Afterward, Wentworth set aside his emotions and eagerly joined Cedric in competing for the meat in the cauldron.

It wasn’t that Wentworth was stingy, but the hot pot was simply irresistible!

As they chatted, laughed, and feasted, the door to Hufflepuff’s common room swung open, and a flustered figure rushed in.

“Oh, my goodness! So much smoke? Is something on fire?!”

Though Cedric occasionally used minor spells to disperse the smoke, the steaming hot pot still filled the Hufflepuff common room, obscuring Wentworth and Cedric from identifying the visitor.

“Are you two creating magical elixirs?!”

The person approached and was taken aback by Wentworth and Cedric, surrounded by the cauldron.

The concoction in front of them was bubbling, and Cedric looked a bit flushed, sweating profusely.

To their surprise, it was none other than Hufflepuff’s fifth-grade prefect, Green.

“Cedric, are you alright? Are you feeling unwell? You two are making a mess! If you’re unwell, you should go to Madam Pomfrey. You’re still young; how can you be brewing potions?!”

Wentworth quickly pulled a seat over, and Cedric motioned for Green to sit down, explaining the situation.

“Prefect Green, we’re not using magical elixirs. We’re just temporarily using the cauldron. It’s a new one Wentworth brought to school, and we haven’t used it before.”

Wentworth echoed, “Yes, Prefect Green, this is actually a dish I learned from the Muggle world called hot pot, and it’s incredibly delicious.”

Prefect Green finally relaxed after hearing their explanations and sat down.

Wentworth placed the prepared seasoning in front of Prefect Green, and Cedric served some sliced meat and greens from the cauldron.

“Come, Prefect Green, you have to try it. Would you like to taste it?”

Prefect Green exclaimed, “Are you sure you’re not using magical elixirs?!”

Cedric quickly clarified, “You misunderstood, Prefect Green. We’re just using the cauldron temporarily. It’s new and hasn’t been used for potions yet.”

Wentworth added, “Yes, Prefect Green, this is a Muggle food. It’s called hot pot, and it tastes fantastic.”

Prefect Green, relieved, started eating delightfully, occasionally adding new ingredients to the cauldron.

Cedric praised, “Prefect Green, I now understand why you’re the prefect of Hufflepuff. When I took my first bite, I hesitated, but you didn’t.”

Prefect Green, munching on meat, responded, “I’m not like some pure-bloods. My dad was a Muggle, but I still cherish his memory. He made me all kinds of Muggle food when I was a kid, and I loved it. It reminds me of my childhood.”

“I’m the first to try this thing called hot pot. Wentworth, thanks for letting me taste such delicious food. If you need any help in the future, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Wentworth expressed gratitude, saying, “You’re welcome, Prefect Green. I’m glad you liked it.”

“I love it! I think the magical world shouldn’t reject all Muggle things. Many delicacies from the Muggle world are worth trying,” Prefect Green said enthusiastically.

Cedric agreed, “That’s true. The Muggle world advances much faster than our magical world, doesn’t it?”

As they continued chatting, Green forgot to change his clothes, engrossed in the delicious hot pot.

Meanwhile, Hufflepuff students sitting nearby started getting impatient for Green to return to the long table in the Hogwarts auditorium.

Some students decided to check on Green, but to their surprise, they also didn’t return.

Rumors started spreading among the Hufflepuff students that everyone who returned to the common room hadn’t come out.

In response, the Hufflepuff students decided to investigate, forming a large group armed with their wands, determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Along the way, the other students from different houses were scared and made way for the determined Hufflepuff students.

They observed the unusual sight, yet no one dared to follow, as they weren’t sure what was happening.

The Hufflepuff students arrived at the common room door, ready to uncover the truth.

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Published On: August 24, 2023

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