Under Wentworth’s eager scrutiny and amidst the tense anticipation etched on Hermione and Ron’s faces, Harry and Draco poised themselves as if gearing up for a powerful clash.Under Wentworth’s eager scrutiny and amidst the tense anticipation etched on Hermione and Ron’s faces, Harry and Draco poised themselves as if gearing up for a powerful clash.

However, just as the duo unleashed their spells with full force, the Room of Requirement’s door swung open from the outside.

“Levioso!” Draco chanted after he pointed the wand at Harry with a flick of his wrist.

“Stupefy!” Harry stepped a bit forward and then chanted his.

Simultaneously, Ron and Hermione exclaimed, “Professor Snape?!”

Startled by the sudden entrance, both Harry and Draco turned their attention toward the door, momentarily forgetting their ongoing duel.

Amidst the ensuing commotion, Harry and Draco were forcibly separated in mid-air, with Harry suspended upside down, and Draco crashing to the ground with a muffled thud.

Observing the scene, Wentworth shook his head in a resigned manner, then shifted his attention to Professor Snape. He greeted Snape with a sycophantic smile, “Professor Snape, what a coincidence!”

Snape, however, brushed off Wentworth’s greeting, immediately directing his attention to Harry, who dangled upside down in mid-air. Gritting his teeth, Snape uttered sharply, “Wentworth, I don’t want to ask, but you must have taught Draco this spell, right?”

Wentworth chuckled, strolling leisurely to Snape’s side, and whispered softly, “Professor Snape, you are mistaken. In reality, it was taught to Harry by a wizard known as the Half-Blood Prince.”

Snape was momentarily stunned, but Wentworth leaned in, maintaining a hushed tone that only the two could hear, “I had a dream last night. In that dream, a wizard who identified himself as the Half-Blood Prince claimed I took his notes and demanded payment. Observing the treatment he received back then, that kid is Harry.”

“And coincidentally, Professor Snape, the wizard who calls himself the Half-Blood Prince, bears a resemblance to you.”

After a brief silence, Snape met Wentworth’s gaze and spoke profoundly, “So, he must have harbored an intense hatred for that child?”

Wentworth shook his head and replied, “No, Professor Snape, you’re mistaken. In truth, he deeply cares for that child. After all, that child possesses the eyes of his dearest—one who is fond of Slytherin’s paper airplane, as it only flies to its beloved, doesn’t it?”

Wentworth’s words seemed to plunge Snape into a whirlwind of memories, leaving Hermione and Ron, who watched from a distance, utterly bewildered.

Witnessing the scene unfold, Ron couldn’t help but whisper in amazement, “My God, just who is Senior Wentworth truly? He even gets Professor Snape into such a state…”

Before Ron could complete his sentence, he noticed Hermione gazing at Wentworth with admiration. This prompted Ron to purse his lips, deciding to withhold his words.

Snape, now fully aware, stepped into the Room of Requirement. He began by affectionately patting Ron and Hermione on their heads before wielding his wand to point at Harry suspended in the air and Draco on the ground.

He uttered the incantations:

“Descendo!” With this casted, Harry fell to the ground head first. He tried to pull his back up and rotate his body in a weird way while panicking, which almost led him to break his glass with his own body weight.

“Finite Incantatem!” Snape casted toward Draco. After the spell reached Draco, his fingers started to show signs of movement.

As Draco gradually regained consciousness and Harry stood up with Ron’s assistance, Snape promptly declared, “Everyone, deduct 30 points each!”

Ron, unable to contain his outrage, exclaimed, “Thirty points?! That’s too much!”

Snape shot Ron a disdainful glance and retorted, “Breaching the school’s curfew and engaging in wizard duels in private. Consider yourselves fortunate that Hogwarts presently refrains from using confinement as a punishment!”

Hermione attempted to offer an explanation, “Professor Snape, it’s just Harry and Draco who were dueling. We weren’t involved…”

However, Snape silenced Hermione with a cold stare before waving his hand dismissively and delivering a cutting remark, “If you don’t return to your dormitory this instant, make that fifty points each!”

Upon hearing Snape’s uncompromising words, everyone fell into a disheartened silence and reluctantly trudged out. Even Wentworth could be seen with a panic on his face as he tried to exit the room.

He doesn’t want all the hard work he’s been putting in to go to waste, “Both of you will get proper disciplining from me later on; you better be ready because you’ve cost Hufflepuff thirty points!” Wentworth exclaimed furiously while slapping the back of Harry and Draco’s head.

At that moment, Snape motioned for Wentworth to stay behind. “Everyone except Wentworth may leave.”

Harry and Draco exchanged worried glances as Wentworth reassured them with a smile, signaling that they needn’t fret.

Soon, everyone, except Wentworth, exited the Room of Requirement. Even from within the confines of the room, they could hear Hermione’s indignant voice echoing down the corridor, “Thirty points each! That’s ninety points from Gryffindor! Professor McGonagall is going to be furious!”

The door to the Room of Requirement abruptly swung shut with a snap, cutting off the sounds from the corridor.

Wentworth turned to Snape, finding the Professor scrutinizing him closely. Undeterred, Wentworth grinned and remarked, “Professor Snape, leaving me behind—does that mean you’re considering putting me in confinement?”

Snape met Wentworth’s gaze, “How much do you know?” He asked with a chilling voice.

A smile played on Wentworth’s lips as he continued, “I know more than you think. Don’t forget, Professor Trelawney once acknowledged my talent as a prophet.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s response, Snape retorted angrily, “The bloodline talent of the Grindelwald family?!”

Wentworth’s smile widened. “You sure know who I am, Professor Snape.”

“I know far more than you think I know,” replied Snape. There was a prolonged silence before Snape pressed on, “How far have you seen into the future? What will happen to Harry by then?”

Wentworth spread his hands and said, “Professor Snape, you think highly of me. No one can fully see the distant future, and neither can I!” Wentworth refrained from revealing that Harry’s future involved both sons and daughters, a detail he kept to himself.

However, noticing Snape’s contemplation, Wentworth added, “Nevertheless, in the near future, Harry will encounter a crisis!”

Still maintaining his stoic expression, Snape couldn’t help but be intrigued. “You’re friends. You were the one who picked Harry up at Hogwarts. You wouldn’t let him be in danger, would you?”

Wentworth slowly shook his head and clarified, “I believe you are mistaken, Professor. I met with Harry simply because Professor Dumbledore asked me to pick him up from the Dursleys and deliver him to Hogwarts. We’ve only met a few times, and besides, he is a few years younger than me; I can’t consider him as a friend right now.”

As the tension between them escalated, Snape, having lost patience, dropped the pretense and said directly, “Professor Dumbledore still tasked you to look after Harry, right? Tell me what your plan is for keeping him safe…” His voice lingered in the room for a moment before he continued. “Tell me what do you want, Wentworth Grindelwald? I believe every single action taken by you is always calculated and brings benefits for you.”

Wentworth smiled and replied, “Before we go any further, let me say this. I want to make a deal with you, Professor!”

Hearing his reply, Snape almost lost his calm.


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Published On: January 20, 2024

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