Cedric welcomed Wentworth into the empty Hufflepuff common room.

Most little badgers had already gone to the Hogwarts Auditorium for dinner.

“What’s with all this? Feels kinda mysterious.” Cedric said.

“Wait for me here!” Wentworth replied

Wentworth rushed out of the common room, leaving Cedric waiting curiously.

After a while, Wentworth returned with a group of House-elves, holding various ingredients.

Wentworth ordered the House-elves, “Okay, put this big pot here, and put the charcoal in the pot, thank you very much. Just put these things aside.”

Cedric watched in astonishment as the House-elves placed the items around them, realizing they were holding ingredients for some cooking.

Cedric asked, “Wentworth, what are you doing?”

Wentworth kindly explained to Cedric, “Please eat something you’ve never eaten before. This recipe is courtesy of the Muggle world!”

With that, Wentworth disappeared into his bedroom and returned with a crucible, which he placed on the charcoal and filled with water.

Wentworth asked a house-elf to light the charcoal, and the preparations for the cooking began.

Cedric asked curiously, “You want to make me a pot of potion?”

“No, in the Muggle world, it’s called hot pot! You choose the ingredients you like, cook them in the bottom of the pot, dip them in special seasonings, and take a sip; it’s definitely full of flavor!” Wentworth explained enthusiastically.

Wentworth added mushrooms and other ingredients into the cauldron, and soon the water started to boil.

Wentworth placed four small bowls in front of Cedric.

Wentworth explains once again, “It’s called a hot pot, which means putting all kinds of ingredients into boiling water. Of course, this is not ordinary boiling water. I added a lot of things to it. In the Muggle world, it is generally called a crockpot.”

Wentworth offered four kinds of dipping sauces.

Cedric thought for a moment and chose the bright red chili seasoning.

“Then I’d prefer the chili sauce; I like the hot sensation.” Cedric said while taking the bright red sauce.

Wentworth playfully muttered about the perfect match between sesame juice seasoning and hot pot.

Wentworth took out a plate full of meat rolls and added them to the crucible, stirring gently.

A House-elf offered them drinks, and Wentworth asked if there was butter beer.

The cauldron boiled again, and Wentworth and Cedric took out the cooked meat and placed it on their plates.

They cheered and sipped the sherbet drink prepared by the House-elf.

Cedric initially hesitated about eating more, but the taste was so delightful that he couldn’t resist.

Cedric closed his eyes and savored the flavor as Wentworth grinned.

Wentworth took out more ingredients, and Cedric eagerly continued trying different ones.

Wentworth joked, “Don’t eat meat all the time; eat some vegetables to get rid of greasy.”

Cedric replied, “If you feel greasy, eat more vegetables and give me the meat. I’m not afraid of greasy.”

Wentworth was shocked by Cedric’s shameless response but appreciated his passion for the meal.

Wentworth reflected on why Cedric was assigned to Hufflepuff despite his academic prowess, but now, he realized that there are no wrong students at Hogwarts, only bad houses.

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Published On: August 24, 2023

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