Professor Snape’s words lingered in the air, causing Professor McGonagall to stifle her initial response.

Taking a deep breath, Professor McGonagall finally spoke, “You’re fortunate. Not all students survive encounters with trolls. Five points to each of you! Consider yourselves lucky.”

Upon hearing Professor McGonagall’s pronouncement, Hermione and her companions couldn’t contain their joy.

However, amidst the celebration, Harry noticed something amiss – Snape appeared to be nursing a bite on his leg.

Shortly after, Wentworth noticed a smile on his face as he observed Professor Snape’s movements.

He knew that Professor Snape was already taking the head start and moved behind the scenes to acquire one of the tools that was necessary for them to stop Voldemort’s return.

He found himself excited and couldn’t wait for them to leave the place; Wentworth could be seen fidgeting.

After Professor McGonagall concluded her remarks, she departed in frustration, with Professor Snape following suit.

Professor Quirrell left to manage the aftermath, tried to lighten the mood with a forced smile, “Alright, kids, it’s time for you to return! Don’t want another accident to happen with you lots loitering around the place.”

Wentworth took the lead, promptly leaving the scene. The rest followed suit, exiting the area.

As they bid each other farewell, the group dispersed, heading back to the lounges of their respective houses.

With excitement in his heart, Wentworth is ready to share his plan with his friends.

When Wentworth and Cedric returned to the Hufflepuff common room, usually bustling with students during the evening, they found Green alone.

Seeing them return, Green greeted them eagerly, inquiring, “How did it go?”

Wentworth sighed before responding, “It can only be said that there’s no immediate danger. How about you?”

Green grinned and shared, “Smooth operation – got everyone safely back to their dorms.”

Wentworth nodded, then turned to Green and Cedric, revealing a mischievous smile. “Ever wondered what I’m up to tonight? Well, now I can spill the beans! Our target for the night is none other than the most coveted treasure in the wizarding world – the Philosopher’s Stone!”

At Wentworth’s revelation, both Cedric and Green exclaimed simultaneously, “Immortality?!” and “Unlimited Galleons?!”

Wentworth shot Green a disapproving look. “Are you still hung up on the idea of being rich for a lifetime? Seriously senior Green?”

“What can I say? A man can only dream,” Green replied with a shrug.

Ignoring the comment, Green grabbed Wentworth in disbelief. “Oh, by Merlin’s beard, Wentworth, is it genuinely the Philosopher’s Stone? The legendary one?”

Wentworth affirmed with confidence, “Absolutely. It’s the very Philosopher’s Stone crafted by Nicolas Flamel himself.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s confirmation, Green and Cedric exchanged astonished glances. Green couldn’t contain his excitement. “I’m thrilled I joined the Alliance. The wizarding world unfolds in such different ways for various wizards! The Philosopher’s Stone – it’s legendary! I never thought I’d see this mythical artifact with my own eyes one day!”

Wentworth felt the need to clarify, “Green, I want you to know beforehand that the Philosopher’s Stone can’t be handed over to you. I have specific plans for it. If you’re after mere gold coins, then I won’t think twice to give you whatever amount you want, but I can’t let you touch the stone.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s statement, Green leaped to his feet, exclaiming, “Wentworth, you know me too well! Even if you were willing to give it to me, I wouldn’t accept it! Are you kidding? I don’t want to be a target for some eccentric wizard! Don’t worry, My Lord, just laying eyes on it will be satisfying enough for me!”

Wentworth nodded approvingly, then shifted his gaze to Cedric.

As soon as Cedric realized Wentworth’s attention was on him, he waved his hands frantically and chimed in, “Wentworth, you know me. I’m more intrigued by the person who invented the Philosopher’s Stone! If you can bring Nicolas Flamel, I would be eternally grateful to you because I could learn a lot of things from him!”

Satisfied with both responses, Wentworth nodded. It wasn’t that he doubted Green or Cedric, thinking they would compete for the Philosopher’s Stone, but Wentworth preferred to lay everything out upfront to prevent any potential misunderstandings later on.

After receiving responses from the duo, Wentworth discreetly scanned the surroundings to ensure no one was observing them. Satisfied, he gestured, “Alright, let’s move! We don’t want to keep people waiting for too long.”

Wentworth led the way exiting the area, with Green and Cedric trailing behind, exchanging curious glances. They wondered who else Wentworth had enlisted for this venture.

Soon, the trio, guided by Wentworth, arrived at the fourth-floor corridor of Hogwarts Castle.

Progressing along the corridor, they halted before a wooden door where Wentworth decided to stop.

Addressing Cedric, Wentworth inquired, “You didn’t forget what I told you to bring, right?”

Cedric vigorously nodded and promptly retrieved a flute from his robes. “Don’t worry, I got it on me!”

Observing this, Wentworth nodded and instructed Cedric, “Once inside, start playing the flute immediately, understood?” Wentworth’s formal tone made Cedric a bit tense, causing him to nervously nod repeatedly.

As Wentworth pushed open the wooden door before them, a distinct sound of heavy breathing resonated in their ears.

Wentworth took the lead, entering the room quietly, and then leaned over to whisper to Cedric, “Quick, play the flute!”

Though Cedric was uncertain about the purpose of Wentworth’s instructions, he promptly raised the recorder to his lips as they entered the dimly lit room.

As Cedric and Green adjusted to the darkness, they discerned the presence of an enormous creature within.

Before them lay a massive three-headed dog. Witnessing the colossal size of the creature, Cedric was momentarily startled, forgetting to continue playing the flute.

The trio observed the gigantic three-headed dog stirring as the flute music ceased. Its eyelids flickered, hinting that it might be on the verge of awakening.

Observing the situation, Cedric instinctively comprehended the urgency and fervently blew the flute in his hands. The music resonated, calming the three-headed dog before them.

Wentworth, emphasizing the gravity of the situation, whispered, “You must never stop, Cedric, our life is in your hands!”

Without waiting for Cedric and Green’s responses, Wentworth advanced toward the massive creature and began searching beneath its body.

After a brief moment, Wentworth seemed to uncover something significant. Attempting to move the three-headed dog’s front legs, he found it challenging due to its immense size.

Witnessing this, Green rushed to assist Wentworth in pushing the colossal creature’s limbs aside, unveiling a secret door concealed at its feet.

Wentworth gestured for Cedric to approach. As Cedric played the recorder and reached the secret door, Wentworth informed him, “Below is the Devil’s Snare!”

Without further ado, Wentworth swiftly shut the secret door.


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Published On: January 29, 2024

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