Upon hearing Cedric’s words, Green found himself momentarily stunned before expressing his opinion, “I think Wentworth doesn’t need it. Didn’t we agree not to associate Wentworth with the Secret Hallow?”

At that moment, Cassandra raised a different viewpoint, her gaze fixed on the playing cards on the table. After a moment of contemplation, she voiced her thoughts, “I think Cedric is right; Wentworth does need an identity card. So, when we want to mention Wentworth’s name, we can use the identity card instead, it’s better to disguise Wentworth’s identity.”

Cassandra’s insight brought enlightenment to Green, who then playfully slapped Cedric and remarked, “Okay, Cedric, the role is very fast. I didn’t expect that.”

Cedric chuckled in response, saying, “Hehe, it’s all based on Cassandra’s explanation.”

Subsequently, Green reached for the playing cards on the table and said, “In this case, can’t we let Wentworth come here to draw one? I’ll draw one for him!”

However, as Green’s hand extended, Cedric promptly slapped it down. Green looked at Cedric suspiciously, but Cedric explained, “You don’t even need to draw the next card; I already know it’s a square K, you should go ahead and shuffle them first!”

Realizing his oversight, Green picked up the cards on the table, shuffled them again, and held them out to Cassandra, saying, “Cassandra, it’s up to you!”

Cassandra selected the top card, revealing an imp, and the three exchanged glances. After a moment of silence, Cedric suggested, “Why not? Change one?”

Cassandra seemed to be very dissatisfied with this card. She nodded immediately, and then touched the next card. However, when Cassandra showed the next card in her hand, she found that it was unexpected. It’s a big ghost card.

Seeing this, Cedric stretched out his hand and was about to knock Green’s head, and said, “You should shuffle the cards well! Your pair of Joker didn’t shuffle and separate!”

Green subconsciously blocked Cedric’s arm and shouted, “I know!”

Upon seeing this, both Cassandra and Cedric set their sights on Green, but Green pointed to the big ghost card in Cassandra’s hand and said, “We can refer to Wentworth without any card. This card is also called JoKer. We will call Wentworth JoKer in the Secret Hallow in the future!”

Hearing Green’s explanation, Cassandra nodded thoughtfully and said, “JoKer? The clown? Appearing in front of people, but no one knows his identity under the mask? This is a bit interesting! It fits Wentworth’s identity surprisingly!”

And Cedric on the side also echoed, “The two Joker cards represent the sun and the moon respectively in the poker cards, and they also represent the beginning and the end. They are the beginning and end of everything, and they are in line with Wentworth’s identity!”

If Wentworth is here, I am afraid he will be even more shocked. Wentworth is like a clown to this world. He knows all your secrets, but you don’t know his!

Some people think I am JoKer of the Secret Hallow, some people know that I am the leader of the Alliance, and most people call me Wentworth Grindelwald, but in fact, I am the Joker!

The Joker’s secret is naturally unknown, but at this moment, Cassandra, Green and Cedric have surprisingly unanimous opinions. They all think that JoKer’s name is too suitable for Wentworth.

Observing no objections from the others, Cassandra decisively declared, “Well then! In the future, we will still refer to Wentworth by his name in public, but within the Secret Hallow, we shall address him as Joker!”

She continued, “These two ghost cards will be excluded from the deck. When new members join our Secret Hallow, inform them that the true leader is beyond the identity cards, under the codename JoKer! He represents the past, present, and future of the Secret Hallow!”

In agreement with Cassandra’s plan, Cedric and Green nodded simultaneously. Green even added with a sigh, “Don’t say it; it truly feels like a secret organization!”

Many years later, in Xenophilius Lovegood’s “Still Grindelwald,” he penned, “No one knows when or where the Secret Hallow was founded. Even now, we remain unaware of all its members. However, it is indisputable that the Secret Hallow was established on behalf of Wentworth Grindelwald. Unsatisfied with Gellert Grindelwald’s legacy, Wentworth began earnest efforts to build his own influence.”

He emphasized, “More importantly, it is likely that Wentworth Grindelwald, at that moment, didn’t realize he would dominate the elite wizards of an era at Hogwarts. Wentworth didn’t anticipate it because he returned to Hufflepuff’s common room with a contented smile and prepared for a good night’s sleep!”

Unbeknownst to Wentworth, a future-shining organization was officially established in the prefect’s bathroom on the sixth floor of Hogwarts at that very moment. Joker, the leader of this organization, and the other founders were completely oblivious to its inception.

Upon finalizing the organization’s name and the members’ code names, Cedric and Green glanced apprehensively at Cassandra. Thankfully, despite Cassandra wearing a somewhat undecided expression, she spoke up:

“Actually, there are many things we need to discuss, but it’s really too late tonight, so let’s go to sleep for now!”

Upon hearing Cassandra’s words, Cedric and Green hastily rose to their feet, ready to leave.

However, Cassandra added another question before departing: “What are we going to do about Harry Potter?”

Cedric and Green were momentarily stunned by Cassandra’s query. They had almost forgotten their commitment to Snape earlier in the evening—to ensure Harry Potter’s safety.

More crucially, Snape had shared a startling revelation with them—that Voldemort was making a comeback.

Quickly recovering from the lapse, Green chimed in, “Simple! We’ll just invite him to join the Secret Hallow. As Harry Potter, he’s certainly worthy of an identity card from our Secret Hallow!”

Harboring some doubts, Cedric responded, “But how do we explain the existence of the Secret Hallow to him?”

At this juncture, Cassandra interjected, “We won’t explain. I have a plan to get him to join, but I need to observe him. Green, I’m afraid I have to disagree with what you said. Being Harry Potter doesn’t automatically qualify him for a Secret Hallow identity card. Our Secret Hallow is exclusively for the elite. Even if Harry Potter has fame, it doesn’t equate to power. At most, he’d be an extra.”

The future of this newly formed organization, although it will prosper, but for now, they are fumbling on their own feet. They are currently trying to think of a way to continue forward while recruiting which wizards or witches they deem worthy of being added to their ranks.

All of this was happening without Wentworth even knowing it the slightest as he was still dealing with the aftermath of Harry and Draco’s duel, all the while trying to make a plan for making use of Snape’s deal efficiently.


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Published On: January 21, 2024

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