Lucius was clearly caught off guard by Wentworth’s direct confrontation, leaving him momentarily stunned. As he prepared to agree, Wentworth continued, introducing a new topic to the conversation, “Before you answer, consider this: If the Malfoys truly pledge allegiance to the Alliance, what will you do if Voldemort returns?”

Lucius, who was shocked by the question, muttered to himself, “Impossible, impossible! Voldemort is dead!” He said with a furious expression while he stared at the ground.

Wentworth approached Lucius, who was pacing around, locking eyes with him, before leaning in and whispering softly, “What if he didn’t die?”

Without waiting for Lucius to respond, Wentworth walked past him and Narcissa, heading toward the Hogwarts Express. The gift box that Lucius held went unnoticed by Wentworth.

Even as Wentworth boarded the Hogwarts Express, Lucius remained frozen in place, unresponsive. This prompted an anxious inquiry from Narcissa, “Lucius, what are you doing? You’ve made a decision; don’t hesitate any longer. The Alliance is clearly aware of our history. Don’t you think this is a test itself that Grindelwald has prepared for us?” She asked while putting her hands on Lucius’s shoulder, trying to comfort him.

Faced with Narcissa’s questioning, Lucius wore a fearful expression and uttered, “He’s back? Or is he coming back soon?”

Narcissa furrowed her brow in confusion and questioned, “Who are you saying is back? What are you talking about?” She carefully asked after stopping caressing Lucius’s back.

Lucius replied with a trembling lips, “Voldemort, he’s back!” He replied firmly.

Clearly surprised by Lucius’ statement, Narcissa’s eyes widened in disbelief, and she exclaimed, “No, it’s impossible, Lucius. You must be overthinking. This is clearly a test from the Alliance. You are blowing this out of proportion, calm yourself!”

Lucius shook his head firmly and stated, “No, I saw Wentworth’s expression. He was very certain about something from the way he talked to me… there is no way this is simply a test that could be orchestrated by a boy who’s not even half my age!”

Narcissa, upon hearing her husband’s words, involuntarily covered her mouth and took a couple of steps back, her face reflecting sheer horror. “B—but… dear, don’t you forget about one thing… That boy still carries the Grindelwald’s name…”

Hearing Narcissa’s words made snapped Lucius back from the confusion he was in as he stared at her affectionately before hugging her tight while whispering, “Don’t you worry about it the slightest, we’ll made it through this storm…” He said while caressing her head as his hugs tightened.

Meanwhile, on the Hogwarts Express, as Wentworth boarded, he heard his name being called. Turning around, he saw Green waving his arms and Cedric with half his head sticking out of the compartment.

“Wentworth! Over here!” Cedric called while waving his hand.

With a smile, Wentworth walked towards Green and the others without hesitation.

As for Harry and Draco? They were left alone for themselves to go and get themselves oriented with the Hogwarts entry experience. Wentworth had fulfilled Dumbledore’s mission, and he felt it was time to move on with the unfolding events without his direct involvement.

Green couldn’t contain his curiosity upon their reunion and promptly inquired, “What have you been doing this holiday? Why do the letters addressed to you often go undelivered by owls?”

Wentworth shakes his head and replies, “I was only doing two things this holiday: Raising some creatures and watching over children.” He said after sighing.

Green and Cedric, who don’t know anything about it, exchanged puzzled glances.

As Wentworth and Green entered the compartment behind them, they were surprised to find Cassandra sitting quietly inside, engrossed in reading a book.

Wentworth glanced at Cedric, who seemed to suggest that Cassandra had entered of her own accord, and they couldn’t exactly ask her to leave.

Without missing a beat, Wentworth put on a sunny smile, waved to Cassandra, and greeted, “Long time no see, Cassandra.”

Upon seeing them, Cassandra closed her book and smiled, “Long time no see, Lord Grindelwald.”

Wentworth could only sigh in response, “Yes, yes… whatever you say, Milady.” He replied.

Meanwhile, in another compartment, Malfoy recounts to Harry about the tales of Hogwarts, leaving Harry in shock.

“Is the sorting ceremony really that scary?” Harry asked with a frightened expression while gulping.

Draco nodded resolutely, the seriousness on his face was visible as he affirmed, “Yes, this is my father’s personal experience!”

Just as the conversation continued, the door to their compartment swung open, revealing a red-haired boy on the other side. Politely, he inquired, “I’m sorry, can I sit here? The other compartments are full.”

As Draco began to frown, contemplating a refusal, Harry hastily packed his belongings and welcomed, “Of course you can. Please take a seat!”

Observing this exchange, Draco expressed some displeasure, interjecting, “If you want to join this compartment, you have to prove that you’re qualified to sit with us!”

Perplexed, the red-haired boy queried, “What qualifications?”

With a smug smile, Draco explained, “Either you possess an inheritance that other wizards lack, or you wield a strength that surpasses your peers!”

Glancing at the red-haired boy’s worn-out clothes, Draco couldn’t conceal a trace of mockery as he added, “Unfortunately, I don’t believe you possess either of these.”

However, Harry intervened, “Don’t do this, Draco. We are all classmates!” He said while grabbing Draco’s hand.

While speaking, Harry stretched out his hand to the red-haired boy and said, “Hi, my name is Harry Potter!”

Upon hearing Harry’s introduction, the boy was visibly shocked. He entered the compartment almost subconsciously, extended his hand to Harry, and exclaimed in disbelief, “My God! Are you Harry Potter?! Hi, my name is Ron, Ron Weasley!”

Draco, who initially stood up to make room for Ron, sat back down awkwardly after hearing Ron’s self-introduction. He muttered dissatisfiedly, “Seeing your hair, I should have thought long ago, the shame of pure blood, the Weasleys!” He said while pouting his lips.

Having said that, it was evident that the Weasley family, being part of the 28th Sacred Family in the United Kingdom, barely met Draco’s requirements. However, the Weasleys never acknowledged their connection to the 28th Sacred Family.

Draco’s words angered Ron; he was about to stand up and confront him when Harry, who was sitting beside Ron, grabbed his arm and forcefully tried to reconcile them both.

Harry quickly intervened, “Let me introduce him to you, this is Draco, Draco Malfoy!” Harry said with a smile.

Draco and Weasley exchanged glances, both saying simultaneously, “Whatever!”

Observing their interactions, Harry couldn’t help but chuckle. Having endured ten years of darkness at his aunt’s house, Harry found the scene before him quite amusing.

“By the way, Harry, can you show me the scar on your head?” Ron asked with an enthusiastic look.

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Published On: January 6, 2024

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