Observing Wentworth’s lead, Green and Cedric exchanged glances. Green reassuringly patted Cedric on the shoulder before leaping down along with Wentworth.

Cedric, with flute in hand, followed suit.

The significance of Wentworth’s leadership became evident as he promptly warned Green and Cedric about the Devil’s Snare below.

With that knowledge, they descended into the Devil’s Snare with a relaxed approach, knowing how to navigate its grasp.

As Green and Cedric maneuvered through the Devil’s Snare, they eventually reached its lower layer.

Breaking free from its tendrils, Cedric, nursing slight injuries on his shoulders, remarked, “I’m certain our dean cultivated this Devil’s Snare!”

Green nodded in agreement, acknowledging the familiarity with their dean’s magical creations.

The trio continued along the passage, soon hearing a humming sound that reached their ears. Intrigued, Cedric inquired, “What is this? Sounds like wings?”

Wentworth, leading the way, responded without turning back, “You guessed it right, Cedric. Now, try to guess what those flying in front of you are?”

Green chimed in, “Regardless, I doubt we’re dealing with friendly birds here.”

“I won’t allow you to speak like that, Green!” retorted Wentworth without glancing back.

Green’s confusion was evident, marked by a questioning expression.

Cedric, unable to fathom the situation, was nonetheless surprised alongside Green as they witnessed keys flying through the air.

Cedric shifted his gaze between the wooden door and the fluttering keys, conjecturing, “I suppose, it’s impossible to proceed toward the locked door ahead unless we deal with these flying keys, huh?”

Meanwhile, Green, ever adventurous, brandished his wand, declaring, “How can you know if you don’t try?”

However, Wentworth swiftly restrained Green with a firm grip. Shaking his head, Wentworth cautioned, “Don’t expend your efforts. If the tests devised by the professors were riddled with such loopholes, Hogwarts would have long vanished into history.”

Pointing to the winged keys soaring above, Wentworth asserted, “To proceed here, we must rely on these airborne creatures!”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s directive, Green and Cedric looked skyward again, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of keys.

Green, glancing down, began to express his concerns to Wentworth, “Wentworth, we…”

The feelings of nausea slowly enveloped them both as they hung on for their dear life into the flying keys.

But without waiting for Green to finish, Wentworth revealed a surprising revelation—he was riding a broom.

“What a showoff!” Green muttered.

“Go to the door and cover me for a while!” Wentworth instructed as he soared on his broom toward the dense cluster of keys in the sky.

The seemingly possessed keys whirled madly around Wentworth, launching aggressive attacks on him.

“Protego!” Green swiftly cast a protective spell on Wentworth, offering some relief.

The practicality of an open-book exam was evident. Already privy to the solution, Wentworth swiftly identified the correct key and tossed it to Cedric.

With the key in hand, Cedric hastily unlocked the wooden door, leading the way inside along with Green.

Following suit, Wentworth zoomed in on his broomstick, narrowly avoiding the frenzied keys.

Once inside, Green and Cedric hastily closed the wooden door, accompanied by a resonant “pop,” as if a barrage of sharp arrows were attempting to breach the door from behind.

Upon entering the new room, the flickering torchlight revealed a vast chessboard sprawled out in front of the trio.

As they stood upon the chessboard, the pieces took on colossal proportions.

Observing this, Green turned to Wentworth with a sudden realization and remarked, “I understand now why you had us play two more rounds of wizard chess today!”

Wentworth offered no further explanation. Green intuitively moved toward the knight’s position on the chessboard, while Cedric navigated toward the castle, leaving the bishop’s position for Wentworth.

Once the trio assumed their respective positions, Green looked at Cedric, a mischievous smile playing on his lips, and inquired, “In this chess game, which one of us will play?”

Cedric responded with a wry smile, “Oh, come on! Do you think I’m oblivious? You took it easy on me earlier, didn’t you?”

Green chuckled at Cedric’s admission, saying, “Well, you’ve got to play chess with clever people. On the other hand, if you play it with people on lower level than you, then you must show them some mercy!”

Though feel his heart pricked by Green’s words, Cedric couldn’t reply at all. He clenched his fist and forced a smile at Green.

True to his words, Green’s prowess in various games, including chess and cards, proved to be on par with his magical abilities.

Indeed, on the “playing” journey, Green emerged as the most skilled among the trio. It could be attributed to Green’s age, which was four or five years older than Ron in the original book, or perhaps his wizard chess proficiency surpassed Ron’s.

Either way, the trio didn’t find themselves in a dire situation requiring one of them to be sacrificed, unlike the dog-blood scenario in the original work.

Green efficiently outplayed the opponent, swiftly bringing about their defeat. As the opponent conceded by tossing their sword, Green grinned and declared with pride, “It seems our professors have an average level of wizard chess!”

However, Wentworth and Cedric paid little attention to Green’s triumphant proclamation, proceeding directly to the final room.

Left without acknowledgment, Green’s elation transformed into a slightly embarrassed smile. Eventually, he shrugged and muttered to himself, “Well, at least I’m a tad better than the professors, right?”

As the three descended the long staircase, they entered an empty room where a figure stood with their back turned to them. In front of the figure was a massive mirror.

Upon seeing the scene reflected in the mirror, Wentworth couldn’t help but smirk. He mused to himself that Dumbledore had deliberately placed this mirror here.

In the original book, it wasn’t a coincidence when Harry stumbled upon the mirror in an abandoned classroom on the fifth floor during Christmas. Dumbledore orchestrated it to allow Harry to encounter the mirror.

Reflecting on his previous life while reading the original book, Wentworth pondered whether Dumbledore had sensed someone’s intentions with the Philosopher’s Stone.

As it turns out, the answer became clear – the Mirror of Erised was an integral part of the trial all along.

Dumbledore ensured that Harry became familiar with the magic mirror beforehand, subtly guiding him through the challenge. It was a clever strategy to prepare Harry for the mirror’s appearance, ultimately leading him to uncover its purpose.

In a moment of realization, Wentworth thought to himself, “Voldemort, you’ve miscalculated! When two people take the same exam with their Professors aiding them, blatantly showing obvious signs of cheating, how can you expect to win?”

At that moment, the figure in front turned and spoke, saying, “Wentworth, you arrived here much sooner than I expected!”


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Published On: January 29, 2024

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