At the front of the team, several senior Hufflepuff students exchanged glances and nodded to each other.

One of them stepped forward, and the students behind raised their wands, preparing to enter the Hufflepuff common room.

As the door swung open, the senior students rushed in, followed by the rest of the Hufflepuff students.

Inside, Wentworth, Cedric, and the others were dumbfounded as countless figures flooded in with their wands pointed at them.

“Are you all so absorbed in this thing called hot pot that you forgot to return?” a senior Hufflepuff student asked, disbelief evident in his voice.

Wentworth, Cedric, and the others could only nod helplessly.

Unaware of the events in the common room, the Hufflepuff students put away their wands and curiously observed the steaming cauldron on the table.

A female prefect stood up, expressing anger. “You guys are too much! How can you eat this novel and delicious food alone?! It’s unfair!”

The room fell silent and then erupted into excitement as the entire Hufflepuff crowd accused Wentworth, Cedric, and the others.

Apologizing repeatedly, Wentworth and the others were at a loss until Green stood up to speak.

“Listen to me, everyone!”

As a prefect, Green’s authority commanded respect, and the Hufflepuff common room quieted down.

“Don’t be too hard on them. Wentworth and Cedric acknowledged their mistake, and Wentworth even promised we could all enjoy the hot pot. So, let’s not blame them anymore.”

Green’s words pacified the room, and the Hufflepuff students cheered, praising Green’s wise decision.

While the Hufflepuff students prepared for a hot pot party, someone panicked and hurried to Dumbledore’s principal’s lounge.

“Percy, what are you doing here?” Madam Hooch, the Flying Instructor, questioned Percy outside the room.

“I must speak to the principal urgently!” Percy replied anxiously.

Madam Hooch explained that Dumbledore was holding a reception for the new Professor Ilona, and if Percy’s matter wasn’t critical, he should return later.

Percy insisted on reporting to the principal immediately, and Madam Hooch allowed him to enter.

The Headmaster’s room was filled with Professors chatting with Professor Ilona.

Percy informed Professor Dumbledore that the Hufflepuff students were rioting.

The room fell silent as all eyes turned to Percy.

“Percy, what happened?” Professor McGonagall asked.

Percy recounted the Hufflepuff incident in detail, raising concerns among the Professors.

“We must investigate this matter further. Let’s go and see what’s happening,” Professor Dumbledore said, leading the Professors out of the room.

Professor Sprout assured them that the Hufflepuff students were good kids and there might be a hidden story behind the incident.

Professor Dumbledore, Professor Sprout, Professor McGonagall, and even Professor Ilona left to investigate, followed by all the other Professors, including Professor Snape.

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Published On: August 26, 2023

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