Cassandra lowered her gaze and discovered a pendant bearing the Deathly Hallows insignia delicately placed around her neck by Wentworth. Though reminiscent of the one Cedric and Green possessed, it was distinctively her own.

Despite this, Cassandra made a motion to remove the pendant, muttering, “Why? So, now I understand – you want me to join the Alliance? I’ll tell you, it’s too late! I am not interested anymore in joining your Alliance!” Cassandra pouted.

Just as Cassandra was about to take off the pendant, Wentworth gently pressed her finger, restraining her. He explained, “This pendant doesn’t signify the Alliance.”

Puzzled, Cassandra looked at Wentworth as he continued softly, “It only represents Grindelwald. This is my Christmas gift to you – a pendant that bears my name to signify of our relationship.”

With those words, Wentworth bid Cassandra farewell with a wave and a smile before departing.

Cassandra stood in a Hogwarts corridor, delicately tracing her fingers over the pendant on her chest. Sensing the lingering warmth, a subtle smile adorned her lips as she murmured, “Thank you, JoKer!”

With Cassandra’s heart softening as the year’s end is approaching, Wentworth continued to deal with his current problem.

As the agreed-upon time approached, Wentworth prepared himself early in the morning and made his way to Hogsmeade through the concealed passage beneath the Whomping Willow.

Although the mysterious correspondent had consented to a meeting in Hogsmeade Village, no specific time or location had been established, leaving Wentworth to navigate with uncertainty.

In his quest, Wentworth scanned not only for the elusive figure mentioned in the anonymous letter but also for Professor Dumbledore’s presence.

As per their arrangement, Professor Dumbledore and Wentworth had agreed that Hogwarts professors would accompany him to ensure his safety in Hogsmeade today.

With Hogwarts professors stepping beyond the school gates to escort him, Wentworth couldn’t help but feel a sense of historical precedence, believing himself to be the first person in Hogwarts’ century-long history to experience such a unique arrangement.

Wentworth’s initial destination was the Hog’s Head Bar.

The Christmas holiday had drawn a larger crowd to the establishment, with the presence of a few goblins among the patrons.

Their distinctive Gringotts attire indicated a covert escape from the ongoing renovations at the bank for a holiday drink.

Emerging from the bar after a breakfast at the Hog’s Head, Wentworth was met with a sudden “meow” from the eaves nearby.

Turning his gaze upwards, he locked eyes with a cat, causing him to halt abruptly. The feline’s appearance startled him, prompting Wentworth to offer a flattering smile in response.

The cat, however, cast a disdainful glance at Wentworth before proceeding with an arrogantly graceful walk along the eaves. The reason for Wentworth’s reaction became clear as the pattern on the cat’s face, resembling glasses, unmistakably revealed its identity.

Wentworth already knew how serious Professor Dumbledore was putting an effort to protect him from afar against an unidentifiable threat that was approaching.

Suppose he could control every single thing behind the scene in Hogwarts to ensure Harry’s journey on becoming one of the tool to defeat Voldemort. What of Wentworth, who is an innately talented wizard with the Grindelwald’s blood flowing in his veins?

As an old sworn brother of Gellert Grindelwald, of course Professor Dumbledore would do everything he could to help him along the way.

As Wentworth continued his journey through Hogsmeade, he observed the bustling Three Broomsticks Inn, teeming with wizards. The lively atmosphere indicated a congregation of patrons, with some visibly inebriated.

Undeterred, Wentworth spent the entire day exploring every nook and cranny of the small village. He meticulously investigated each shop, but despite his efforts, the elusive figure he sought remained elusive.

As the sun dipped towards the horizon, Hogsmeade’s inhabitants began their homeward trek, yet Wentworth’s search yielded no results.

The disappointment weighed heavily on him, particularly considering the concessions he had made to Professor Dumbledore in exchange for assistance. Faced with the prospect of a fruitless quest, he longed for any encounter, even a confrontation with a group of wizards.

Despite the passage of time and the illumination of magical candles in Hogsmeade, Wentworth’s pursuit remained unrewarded. His countenance retained a serene facade, but beneath the calm exterior, anger simmered within him.

Swiftly, Wentworth approached a quiet corner and addressed a small cat nestled there, saying, “Professor McGonagall, I don’t think he’ll come today.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s words, the tabby cat twitched and then underwent a rapid transformation in mid-air, assuming the form of Professor McGonagall.

Simultaneously, several footsteps approached from behind Wentworth.

Professor Snape, draped in a cloak, advanced slowly. Glancing at Professor Snape’s attire, Wentworth felt a sense of recognition—it resembled that of an old woman peddling medicines he had encountered on the street.

Professor Lupin followed him, attired even more shabbily than before, emanating an unfamiliar odor.

After a moment of recollection, Wentworth connected the dots. There had been a beggar earlier, obscured by a shabby appearance, lingering by the entrance of Honeydukes Candy Shop throughout the day.

The final member of the gathering was none other than Professor Dumbledore, the esteemed Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Adorned in his customary white robe, Professor Dumbledore seemed unchanged from his usual attire. Yet, Wentworth understood that he had likely been under Professor Dumbledore’s watch without realizing it.

Surveying the assembled group, Wentworth couldn’t shake the feeling that Professor Dumbledore had strategically assembled a formidable protection lineup for the day despite being compelled into the deal.

The Headmaster and Headmistress of Hogwarts, the Professor of Potions, the Duelling Master at Hogwarts, and the future Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts—Voldemort found himself surrounded by these four influential figures.

In simpler terms, Voldemort was confronted by this formidable quartet, rendering the assistance of other Death Eaters unnecessary; the Harry Potter series might face an abrupt conclusion without their intervention.

As Professor Dumbledore approached, Wentworth hurriedly stepped forward, sporting a friendly smile, presenting the Headmaster with candy he had just purchased from Honeydukes Candy Shop. “Here you go, Professor!”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Showing no reservations, Professor Dumbledore reached out and scooped a generous handful of candies from Wentworth’s offering.

In turn, Wentworth distributed the candies to the others. “And here is for all of you as well!”

Professor Lupin accepted his share with a friendly smile, while Professor McGonagall took only two as a symbolic gesture.

When it came to Professor Snape, Wentworth was met with a disdainful roll of the eyes.

Having completed the distribution, Wentworth let out a bored sigh and remarked, “It seems that the other party had no intention of showing up from the beginning. It appears we’ve been deceived.”

Deep in thought, Professor Dumbledore responded, “The other party may not have intended to make an appearance, but they will undoubtedly be observing you from somewhere.”

Hearing Professor Dumbledore’s words, Wentworth and the other Professors exchanged a glance, a subtle shift occurring within their hearts.

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Published On: February 11, 2024

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