Faced with Wentworth’s question, Harry and Draco exchanged glances, both nodding in agreement.

However, Ron stood up and addressed Wentworth, saying, “It’s not fair; you instructed Draco. I think you would definitely side with him on this duel…”

Before Ron could finish his sentence, Hermione gently tugged at the corner of Ron’s shirt from behind and softly uttered, “Ron…”

Ignoring Ron’s incomplete statement, Wentworth casually addressed him, “Mr. Ron Weasley, in fact, I don’t care who wins or loses in the duel between Harry and Draco. It’s just a spice to me. If you think you can come and rescue them when they can’t control their spells or when danger is imminent, you can also sit in this position.”

Ron blushed and quickly shook his head. Wentworth then turned his attention back to Harry and Draco, saying, “Okay, you two can start. Don’t make it too boring. I hope the two of you have a lot to show me or I’ll personally cast harmful spells to all of you inside this room.”

The four freshmen found their hearts dropped upon hearing Wentworth saying such things. Ron started to sweat profusely after he heard what Wentworth just said.

Hermione instead glanced at Wentworth with a furious look.

Ignoring Hermione’s stare, Wentworth said, “Both of you know the consequences now. Next time, don’t utter the word duel easily out of your mouth. You should know the consequences of dueling before you get to it.”

As the duel between Harry and Draco was about to begin, Snape, alone in his office, continued to replay the events of the day in his mind.

The image of Professor Quirrell swiftly putting away his wand when Snape broke open the door haunted him. Additionally, a pair of eyes lingered in Snape’s memory, seemingly begging him to protect the owner of those eyes—his son.

Observing the time, Snape grew increasingly concerned about his son. He knew that the duel between Harry and Draco was scheduled for tonight, and the dead of night at Hogwarts often marked the commencement of certain activities.

Worry for his son overcoming any hesitation, Snape promptly stood up and walked out of his office. Considering the likely location of the duel, Snape thought of Wentworth’s involvement and immediately considered the Room of Requirement in the Hogwarts castle.

As Snape ascended the Hogwarts stairs and reached the sixth floor, he heard voices discussing something in the empty corridor.

Perplexed, Snape wondered if he had misjudged the situation. Hesitant but determined, he followed the sound until he reached the prefect’s bathroom on the sixth floor. The voices were indeed coming from inside.

However, the speaker was not Harry but a female voice. Snape immediately recognized it as Cassandra, a student from his own house. Intrigued by their conversation, Snape resisted the urge to barge in immediately.

“What does the will of Gellert Grindelwald have to do with me?” Cassandra’s words echoed in the corridor, leaving Snape contemplating whether to intervene and discover more about his students’ plans.

Snape came to an abrupt stop, lingering in the doorway to eavesdrop further. Two male voices in the room exclaimed, prompting Cassandra to glance at Cedric and Green with a furrowed brow.

“Lower your voices. Do you want to attract the attention of Filch?” she admonished them.

Quickly, Green interjected, “Cassandra, you called us here tonight just to give us a history lesson?”

Cedric, wearing a doubtful expression, added, “You told me tonight was for discussing the establishment of an organization to help Wentworth realize his ideals. I know this is a piece of important information for us as members of the Alliance, but is it really necessary for you to explain it to us in such detail?”

Cassandra affirmed, “Yes, but it’s not about inheriting Gellert Grindelwald’s will. I acknowledge his past glory, but what does that have to do with me? I’m focused on building a brighter future.”

Green pondered, “So, your chosen figure is Wentworth Grindelwald?”

Cassandra nodded emphatically. She clarified, “As I mentioned earlier, I want to create a completely new organization at Hogwarts, one that aligns with Wentworth’s vision. There are numerous paths to follow, and I’ve chosen to align with Wentworth’s.”

Upon hearing Cassandra’s explanation, Cedric and Green fell into a contemplative silence.

After a pause, Cedric spoke, “Cassandra, it’s your choice, and no one can dictate it for you. But how can you be certain that we’ll follow the same path as you? What if we decline? We’re not Slytherins, not driven by such grand ambitions.”

Upon hearing Cedric’s response, Cassandra sneered and locked eyes with him, delivering her words deliberately, “Cedric, do you still believe you have a choice? You are now a member of the Alliance, and there’s no turning back for you.”

Cedric, initially taken aback, eventually wore a wry smile in response.

At that moment, Green placed a comforting hand on Cedric’s shoulder and reassured him, “Cedric, you’re a true Hufflepuff, just like me and Wentworth. Regardless of Alliance and Gellert Grindelwald’s history, one undeniable fact is their reliance on violent means. I’m sure you don’t want Wentworth to end up like his grandfather.”

“So, we need to stand by Wentworth’s side, reminding him continually that we pursue what we believe in, stay true to our nature, embrace love, and above all, we are Hufflepuffs!”

Upon hearing Green’s words, Cedric beamed with a bright smile and nodded emphatically. “Yes, that’s right, Senior Green! That’s why you are the best Prefect in Hogwarts after all!” He hugged Green as he finished his sentence.

“Although the Alliance was created with the purpose of letting the wizards to reach new heights without having to conceal themselves from the Muggles, but they were using wrong methods to achieve their goals. Hopefully, with Wentworth having our support this time around, we will be able to bring a better future for both the wizard and the Muggles without having to harm the one or another!” Cedric continued confidently.

“Hopefully?” Green interrupted, “No, Cedric. It’s going to be realized hundred percent! With us supporting him from the back, there is no way Wentworth will bring us a disappointing result as a Leader of the Alliance!”

On the other hand, Cassandra regarded Green with a peculiar expression and remarked, “Why do I feel like you’re more enthusiastic about this than I am?”

Green’s face lit up with excitement as he exclaimed, “Shouldn’t you be happy about it? This is for the greater good, after all!”

Cassandra shook her head. Despite their interconnected destinies due to Wentworth, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was somewhat out of sync with her fellow Alliance members who reside in Hufflepuffs.

Disregarding Green’s enthusiasm, Cassandra turned her attention back to Cedric. She declared, “Now that we’ve decided, the three of us are the original founders of the organization, but Wentworth will always be its leader! We’ll remain loyal to Wentworth’s will and safeguard the organization’s secrets.”

“If others choose to join us later, they’ll only be aware of a leader above us. However, we won’t disclose Wentworth’s identity until the time is right.”

“Cedric, if you choose to join, let’s begin with the two of us. We’ll forge an unbreakable vow together!” She finished with a determined look in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Snape, who was listening to all this from outside, could only stay silent while feeling confused about what to do with this information.

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Published On: January 15, 2024

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