A slender, brilliant tongue of flame erupted under the guidance of Snape’s wand, which was directed towards the point where their hands clasped, resembling a red-hot metal wire winding around the intertwined hands of Cedric and Cassandra.

Cassandra spoke with conviction, “Cedric, you will always charge ahead in the direction pointed by Wentworth’s wand, slashing through thorns on his behalf, and persist in your path!”

Cedric nodded resolutely, affirming, “Yes, I will consistently lead in front of Wentworth’s wand, overcoming all obstacles on his behalf, and persisting in my path!”

Continuing the oath, Cassandra articulated, “You will prioritize Wentworth’s life over your own and strive to uphold his pride and glory!”

Cedric echoed with determination, “Yes, I will prioritize Wentworth’s life over my own and do my utmost to uphold his pride and glory!”

With the conclusion of the mutual oath, a visible mark appeared briefly on the skin of both participants, gradually fading away. Subsequently, after Cassandra and Cedric’s oath, Cassandra and Green proceeded to make their unbreakable vow.

However, the tone took an unexpected turn when it was Green’s turn to pose questions to Cassandra.

“Cassandra, you will be the woman standing behind Wentworth, alleviating all his concerns for him!”

Cassandra hesitated momentarily and responded, “Yes, I will…” She said her vow with a confused expression.

Undeterred, Green pressed on, “Cassandra, you will exert your utmost efforts to ensure the perpetuation of Grindelwald’s glory, the heritage of pride, and the unbroken bloodline!”

Confused and stammered, Cassandra said, “Yes, I will!”

After a few seconds of contemplating what she just said, Cassandra shakes her head and puts her heart into it by imagining the future where she stands beside Wentworth.

Even Snape, standing by, regarded Green with an odd expression while Cassandra clenched her teeth, completing the ceremonial act.

Once the Unbreakable Vow was firmly established, Cassandra swiftly withdrew her wand, while Green promptly positioned himself behind Cedric.

With gritted teeth, Cassandra pointed towards Green behind Cedric. She admonished, “If I hadn’t been explicit about the consequences of interrupting the ceremony, I would have… absolutely… you’d have to come out for me! Why did you alter my oath?”

Green retorted reluctantly, “Your oath wasn’t as comprehensive as I anticipated. I’ve considered everything for Wentworth’s good by adding those parts! By the way, I propose adding a clause for future oaths within the organization: ‘Never harm the other members among us!'”

Meanwhile, Snape, having taken a brief respite, interjected, “I’ve fulfilled my promise, and you must uphold your end of the bargain!”

Hearing Snape’s words, Cassandra hastily inquired, “Professor Snape, I assumed you would also have us make an Unbreakable Vow!”

Snape remained silent for a moment before replying, “No.” He replied shortly, “By the way, what is the name of your organization?” He continued.

Cassandra, Green, and Cedric were caught off guard by the question. Not because they don’t want to answer it, but it’s because they haven’t thought about the name of the organization itself.

The three of them could only stare at each other while trying to form a name on the spot, “It’s uhh… umm… Wentworth and…”

Observing the bewildered trio, Snape couldn’t help but scowl and muttered, “Clearly you are not ready for this! Seeing you act like this is making my head hurt!” Before they could react, Snape briskly departed.

The trio remaining in place exchanged glances, and Green sighed, remarking, “Looks like we still have a lot to discuss tonight.”

Exiting the prefect’s bathroom on the sixth floor of Hogwarts Castle, Snape hastily made his way to the Room of Requirement.

By this time, the duel between Harry and Draco was already underway. Right from the beginning, neither side showed any inclination for pleasantries. With Wentworth’s voice initiating the duel, they immediately launched into the standard disarming spell.

“Alright! Go for it, Harry!” Encouraging cheers from Ron echoed from behind, while Hermione displayed a visible sense of nervousness.

“Expelliarmus!” Draco casted first.

“Expelliarmus!” Harry followed by pointing his wand at Draco.

Perhaps spurred by Ron’s enthusiastic support, Wentworth, too, found himself excitedly observing the duel, wand at the ready to avert any potential mishaps.

As the two disarming spells collided in midair, a brief flame erupted and swiftly dissipated. Despite Wentworth’s internal struggle to remain seated, he couldn’t resist rolling his eyes. “Sigh… is this all they could offer? Couldn’t blame them. They are only first years after all.”

On the other side, Ron and Hermione retained tense expressions. Wentworth shook his head involuntarily, lamenting the fact that they hadn’t yet seen the true scope of the magical world.

Unbeknownst to Wentworth, he momentarily overlooked the caliber of wizards surrounding him. In the heat of the duel, Harry and Draco found their respective disarming spells nullified by the opposing incantations.

Both wizards deftly adjusted the trajectory of their spells, hoping to land a successful hit while skillfully evading their opponent’s counterattacks.

However, the two combatants were utilizing disarming spells they had only just learned earlier that day. Deliberately manipulating angles to avoid each other’s incantations, they inadvertently exposed the limitations of their still-undeveloped spellcasting skills.

What began as a structured duel quickly devolved into a chaotic display of spells flying haphazardly through the air. Amidst the chaos, Wentworth, noticing an errant spell heading his way, swiftly gestured for Ron and Hermione to seek cover behind him.

Responding to Wentworth’s warning, Ron and Hermione dashed behind him, narrowly avoiding an unpredictable spell that had come from an unidentified source.

Once they had safely reached Wentworth’s side, Hermione promptly expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Senior Wentworth!”

In a nonchalant manner, Wentworth waved off their thanks and casually remarked, “It’s alright. With your talent and diligent efforts, I believe the Disarming Charm should be wielded with a bit more finesse, don’t you think?”

Hermione immediately raised her head and said triumphantly, “It must be better than the two people on stage!”

After speaking, Hermione glanced at Ron beside him, which caused Ron to curl his lips.

Hearing Hermione’s words, Wentworth shook his head amusingly while looking at the two people on the stage, stood up, blocked Ron and Hermione behind him, and greeted Harry and Draco angrily. Speaking of, “You two, either speed up or come up with something new. Otherwise, do it again tomorrow or at other times! It’s hard for me to get a good night’s rest these days, and I don’t want to watch you two rookies peck at each other here till morning comes!”

Hearing Wentworth’s words, Harry and Draco looked at each other on the field, and Draco said, “Harry, I have to warn you to be careful on this one! Wentworth taught me personally about this spell. It’s not something we can learn at Hogwarts!”

Harry looked at Draco with a serious expression, replying to his taunt from earlier, not wanting to lose the taunting game, “Draco, you have to be careful too. This spell I’m about to cast was taught to me by Professor Quirrell!”

Wentworth, who was beside them, had his eyes widened upon hearing Harry say that Professor Quirell had taught him something. Considering that the one behind Professor Quirell is the one responsible for Harry’s predicament.

“It’s getting interesting now!” Wentworth mumbled softly.


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Published On: January 17, 2024

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