the “Daily Prophet.”

The front page of “The Quibbler” featured a photo of four individuals strolling through the streets of Hogsmeade Village.

Familiar to all, the figure at the forefront was Dumbledore, the esteemed headmaster of Hogwarts, followed by Wentworth, the renowned star student of the school.

Behind them trailed Professors Snape and McGonagall.

The peculiar assembly on the cover of “The Quibbler” swiftly captured the attention of numerous wizards. The newspaper went on to state:

“The previous day’s article in the Daily Prophet was an attempt by the British Ministry of Magic to claim undeserved credit! In reality, it was the Heads and Professors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who took decisive action in Hogsmeade Village, successfully eliminating numerous dark wizards. The principal contributor, however, was Hogwarts student Wentworth.

According to “The Quibbler’s” account, Wentworth, a student held in high regard by the professors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, decided to spend the Christmas holiday at Hogwarts, continuing his studies with Dumbledore.

On that particular day, Dumbledore wished to give Wentworth a break, and two professors accompanied Wentworth to Hogsmeade for relaxation. However, during their visit, Wentworth uncovered illegal activities in the village involving a wizard. Despite his youth, Wentworth possessed a strong sense of justice.

Upon Wentworth’s request, Headmaster Dumbledore and two Hogwarts professors took decisive action to eliminate these dark wizards, subsequently informing the Ministry of Magic. Little did they anticipate the Ministry’s attempt to claim sole credit for the operation!”

This led to a scathing critique of the British Ministry of Magic by “The Quibbler.”

Doubts about the Ministry began to surface, and Hogsmeade Village became the center of attention.

The photograph was surreptitiously taken by a wizard from the Alliance as Dumbledore and Wentworth were leaving.

The article itself was penned by the ever-voracious and sensational Rita Skeeter, who found herself irresistibly drawn to the thrill of manipulating her readers.

After completing the initial coverage for the Daily Prophet, Rita seamlessly transitioned into crafting a continuous narrative for the subsequent edition of The Quibbler.

Rita relished the art of toying with her audience, reveling in the control she had over their perceptions.

Meanwhile, Xenophilius Lovegood, the originator of The Quibbler and a member of the Alliance, found the addition of Minister Fudge to the story particularly intriguing.

Unsurprisingly, neither Minister Fudge nor the Daily Prophet remained silent for long.

A fresh article was swiftly in the works, asserting that while the British Ministry of Magic did indeed receive assistance from other wizards during the operation, it wasn’t the Hogwarts teachers and students as claimed by “The Quibbler.”

Instead, the aid came from an independent group of folk wizards!

The decision not to include the folk sorcerer group in the initial report was based on their explicit request for anonymity due to their commitment to altruistic deeds.

This aspect further serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Minister Fudge’s leadership, indicating the growing popularity of the British Ministry of Magic and heralding a brighter future for the entire British wizarding community.

Subsequently, “The Quibbler” and “Daily Prophet” resumed their fierce battle of public opinion in their respective publications, leaving wizards bewildered by the ongoing saga of conflicting narratives.

However, those privy to the behind-the-scenes truths found themselves astonished by the unfolding spectacle.

Wentworth, in particular, couldn’t help but marvel at Rita’s ability to play with her words, contemplating how to find equally fitting words to describe her ingenuity.

“What a shrewd woman. I wonder, if we ever have her on our side, what would happen?” Wentworth wondered, thinking about all the possibilities of having the Alliance control all the media in the Wizarding world.

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Published On: February 11, 2024

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