Draco admired Wentworth, exclaiming, “Wentworth, how come I’ve never heard of this spell?”

Without even paying attention to what Draco just said, Wentworth responded, “Next, let’s learn this magical spell! Although removing the opponent’s weapon is generally considered a victory in a duel, this method is somewhat contentious. After all, many wizards view casting spells without a wand as unconventional.”

“However, if this spell strikes the opponent, they have no choice but to surrender while hanging upside down in mid-air!”

Draco’s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm, declaring, “I want to learn! I want to learn!”

Observing Draco’s excitement, Wentworth’s lips twitched slightly. It’s as if seeing a child trying to learn new tricks from their cool uncle is how Wentworth currently feels.

Wentworth hated what Mr. Potter had done to Professor Snape back then; hence, his thoughts are currently racing with these words, “Professor Snape, I didn’t take your notes for nothing. I’ll help you reclaim what Harry’s father did to you back then, even if it’s just paying back tuition! Harry, don’t blame me! After all, settling a father’s debt to his son is only fair, isn’t it?”

As the lights in Hogwarts Castle brightly illuminated the surroundings, Professor Snape finally rose from his chair and inquired, “Alright, it’s getting late. When is your duel scheduled?”

Harry was about to respond, but Hermione interjected before he could finish, stating, “Of course, practice first tonight. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after, we haven’t decided yet, Professor Snape!”

Although Hermione cut off Harry’s words in time, Snape’s frown persisted.

He fixed his gaze on Harry and said slowly, “I sincerely hope that Mr. Potter is not going to tell me that the duel is scheduled for tonight, and I also hope that the three of you have not forgotten the curfew time at Hogwarts!” Harry, Ron, and Hermione nodded in agreement.

Without further hesitation, Snape briskly exited Professor Quirrell’s office.

As they watched Professor Snape depart, Harry, Ron, and Hermione collectively released a sigh of relief.

“Sigh… I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest at any given time when Professor Snape was in this room,” Ron stated as he put his hand on his chest.

“As long as you are not a lazy student, I believe you don’t have to be afraid of Professor Snape!” Hermione replied.

Hearing Hermione’s words made Ron irritated. As Ron almost tried to argue with Hermione again, Harry stepped in, “Oh! Look at the time, guys! I think we had enough for the night.”

When Harry got their attention, he grabbed them both straight to the door.

Subsequently, they expressed their gratitude to Professor Quirrell, “Thank you for your teaching. Professor, good night!” and swiftly made their exit.

On the other hand, Professor Quirrell bid farewell to the trio with a cheerful smile. Once alone, he silently closed the door of his office, and the smile on his face gradually faded away.

In Professor Quirrell’s office, he stood alone, seemingly engaged in a private conversation, muttering to himself, “Master, why not reveal your presence to Snape? It could be advantageous. With Snape’s assistance, I believe we can…”

“Alright, Master. I comprehend. You need not worry.” He continued.

After this exchange, a prolonged silence enveloped the room.

Meanwhile, Draco and Wentworth emerged from the Room of Requirement. Brimming with confidence, Draco remarked, “I can’t wait to see Harry hanging from the roof tonight, screaming in horror! Haha!”

Wentworth swiftly rebuked Draco by delivering a slap to his head, stating, “I warn you, don’t take it too far! If you attract the attention of the professors, don’t you dare and go mentioning my name, got it?”

Draco, nursing his head with a hint of displeasure, replied with a pout, “Fine! I’m friends with Harry! I’m not trying to get back at him. I’m doing it for his own good, letting him know what kind of friends he should have!”

As they conversed, both Wentworth and Draco abruptly halted, noticing Professor Snape swiftly approaching.

“You two, what are you doing here?!” Snape inquired with a furrowed brow.

“We…uh…” Confronted by his head of the house, Draco immediately felt tense.

While Draco went to a sudden freeze upon encountering Snape, Wentworth still felt at ease as he smiled at Snape. Wentworth swiftly clarified the situation, “Professor Snape, Draco mentioned he’s new to Hogwarts and hasn’t explored much. He was concerned about getting lost, so I volunteered to show him around.”

Draco nodded in agreement, saying, “Exactly, Professor Snape.”

Casually waving his hand, Professor Snape remarked, “Very well, just don’t end up missing any meals.”

Relieved, Wentworth and Draco started to walk away, but Snape’s sudden call stopped them, “Hold on!”

Draco and Wentworth turned back. They saw Professor Snape with a frown on his face as he addressed to them, “Wentworth, are you tutoring Draco in spells? Is Draco preparing to duel Harry under your guidance?”

In that brief moment they passed by, Snape seemed to have a realization.

Hermione had earlier mentioned that the other party was receiving special training from Wentworth for the upcoming duel.

Seeing Draco and Wentworth walking together, Snape couldn’t help but put the pieces together.

When Draco heard Snape’s inquiry, his entire body stiffened.

Thankfully, Wentworth stepped in and responded, “Certainly not, Professor Snape! Draco and Harry are good friends! Before the school year began, Draco was at my house, and we celebrated his birthday with Harry. If you doubt it, you can ask Hagrid!”

Draco nodded vigorously in agreement.

However, Snape wasn’t easily fooled by Wentworth’s explanation. Rolling his eyes, he walked away without acknowledging their presence. “Fine, whatever you say. Just remember not to get lost at night! Soon, it’s past your curfew,” Snape said as he walked to the distance.

As Snape departed, Draco felt his strength drain away.

Draco might have crumpled to the ground if Wentworth hadn’t been quick-witted enough to support him.

Examining Draco’s progress with a hint of anger, Wentworth remarked, “Did you actually go ahead and blabber it to everyone? You need to be more careful with your plans in the future, Draco!”

Feeling down at Wentworth’s scolding, Draco tried to deny his accusation, “Wait, I didn’t tell anyone else about our duel! I swear on Merlin’s beard! “Draco said before taking a deep breath, “Wentworth, how do you think Professor Snape found out?” He continued.

Wentworth shrugged, replying, “Since you didn’t reveal anything, it must be from Harry’s side! Notice the direction Snape went? That way leads only to one placeā€”the Headmaster’s office! You two might be in trouble! Prepare to pack your bags and head home!”

This dire prediction made Draco feel like he was about to faint, but Wentworth continued, “You are actually afraid? I was just joking! How many students have you seen expelled from Hogwarts? Besides, your father is on the school board. Are you truly afraid of being expelled?”

Waking up from his stupor, Draco exclaimed, “Yes! My dad is on the school board! What am I afraid of? It’s all your fault, Wentworth. If it weren’t for your constant preaching about strength being more crucial than blood, I wouldn’t have forgotten that my dad is on the school board! It’s your influence that led me to…”

Draco abruptly halted when he saw Wentworth slowl

y draw out his wand.

“Wentworth, you’re absolutely right!” exclaimed with a forced smile.

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Published On: January 13, 2024

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