Rosier calmly put away his wand, seemingly unaffected by the violent actions he had just taken.

The trembling man looked back at his fallen partner and knelt on the floor, wet from the waist down.

Wentworth, lying on the ground, propped himself up with his hands to avoid lying flat.

Though these people had come to save him, the shock of witnessing their skilled use of the Unforgivable Curses overshadowed any gratitude he might have felt.

If it weren’t for his memories telling him that it was 1990, with Harry Potter set to attend Hogwarts next year and Voldemort’s return still a year away, Wentworth would have doubted whether these people were real Death Eaters.

The Death Eaters were notorious for arrogance, but the people before him cast spells so smoothly and effortlessly.

Rosier covered her nose and approached the man who had slapped Wentworth.

In a gentle tone, she asked, “Did you hit this child with that hand? Tell me the truth, be obedient.”

The man raised his trembling left hand, and Rosier tapped it lightly with her wand.

The hand quickly started to decay, causing the man to wail in agony. Soon, all that remained was a pile of bones.

The man passed out, and Abernathy dragged him to the kitchen.

Wentworth heard a series of horrifying sounds there as the man’s suffering continued.

Wentworth respectfully addressed Rosier with a deep breath, “Grandma Rosier!”

Rosier looked surprised and somewhat guilty. “Wentworth, I’m glad you’re safe,” she said.

One of the people present remarked, “As expected of a member of the master’s family, he recovers so quickly from Crucio.”

Rosier stroked Wentworth’s cheek with pride. “Your ability to endure and recover from the Crucio shows your indomitable will. You have not dishonored the Grindelwald name, my child.”

Wentworth could only awkwardly smile and refrain from telling them that he wasn’t the real Wentworth Grindelwald but rather someone who had taken over his body.

Another man returned from the kitchen with the man who had slapped Wentworth earlier.

Rosier asked if they had learned anything from him.

“I’m sorry, no. He died too quickly, but there was something familiar about him,” Abernathy responded expressionlessly.

Rosier nodded thoughtfully, and Wentworth nervously raised his hand. “Can I ask why all of this happened tonight?” he inquired.

Rosier stepped forward, straightening Wentworth’s clothes, and asked, “Wentworth, how much do you know about the wizarding world? What did Libby tell you?”

As a Harry Potter fan, Wentworth puffed his chest and replied, “I’ve heard many stories from the magical world, and Libby has told me a lot! But Libby never told me my last name!”

Wentworth had always wondered about his last name, but Libby never disclosed the information, no matter how many times he asked.

After taking in Wentworth’s appearance, Rosier suddenly said, “Wentworth, remember, never lose your grace because your name is—Wentworth Grindelwald!”

“Wentworth Grindelwald?” Wentworth repeated softly. Though the name sounded familiar, he couldn’t remember where he had encountered it in tonight’s chaos.

Could it be a surname of a pure-blood family?

“When you hear this surname, you must understand your background,” Rosier said, and the people behind her nodded as if the name had a specific power.

Wentworth was startled.

If these people knew he was a “fake,” that he had taken over the real Wentworth’s body, and that the real Wentworth Grindelwald had been wiped out, they might try to kill him.

He couldn’t believe these black magic practitioners wouldn’t be capable of such a spell.

However, since they hadn’t used Legilimens on him, it was likely because they were unaware of his true identity.

Trying to appear confident, Wentworth feigned pride as he said, “Of course, I am Wentworth Grindelwald, a member of the noble Grindelwald family!”

Rosier looked pleased with his answer and nodded, saying, “As the only descendant with the blood of the Grindelwald flowing in you, apart from the master, you should have such arrogance!”

But then her expression darkened, and she sighed, “It’s a shame you’re a squib!”

“Wentworth Grindelwald?” Wentworth’s eyes widened in disbelief!

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Published On: August 13, 2023

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