Upon hearing Hermione’s uplifting words about the approaching Christmas holidays, Harry and the others couldn’t help but smile genuinely, dispelling the heavy atmosphere that lingered moments ago.

After all, the allure of a vacation is irresistible to any student, though the specter of holiday homework does loom over the festivities.

While the group celebrated the upcoming Christmas break, Wentworth, having received an owl-delivered letter during breakfast, excused himself and headed back to his bedroom.

The letter, lacking a visible signature, seemed possibly from Rosier and the others. Preferring privacy, Wentworth decided to open it in the confines of his room.

Once alone, he eagerly tore open the envelope to reveal a folded piece of paper inside. Unfolding it, he found only one sentence scrawled across the page:

“I have been found, be careful!!”

Upon reading these ominous words, Wentworth felt a sudden surge of unease gripping his heart.

Even without a signature on the envelope, Wentworth immediately recognized that the handwriting on this letter belonged to the same person who had left a message for him in the Gringotts Grindelwald family’s vault.

However, compared to the previous note, the writing on this letter appeared rushed and slightly erratic, suggesting a situation of urgency when it was penned.

As Wentworth pondered the implications of the urgent message, an unshakable sense of crisis enveloped him.

Unsure of the appropriate course of action, he grappled with the ominous feeling that had settled upon him.

In the midst of his contemplation, Wentworth’s door creaked open from the outside.

Reacting instinctively, he drew his wand, pointing it toward the doorway in readiness.

The intrusion, however, turned out to be none other than Green, prompting Wentworth to lower his wand and discreetly stow away the letter.

Upon entering the room, Green greeted Wentworth with a smile and a teasing tone, “Hey, Lord Grindelwald, are you actually plotting to overthrow Hogwarts right now? I hope you left a slot for me after all the things we went through together!” He teased.

Upon hearing Green’s words, Wentworth responded with an annoyed eye-roll before questioning, “Keep your voice down, will you? Also, why are you here looking for me?”

Green’s smile persisted as he replied, “It’s nothing. I’m just checking in to see whether you plan to go home or stay at school for Christmas. As a Hufflepuff prefect, it’s my responsibility to know of every single member of the Hufflepuff’s plan for Christmas!”

Wentworth suddenly realized that Christmas had arrived again, triggering memories of the previous year when he, Green, and Cedric had ridden the Hogwarts Express together.

The recollection included the encounter with Cassandra on the train and all the events that unfolded during the Christmas holidays.

Reflecting on the passage of time, Wentworth couldn’t help but sigh, “Time flies so fast!”

Green retorted, maintaining his playful demeanor, “Okay, Lord Grindelwald, it’s just the two of us here. What’s with the sudden sad remark? Are you even the same Wentworth that I know?”

Wentworth, caught off guard, smiled awkwardly and admitted, “I might not go back this ye—“

However, Wentworth’s words were cut short as he suddenly recalled the letter he had received from the owl earlier, prompting a sudden realization.

On the other hand, Green observed Wentworth with curiosity and asked, “Is there anything wrong, Wentworth?” Approaching him, Green put his hand on Wentworth’s shoulder, “You know, before I was a member of Alliance, I was your senior. Tell me what’s currently weighing on your mind.”

Wentworth waved it off, telling Green, “It’s nothing. By the way, Green, I guess I won’t be back home for Christmas this year!”

Green, taken aback for a moment, simply replied, “Got it!” He then turned and exited Wentworth’s bedroom. “Then, see you next year, Lord Grindelwald!” Green bowed before going off to the distance.

Alone again, Wentworth retrieved the letter and carefully examined it.

Subsequently, he grabbed a pen and began writing to Rosier and the others, informing them of his decision not to return home for Christmas.

As the annual Hogwarts Christmas holiday commenced, Wentworth bid farewell to Green and Cedric at Hogsmeade Station.

The two friends opted to return home, continuing their tradition of spending Christmas with their families.

After bidding farewell to Green and Cedric, Wentworth turned around to find Cassandra walking beside him, wearing a snow-white coat made of animal fur. In a mischievous attempt, Wentworth tried to pull off the fur from both coats, but Cassandra playfully rolled her eyes.

Curious, Wentworth asked, “Why don’t you go home?”

Looking somewhat bored, Cassandra responded, “You know, my father has been transferred to the British Ministry of Magic, specifically to the Floo Network Management Office. During the Christmas period, the usage of the Floo Network significantly increases, and many wizards try to connect their fireplaces privately to the network. So, my father has to work overtime throughout Christmas, and I can’t be bothered to go back.”

Wentworth nodded knowingly upon hearing Cassandra’s explanation and remarked casually, “Oh, so that’s the case. I thought you decided to stay with me upon learning I wasn’t going back!”

Cassandra responded with a disdainful cry, “Cut!” before continuing, “Where I am spending my Christmas Holiday is none of your business! Especially with how you think I stayed here because of you.”

Wentworth smiled and nodded, thinking to himself, “Well, this is interesting!”

However, Cassandra went on to say, “Though I believe we will be having a lot of free time, but I just don’t think I want to spend it with you at all?”

Without waiting for Wentworth’s response, Cassandra changed direction and headed toward Hogsmeade Village. Both being sophomores at Hogwarts, they were aware that regulations prohibited them from going to Hogsmeade Village at the moment.

However, observing Cassandra, who had already walked more than ten meters, Wentworth quickly caught up and admonished, “Cassandra, you can’t violate the school rules and go to Hogsmeade Village without permission! Come back with me quickly!”

Despite Wentworth’s words, he did not stop or take any other action. Instead, he continued walking by Cassandra’s side all the way to Hogsmeade Village.

Witnessing this, Cassandra looked at Wentworth with disdain, sneered, and remarked, “Well, so much for our young Lord hereā€¦ Oh man, this is going to be a long Christmas…”

Stopped in the middle of his track, Wentworth questioned, “What do you even mean by that? Cassandra, hey Cassandra! I am talking to you!” He shouted as Cassandra kept walking toward Hogsmeade.

In this manner, Cassandra and Wentworth entered the village of Hogsmeade together, gazing at the dazzling shops ahead.

Although both were well-traveled individuals, they joyfully strolled around as if they were a family, especially since neither of them lacked funds.

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Published On: February 7, 2024

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