Draco Malfoy eagerly trotted over to Wentworth, his excitement evident as he exclaimed, “Wentworth, are you here for your new Hogwarts term supplies? I’m going to Hogwarts this year too! We’ll be seeing each other more often!”

Simultaneously, Draco shot a sidelong glance at Harry Potter and Hagrid, expressing some uncertainty, “And these two… your friends?” He asked while scanning them from top to bottom.

Draco’s confusion was understandable; with his tall suit, Wentworth presented a stark contrast to the ragged appearance of Hagrid, and Harry, wearing ill-fitting, worn-out clothes, didn’t seem to belong to the same world as Wentworth.

Responding to Draco’s inquiry with a smile, Wentworth introduced them, “Allow me to introduce you. This is Hagrid, Hogwarts’ key keeper and gamekeeper.”

“Hello,” Hagrid greeted casually, his demeanor reflecting a lack of concern.

Wentworth then gestured toward Harry and continued, “And standing next to me, much like yourself, is a fellow Hogwarts first-year. His name is Harry Potter.”

Draco’s eyes widened in disbelief as he exclaimed, “Merlin’s beard! It’s the actual Harry Potter?! I mean, I never thought the rumors were true, that Harry Potter himself is joining Hogwarts this year!”

After his introduction, Draco Malfoy quickly extended his hand towards Harry Potter, initiating a handshake while proclaiming, “Nice to meet you, Harry! I’m Draco, from the noble Malfoy family. You know, Hogwarts is filled with all sorts of wizards, and we’re naturally destined to excel beyond some of them. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to make friends with just anyone, right? Let me help you with that!”

Harry reluctantly looked at Draco’s gesture for a while before Draco dragged his hand back in while forcing a smile, trying to still look friendly in front of them.

Meanwhile, Wentworth sported a peculiar smile, observing the scene with keen interest. He stood silently, lightly nibbling on his fingers, seemingly entertained. Wentworth might have indulged himself with a bucket if there were popcorn around.

Leaning in close, Hagrid whispered into Wentworth’s ear, “Wentworth, is this really a good idea? I always feel like this Draco kid might bring trouble to Harry.”

Without turning around, Wentworth responded, “Hagrid, we don’t have the right to choose friends for others. Everyone has the right to make their own choices, as long as they are willing to face the consequences.”

Meanwhile, Harry hesitated as he gazed at Malfoy’s outstretched hand, seemingly perplexed. This marked the first time someone had expressed a desire to be friends with him.

Subconsciously, Harry glanced at Wentworth. Perhaps because Wentworth had liberated him from his cage-like home, Harry felt an unspoken sense of reliance on him.

Observing Harry’s appeal for assistance, Wentworth swiftly raised his head, feigning sudden interest in the sky above Diagon Alley as if he had spontaneously decided on his own distraction.

Seizing the opportunity, Draco chimed in once more, “Harry, don’t be fooled by Wentworth’s expression. We’re friends too! We even watched the Quidditch World Cup final together, and this Golden Snitch was a gift from Wentworth!”

As Draco spoke, he revealed the Golden Snitch Wentworth had given him, holding it up for Harry Potter to see.

Draco’s action took aback Wentworth. Draco, who was known for being selfish and full of himself, is willing to give one of his prized possessions to someone he just met? Harry Potter, on top of that!

Upon witnessing this sign of goodwill, Harry abandoned his hesitation and reached for Draco’s hand and shook it while grinning widely toward Draco, “Hi Draco, I’m Harry, Harry Potter. It’s a pleasure to be your friend.”

Observing the unfolding scene, Wentworth experienced a sense of satisfaction, realizing that he was actively shaping the future before him. The urge to celebrate with a glass of butterbeer overcame him.

In the midst of the camaraderie, Draco embraced Harry and excitedly addressed Wentworth, “Wentworth, seeing Harry walking with you, I’m sure I’ve found the answer to the question we discussed last year!”

Wentworth responded with a perplexed expression, “Question? What Question are you referring to, Draco? My memory is a bit hazy since the last time we met.”

Draco confidently explained, “Of course, it’s about blood and strength— which is more crucial! My answer is that both are important! Therefore, the friends we seek should possess at least a bit of both. Ideally, someone like Harry, the best among pure-blood wizards, making him our best friend!” He finished proudly while puffing his chest.

Wentworth, who was overwhelmed with Draco’s answer, could only cover his forehead in mild exasperation before replying, “Think whatever you want, as long as it makes you happy.”

In response, Draco grinned and added, “I get it, Wentworth. Now that Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, some things are better left unsaid within the school premises!”

With a rebellious glance at Hagrid beside Wentworth, Draco subtly acknowledged the need for discretion.

Turning his attention to Harry, Draco said, “Harry, have you purchased everything for the upcoming semester? I’ve got the rest covered for you! Consider it a gift for our newfound friendship.”

Harry shook his head appreciatively and replied, “I haven’t bought everything yet, but there’s no need to trouble Draco. I have the money for it!”

Hearing Harry’s response, Draco eagerly took Harry Potter’s hand and led him in the direction of Ollivander’s wand shop, saying, “In that case, we must get a wand first! You know, the first thing I bought in Diagon Alley was a wand. You have no idea—I’ve been anticipating owning my wand for years!”

Observing the excitement on their faces, Wentworth and Hagrid exchanged glances and shrugged.

Hagrid asked Wentworth, “I still have some errands to run. How about you accompany them to buy a wand first?” He said as he turned his body around, going somewhere else.

Wentworth quickly nodded in agreement. “Yeah, sure! Go ahead and finish your business. I can take care of them!” He said while giving Hagrid a thumbs up.

After a short while, the trio arrived at Ollivander’s wand shop in Diagon Alley. Draco confidently opened the door and called out, “Is anyone here? Bring out the finest wand for my good friend Harry Potter! Put the bill on my tab under the name of the Malfoy family!”

Wentworth couldn’t help but cover his face once again, subconsciously stepping away from Draco. Somehow, Wentworth feels the secondhand embarrassment from the way Draco acts.

At that moment, Ollivander, coincidentally stepping out upon hearing the door, overheard Draco’s proclamation.

Ollivander was surprised to see Harry. He was visibly surprised before he calmed himself down and then addressed them, “I’ve been wondering when I’d see you, Mr. Potter.”

Ollivander then looked at Draco and reminded him, “Mr. Malfoy, do I need to remind you that the wand chooses their own wizards? It’s never the other way around!”

Finally, turning his attention to Wentworth, Ollivander smiled and commented, “It seems that wand suits you quite well, doesn’t it!”

“Fits like bread and butter, Mr. Ollivander!” Wentworth reciprocated with a smile and a nod.

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Published On: January 4, 2024

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