Time swiftly approached Halloween, and the familiar jack-o-lanterns adorned the Hogwarts scene. However, amidst the Hogwarts crowd, only Wentworth was aware that starting this year, with the arrival of Harry Potter and the Halloweens to come, the tranquility of Hogwarts would be disrupted.

On Halloween morning, Wentworth summoned Cedric and Green to his bedroom.

Green couldn’t contain his curiosity as they entered and blurted out, “What’s the reason for dragging us out of bed so early? I’ve even invited someone over to play cards, Wentworth.”

Wentworth gestured for them to take a seat. Once they were settled, he began, “Take a good rest during the day. Tonight, we have something important to attend to.”

Green and Cedric exchanged puzzled glances, immediately wiping the smiles off their faces. Green ventured to ask, “Are we going to do something under the Alliance’s name?”

Wentworth nodded without hesitation and reiterated, “Indeed, this is a task under Alliance’s name.”

Upon hearing this, Green and Cedric straightened up, adopting an attentive posture.

Observing their reaction, Wentworth reassured them with a smile, saying, “No need to be overly tense. Consider it akin to participating in a few games, and remember, we still have the upper hand!”

Speaking of which, Wentworth paused, then continued, “I remember both of you are skilled at wizards chess, right? Practice again during the day today; you might find it useful tonight!”

Cedric and Green exchanged puzzled glances upon hearing Wentworth’s suggestion. Cedric asked in disbelief, “Wizard chess? Wentworth, is tonight’s activity really just a game?”

Wentworth smiled and nodded, replying, “Indeed, a very intriguing game!”

While Wentworth was engaged in conversation with Cedric and Green in his bedroom, Professor Flitwick was teaching Gryffindor and Slytherin first-year students the Floating Charm in the Hogwarts Charms class.

The class showcased the diverse magical talents of its students. Some quickly and skillfully executed various magic spells, while others struggled with seemingly simple tasks, like making a feather float.

Representing the former category was Hermione Granger. Despite having Muggle parents, Hermione’s rapid grasp of basic spells, learned through self-study before attending Hogwarts, showcased her exceptional talent.

On the other hand, Ron Weasley, a descendant of the 28th Holy Family, represented the latter category.

Ron, currently seated beside Hermione, sported an amused expression as Hermione patiently taught him the Levitation Charm.

However, perhaps dealing a blow to his self-esteem, Ron then impatiently lay his head on the table.

After the class, Ron, not holding back, expressed to Harry that Hermione wasn’t making things any easier for him. Little did Ron know that Hermione overheard his words as she trailed behind them.

Reacting promptly, Hermione bumped into Ron unceremoniously and stormed away in frustration.

Observing this, Harry reluctantly remarked to Ron, “Ron, I think she heard what you said!”

“Of course, she heard it!” Ron responded grumbly.

“But Ron, you can’t even match up to her. I feel bad for the Weasleys!” A voice from their behind shouted. At that moment, a taunting voice interrupted their conversation.

Turning around, they saw Draco with a sly smile as he looked at Ron while slowly approaching Harry.

Draco approached Harry and addressed him, “Harry, I’ve said it before—keep your distance from these people. Our futures are destined to be different from theirs.”

Hearing Draco’s words, Harry responded with a hint of helplessness, “Draco, you’re my friend, and so are they. Didn’t we agree not to bring this up again after the duel?”

Shrugging with apparent regret, Draco added, “Just offering a friendly reminder! By the way, I’ve purchased a variety of candies from Honeydukes, including this year’s Halloween limited edition. Would you like to join me and taste them?”

Harry enthusiastically nodded in agreement, while Ron looked a bit sheepish and was relieved when Draco merely cast a disdainful glance.

Ron remarked, “Come together? Who made Harry your friend!”

“I’ve known him longer than you, you darned Weasley!” Draco replied.

While they were walking together, Harry could only smile while trying to separate the two from getting into an argument again. From time to time, Harry wonders why did Draco asked him to go on a duel instead of Ron. In this case, wouldn’t Ron be the most right choice for Draco to settle things with him for good?

As night fell at Hogwarts, the much-anticipated Hogwarts Halloween Dinner commenced. When Wentworth, accompanied by Cedric and Green, entered the Hogwarts Great Hall, they coincidentally encountered Harry and Draco arriving for the meal, accompanied by Ron.

The sight of these three individuals dining together invoked a sense of absurdity within Wentworth.

Simultaneously, Draco and Harry, upon noticing Wentworth, brightened up with excitement and promptly made their way over to him.

While Draco hurriedly approached, he produced a bag of candy from his arms and, upon reaching Wentworth, unhesitatingly handed him the Honeydukes Candy Store’s Halloween limited edition candy. Draco explained, “Here, Wentworth, this is from Honeydukes Candy Store. It’s the Halloween limited edition, and I saved it for you. Otherwise, I’m afraid they’ll devour it all!”

Wentworth expressed his gratitude, “You are quite thoughtful for a Malfoy, aren’t you, Draco?” and the group proceeded into the Hogwarts Great Hall together.

Paying no attention to what Wentworth just said, Draco only smiled while offering Cedric and Green the candies as well.

However, as they entered, Wentworth sensed an intense gaze fixated on him. He turned his attention to the front of the hall, where Professor Snape, occupying the teacher’s seat, observed him with penetrating eyes. After exchanging a meaningful look with Snape, Wentworth joined Cedric and Green at the Hufflepuff table.

Shortly after settling down, Headmaster Dumbledore’s arrival marked the commencement of the Halloween dinner at Hogwarts. Despite the sumptuous spread, many individuals at the gathering found it difficult to enjoy the feast fully.

Green and Cedric, preoccupied with their forthcoming actions, barely touched their food. Meanwhile, Harry and Ron discover that Hermione is absent from the dinner. Upon inquiring, they learned that she had spent the entire afternoon in solitary tears in the bathroom. This revelation left both Harry and Ron overwhelmed with guilt.

As the banquet unfolded, the tranquility was disrupted when the Hogwarts auditorium’s door was forcefully pushed open from the outside. Surprised gazes turned toward the entrance, but Wentworth calmly wiped his mouth and remarked to Green and Cedric, “Here we go!”

The accident is bound to happen when Hermione is alone in the bathroom, crying alone after hearing Ron’s harsh remark.

One thing that Hermione is lacking despite her intellectual prowess, is the way she deals with her emotions. Although she can be quite crude from time to time, all those emotions that bottlenecked inside her heart would find a way out one way or another.

Even though she will undoubtedly be a great witch in the far future, for now she is just a fragile girl who doesn’t know much about navigating between he

r daily life as a student in Hogwarts and how to take care of her mental prison…

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Published On: January 25, 2024

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