Wentworth gently scratched the plow in the fruit bowl painting, causing it to transform into a green doorknob.

Turning the knob, the door to the Hogwarts kitchen opened.

As he stepped into the kitchen, Wentworth was immediately surrounded by House-elves eager to assist him.

“Sir, is there anything we can do for you? Would you like to have some dessert first? How about chocolate puffs!”

Accepting the offered chocolate puffs, Wentworth took a bite and exclaimed, “It tastes really delicious, thank you!”

Feeling content with his decision to come to Hogwarts and join Hufflepuff, Wentworth thought of how Ravenclaw was another option in his plan.

However, he realized he preferred the character of a cook compared to being an academic overachiever.

The House-elves were thrilled by Wentworth’s praise and danced happily around him.

Afterward, Wentworth took a note from his arms with some ingredients he needed for a dish.

The House-elves eagerly gathered around to read it while he leisurely enjoyed the chocolate puffs.

One of the house elves hesitated, explaining that some rare ingredients would require a trip to the Muggle world for purchase.

These items might be ready at noon the following day.

Wentworth was understanding and reassured them, “It’s alright. If some ingredients are hard to find, it’s okay if you can’t get them all. As long as you have most of them ready before lunch tomorrow, I’ll be grateful.”

Relieved by his understanding, the House-elves regained their enthusiasm and assured him they would prepare all the ingredients by noon the next day.

“Do you want to make several dishes with these ingredients? Leave the recipe to us; we will make it for you together and deliver the food by tomorrow’s lunch.”

But this time, Wentworth cruelly rejected the House-elf’s kindness and said, “No, I’ll cook this myself. Then, see you at noon tomorrow!”

Although the House-elves were a little disappointed that Wentworth refused their help, they still happily said goodbye to him.

Wentworth had just packed himself up the following day and walked out of the bedroom when he met Cedric, who had been waiting in the Hufflepuff common room.

“Hi, good morning Wentworth; let’s have breakfast together? I’ll show you around Hogwarts later.”

Wentworth readily agreed to Cedric’s invitation, and the two walked to the Hogwarts auditorium together.

“You know, when I wrote to my father last night to announce that he was safe, I told him that you were assigned to Hufflepuff, and this morning I received a letter from my father from Owl, and he was very happy about it and told me to take care of you.”

On the way to the auditorium, Cedric spoke to Wentworth with a smile.

“Really, Mr. Diggory is really a kind person.”

At this time, Wentworth remembered that he didn’t buy an owl, and Rosier didn’t remind him that it seemed he needed to buy a pet for himself at the right time. Wentworth thought.

After breakfast, Wentworth walked around Hogwarts Castle under the leadership of Cedric.

Cedric led Wentworth to look at the classrooms that will be used this semester, lest Wentworth be in a hurry to find the classrooms.

But when passing a small and windowless room, with only an oil lamp in front of the door, hanging all alone from the low ceiling.

Cedric suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Remember, under any circumstances, you shall not enter this room!”

Cedric’s mysterious appearance instantly aroused Wentworth’s curiosity.

You must know that one of the reasons why you insist on coming to Hogwarts is that you want to see the mystery of Hogwarts.

Seeing Cedric behave like this, Wentworth suppressed his inner excitement; he felt nervous.

He asked softly, curious, “Cedric, what’s in there? Is it something that Hogwarts uses to store black magic items?”

Cedric shook his head.

“Could it be that there are some magical creatures imprisoned here?” Wentworth pressed.

Cedric still shook his head.

Now Wentworth’s curiosity was piqued entirely.

“Or, are there any tragic accidents that happened here?”

This time, Cedric nodded very solemnly.

“How tragic?”

“Very Tragic!” Cedric replied with his eyes widened.

Wentworth didn’t expect that in addition to the Myrtle incident in the girls’ bathroom on the third floor, there were other rooms in Hogwarts where tragic things happened!

Looking back at the room, Wentworth only felt an inexplicable chill in his heart.

He could not help but ask, “What is that room used for?”

Cedric replied solemnly, “That’s Hogwarts Gatekeeper Filch’s room!”

Wentworth just stared, and Cedric blankly after he said that.

Seeing that Wentworth seemed to lack interest, Cedric couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you curious? What does Filch do?”

“I think I can guess.” Wentworth replied.

Soon, the morning was about to pass.

Just when Cedric was going to have dinner with Wentworth in the front hall, Wentworth grabbed Cedric.

“Cedric, thank you for your steak last night, and I also prepared a delicious meal for you at noon today!” Wentworth said excitedly.

After speaking, Wentworth dragged Cedric toward the Hufflepuff common room.

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Published On: August 22, 2023

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