Witnessing Snape generously taking a seat, the occupants of the room were left utterly astonished, none more so than Professor Quirrell, whose countenance shifted with every passing second.

In response to Snape’s unexpected gesture, Harry, Ron, and Hermione exchanged puzzled glances before collectively directing their attention to Professor Quirrell.

Observing this, Professor Quirrell let out a dry laugh, approached Snape, and uttered, “S… Professor Snape, do you not believe in me at all?”

Snape, unapologetically, glanced at Professor Quirrell and replied, “Yes.”

Snape’s response takes aback Professor Quirrell; he can only respond with silence, his expression revealing a hint of dissatisfaction.

Undeterred by his previous words, Snape continued and relentlessly assaulted Quirell more, “I initially proposed to Headmaster Dumbledore that I should be the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. However, Headmaster Dumbledore declined and insisted on selecting you. I’m curious to see what qualities Professor Quirrell possesses that appeal to Headmaster Dumbledore.”

Pausing for effect, Snape then fixed a penetrating gaze on Professor Quirrell and suggested slowly, “Alternatively, the two of us could provide the students with a demonstration first. What do you think?”

Professor Quirrell waved his hands emphatically at Snape’s proposal and responded with a dry smile, “No, no, Professor Snape. I admit that I’m no match for you. After all, I was merely a Professor of Muggle Studies before. I welcome any guidance you can offer!”

Upon hearing Professor Quirrell’s words, Snape diverted his gaze from Professor Quirrell’s eyes and declared, “Let’s begin! I recall that Professor Quirrell achieved excellent grades during his time at Ravenclaw. I hope you won’t disappoint me!”

In response, Professor Quirrell nodded with a sheepish smile, then turned to Harry and the others, inquiring, “Now, where were we?”

Hermione promptly raised her hand and answered, “Professor Quirrell just explained that in a wizard duel, the primary goal is to incapacitate the opponent. Consequently, wizards often opt for the simplest approach, such as the spell with the incantation of Avada Kedavra!”

Hearing Hermione’s response, Snape redirected his attention back to Professor Quirrell, who maintained a poker face.

“Ha ha!” Professor Quirrell chuckled dryly before continuing, “Yes, precisely. However, what I was discussing pertains to the method of dueling between wizards harboring irreconcilable hatred. If it’s a casual exchange between wizards, there exists a more suitable and convenient method—yet equally effective—known as the Disarming Spell!”

Subsequently, Professor Quirrell provided a detailed explanation of the Disarming Spell to Harry and the others, elucidating the methodology and key points of casting the spell.

As for Professor Snape, he sat silently, observing the proceedings with an inscrutable expression.

However, the formidable presence emanating from Professor Snape’s watchful eyes had a profound impact. Sensing Snape’s scrutiny, the three students adopted a more earnest demeanor than their usual classroom comportment, attentively absorbing Professor Quirrell’s guidance.

As the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts, Professor Quirrell possessed an ample supply of magical resources within his office for spell practice. Thus, he introduced and demonstrated various techniques to the three students.

Undoubtedly, as a former exemplary Ravenclaw student, Professor Quirrell showcased a formidable mastery of spells.

Soon, under his detailed explanations and demonstrations, Hermione proved to be a quick learner, becoming the first to cast the Disarming Spell successfully.

Although Professor Snape refrained from commenting, his scrutinizing gaze, initially fixed on Harry, now divided its attention between Harry and Hermione.

Expressing surprise, Professor Quirrell exclaimed, “Oh! Good gracious! I’ve never witnessed someone learn this spell so swiftly!”

Observing Hermione poised to cast the Disarming Charm, Harry and Ron exchanged glances, sensing an escalation of pressure.

Fortunately, Harry, benefiting from his protagonist’s aura, quickly mastered the Disarming Spell.

His eyes lit up with joy, and he was on the verge of celebrating with Hermione when Professor Snape, who had been observing from the sidelines, suddenly snorted and remarked, “Planning to set off fireworks to celebrate? Is that what you call a Disarming Spell? With such a sluggish casting speed, anyone with sight could easily dodge it!”

Snape’s critical words abruptly chilled the previously warm atmosphere. Harry and Hermione exchanged glances, silently resuming their practice, while beads of sweat became visible on Ron’s forehead.

Shifting his attention to Professor Quirrell, Snape inquired, “Professor Quirrell, do you rely solely on the Disarming Spell during a duel? Don’t you use any other spells?”

Caught off guard by Snape’s unexpected question, Professor Quirrell hesitated for a moment before responding with a smile, “Of course not. I use various spells, and the Disarming Spell is often combined with others, such as Stunning Spell, and…”

However, Professor Quirrell found himself cut off by Professor Snape before he could finish his response.

Snape gestured towards Harry and the others who were practicing and remarked, “Well then, Professor Quirrell, the Stunning Spel is indeed a commendable choice! For typical Hogwarts students, mastering a spell a day is considered adequate, but for the renowned Mr. Potter, managing two Spells daily shouldn’t pose much of a challenge, right?”

Professor Snape’s words left Professor Quirrell perplexed.

As he hesitated on whether to suggest a break for Harry and the others, Snape didn’t afford Professor Quirrell the opportunity. Instead, he pressed on bluntly, “Hurry up, Professor Quirrell. I’d rather not have it known that a second-year student defeated students instructed by our Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts professor!”

“If that’s the case,” Snape continued, “I believe it’s time to advise Headmaster Dumbledore that we may need a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts for the students’ sake.”

Resigned, Professor Quirrell nodded with a wry smile. “What an exquisite joke, Professor Snape!”

Meanwhile, in the Hogwarts Room of Requirement, Wentworth faced a practice dummy, brandished his wand, and exclaimed, “Levioso!” The dummy promptly soared upside down into the air, eventually suspending itself from the ceiling.

Witnessing this display, Draco stood beside Wentworth with wide-open eyes and marveled, “Woah, that’s awesome! Can you show me how it’s done?”

Wentworth with his wand in hand, gestured toward the dummy hanging upside down and addressed Draco, who still remains in awe as he watched the dummy hanging upside down in the air, “This spell is called Levioso, and you’ve just witnessed its effect! The Disarming Spell will yield a similar outcome in no time, as long as you can master it. It’s the key to your remarkable victory!”

After hearing Wentworth’s explanation, Draco’s heart is again burning with the fiery spirit of learning. Unconsciously after teaching Draco for quite some time, Wentworth found himself smiling at how eager Draco was to learn from him.

The proud Slytherin prince is nowhere to be seen. He is now a fully pledged Hogwarts student who wants to hone his skill every single day by practicing to reach a new height.

Not knowing the outcome of this result, one day the Alliance might have a formidable member joining in hailing from the Malfoy family.

With each action Wentworth takes, more irregularities pop up in this timeline. The more satisfaction it will yield him once he can finally see the results of how almost every single person that he ever met will join the Alliance.

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Published On: January 13, 2024

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