Witnessing this unexpected turn of events, Wentworth was initially bewildered.

Unfortunately, Draco’s spell seemed ineffective, and the Troll, puzzled but undeterred, lifted its wooden stick once more.

Cedric, noticing the futility of Draco’s spell, “Wentworth, why is Draco’s spell not effective on the Troll? Is it because he is still an inexperienced wizard?” questioned Wentworth about their inaction.

“It’s not whether he is an inexperienced wizard or not. It’s just that the troll naturally has magic-resistant skin. One could say they are a bad match against us wizards.” Wentworth pointed out the Troll’s inherent magical resistance and its massive size, suggesting that Draco’s magic alone might not suffice.

“Shouldn’t we help him now then?” Cedric urged as he prepared his wand.

“Stop. Let them face against the Troll by themselves. This is a good opportunity for them to grow.” However, Wentworth signaled Cedric to hold off, choosing to bide his time.

Even so, Wentworth remained vigilant, wand in hand, prepared to intervene if necessary.

As the Troll prepared to strike again, Harry, undeterred, dashed forward and embraced the Troll’s raised arm. Hoisted into the air, he released his grip and deftly landed on the Troll’s head.

“Harry!” Draco exclaimed anxiously.

Seated atop the Troll’s head, Harry struck it repeatedly, even managing to insert his wand into the Troll’s nostril.

The unexpected tactics left everyone in suspense, uncertain of the outcome.

The enraged Troll, with Harry dangling from his nostrils and Ron clinging desperately to the stick, seemed poised to deliver a devastating blow.

Harry urgently called for assistance, “DRACO NOW!” prompting Draco to ready his wand and prepare to cast another spell.

Meanwhile, Ron valiantly intervened, rushing forward to grasp the Troll’s stick. Despite the Troll’s attempts to dislodge him, Ron tenaciously clung to the stick.

With a furious swing, the Troll attempted to bring the stick crashing down, a move that could prove fatal for Ron. Seeing the impending danger, Draco, now poised for action, aimed his wand high and shouted, “Levioso!”

In an unforeseen twist, the Levioso spell wasn’t directed at the Troll but instead at Harry and Ron.

The two boys, caught off guard, were instantly lifted upside down and propelled toward the ceiling, narrowly escaping the Troll’s imminent strike.

However, in the midst of the chaotic scene, both Harry and Ron found themselves in the grasp of the Troll, lifted like helium-filled balloons in the Troll’s oversized hand, slowly ascending into the air.

Observing the unfolding spectacle, Wentworth couldn’t help but mutter under his breath, “The plot is taking an increasingly bizarre turn!”

Unbeknownst to them, a slender figure stood in the shadows behind a pillar near the entrance of the girls’ bathroom in the basement.

This observer was none other than the student whose attention was stolen by Wentworth himself, the one who’s responsible for the making of Secret Hallows, Cassandra.

While all of this happened, Cassandra never bothered to move or make any change in her expression as she carried a notebook while writing every single thing she saw happening in that place.

Cassandra, maintaining an air of calmness throughout the entire incident, scrutinized the events with a watchful eye. She murmured to herself, “Harry Potter? It’s not a lack of courage, but rather a momentary lapse. It seems our little Slytherin junior deserves more credit.”

Cassandra’s gaze shifted back to Draco, donned in his Slytherin uniform. A subtle appreciation crossed her features as she continued, “Draco Malfoy? Impressive in both reaction speed and adaptability. The proficiency in spellcasting is commendable. At this age, such abilities suggest the potential to become an outstanding wizard in the future. Perhaps he deserves more than just a spot in the Secret Hallows.”

As Cassandra focused on Draco, the Troll, now suspended in the air, appeared disoriented and uncomfortable with the unusual floating experience.

Eventually, the Troll decided to release its grip on Harry and Ron, causing them to fall to the ground. Once on the floor, the Troll retrieved a long wooden stick and menacingly approached the helpless duo, ready to strike.

Meanwhile, Draco, having pushed his magical abilities beyond his limits, was visibly fatigued, struggling to maintain his composure.

Observing this, Wentworth realized the urgency of the situation and decided to take action. He turned to Cedric, saying, “It’s our turn now, Cedric! Expelliarmus!”

Wentworth initiated the plan with a Disarming Charm, forcefully knocking the wooden stick out of the Troll’s hand. While the Troll was bewildered by this sudden turn of events, Cedric cast his stunning spell, putting the creature into a deep slumber.

“Stupefy!” Cedric declared as the Troll collapsed, ensuring the immediate threat was neutralized. The rescue mission had succeeded, thanks to the combined efforts of the students.

Cedric’s Stunning spell struck the Troll, but its magical nature and inherent resistance to spells allowed it to resist the effects.

Despite being hit, the Troll displayed signs of disorientation, with its vision blurred and an unsteady gait. The creature staggered, spun around, yet remarkably managed to stay on its feet.

This unexpected resilience surprised Wentworth. Considering Cedric’s exceptional magical prowess, described by Lupin as surpassing his peers, the fact that the stun spell couldn’t immediately incapacitate the Troll emphasized the element of luck in the original book, as later pointed out by Professor McGonagall.

It highlighted the unpredictability and challenges inherent in magical encounters, even for skilled wizards like Cedric.

As Wentworth continued to witness the Troll’s resistance to magical attacks, he comprehended the limitations of relying solely on spells against such formidable creatures, especially considering the magical proficiency of Harry and his friends.

Despite the challenge, Wentworth remained undeterred, understanding that defeating the Troll with their current magical abilities was implausible. The thoughts racing through his mind did not impede the swift movements of his hands as he, like Cedric before him, unleashed a series of stunning spells upon the Troll.




The relentless assault of stun spells from Wentworth and Cedric finally took its toll on the Troll. Unable to withstand the magical onslaught, the creature closed its eyes, swayed for a moment, and then collapsed backward with a heavy thud.

Hermione, who had been cautiously avoiding the Troll, was caught off guard by its sudden descent. She swiftly rolled and crawled away, narrowly escaping the falling creature.


The Troll’s massive body crashed to the ground, creating a cloud of dust that enveloped the area. The impact was so forceful that the ground quivered, causing Hermione to lose her balance.

Fortunately, Draco, standing nearby, instinctively reached out and caught Hermione, preventing her from falling.

Accidentally by saving her, Draco hugged Hermione to prevent her from falling.

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Published On: January 27, 2024

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