PWhen Vernon eagerly handed Harry over to Wentworth and saw them off, he gleefully stowed Wentworth’s check in his safe.

As Wentworth exited, he turned to Hagrid outside the door and remarked, “Wait a minute, someone is left behind.”

While the trio stood waiting, Hagrid couldn’t resist his curiosity and asked, “Wentworth, the check you gave to this Muggle family, it isn’t real, is it?” He lowered his body a bit and leaned in, trying to whisper.

Wentworth proudly took it in stride and responded smugly, “Of course, it’s genuine. Do you think I’d present a fake check? I can’t afford to take that risk!”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s assurance, Hagrid seemed to have something on his mind, but he chose to hold back, “It’s a good deal for them!” He let out a sigh…

Hagrid was about to comment something about how Wentworth came into possession of such a check when he was only a child. Then, he realised that asking such thing to the leader of the Alliance might be offensive…

Wentworth waved dismissively, remarking, “Consider it a down payment for them to relocate!”

“Relocate?” Hagrid echoed blankly, his eyes filled with confusion and doubt as he stared back at the Dursleys’ house

At that moment, Wentworth’s Bowtruckle materialized out of nowhere, climbing up Wentworth’s trousers and settling into his palm.

“Good heavens! What is this?” exclaimed Harry Potter, wide-eyed and surprised.

Wentworth gently stroked the emerald on his palm and, with a smile on his face, asked Harry Potter, “The name is Leafy. How about it? Do you like it?”

Harry Potter nodded in astonishment.

Observing Harry’s fascination with the tree guardian, Wentworth extended his palm and presented it to Harry, saying, “Take a closer look if you like!”

Harry tried to play around Leafy, who was still vigilant with others that it thought as were strangers other than Wentworth.

Shifting his attention to Hagrid, Wentworth continued, “Apart from the check, Leafy left a little something for the Muggles: eggs of Amazonian fire ants! I believe when Harry Potter returns this term, the Dursleys might consider a change of residence!”

As Wentworth spoke, he withdrew the Bowtruckle into his pocket, winked at Harry, and added, “Harry, I think next year you won’t have to sleep in that dreadful storage room!”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s words, Harry timidly expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Wentworth. It’s just that with this money, I might not be able to repay you anytime soon…”

However, Hagrid interjected from the side, reassuringly stating, “It’s okay, Harry. You’ll be wealthy in no time!”

Subsequently, under Hagrid’s guidance, Wentworth and Harry Potter traversed the Leaky Cauldron Bar and arrived at Diagon Alley. While at the Leaky Cauldron Bar, Wentworth purposefully surveyed the surroundings, but there was no sign of Professor Quirrell, who had made his first appearance here in the original book.

After contemplation, Wentworth realized that, following the original book’s timeline, Hagrid should have found Harry Potter tonight.

Therefore, their visit to the Leaky Cauldron Bar should be on the following day. The timeline had once again shifted.

The trio, upon entering Diagon Alley, made a beeline for Gringotts. Hagrid produced the Gringotts key for Potter’s vault. Their first stop was the underground vault, where they were met with heaps of gold, silver, and bronze.

While Gallen, the Goblin overseeing the vault, only addressed Harry Potter, the vault’s owner, with a respectful sigh, Wentworth and Hagrid displayed less interest.

Subsequently, the three proceeded to Gringotts’ vault 713. Hagrid retrieved a small bag from it, containing the pinnacle of alchemy in the wizarding world—the Philosopher’s Stone.

Witnessing this, Wentworth conceived a daring idea but recognized that the current moment wasn’t suitable for implementing it. Hence, he kept his thoughts to himself.

As Hagrid prepared to depart with Harry, Wentworth intervened, stating, “Wait a minute.”

He then turned to the Goblin guiding them and instructed, “Go to the neighboring Vault 714. I’ve been spending quite a bit lately; I’ll withdraw some Galleons.”

The group then proceeded to Vault 714 in Gringotts. When Wentworth unlocked the door using his own blood, Harry Potter exclaimed in surprise, “Are all wizards in the magical world this wealthy?”

As Hagrid continued to explain things to Harry Potter, Wentworth entered his vault. With a wave of his arm, he skillfully gathered a substantial pile of Galleons into the pocket where he had cast a stretch spell.

However, amidst this routine, Wentworth’s attention was unexpectedly drawn to a letter situated at the center of his vault.

“I don’t recall having seen this letter during my last visit. Could it be that I overlooked it?”

Perplexed, Wentworth approached the letter, noting the absence of even a signature on the envelope.

Opening it with a tinge of curiosity, Wentworth examined the contents.

Meanwhile, Hagrid, waiting outside the vault, observed that Wentworth had become motionless. Curiosity getting the better of him, Hagrid couldn’t help but inquire, “What’s going on, Wentworth?”

Regaining focus, Wentworth replied, “It’s nothing, just give me a moment!”

Returning his attention to the letter, Wentworth carefully read its contents. The message read:

Dear Mr. Wentworth Grindelwald, Please forgive me for taking the liberty of entering your vault and leaving this letter.

I wish to bring to your attention a crucial detail about your parents’ demise – it was not a car accident, as you may have been led to believe. I witnessed the tragic event, and it was an act of malevolent forces that orchestrated their murder.

These malevolent entities sought something valuable from your parents, but fortunately, they were unsuccessful in their sinister endeavors. However, they remain undeterred, relentlessly pursuing their objective. If an opportunity arises, they will undoubtedly resurface.

At this juncture, you might be questioning my identity. I must confess that I am one of them – a follower of Lord Gellert Grindelwald. Despite my allegiance, I am fully aware that neither Lord Grindelwald nor the Alliance would embrace me. The reason for this letter is rooted in my sincere concern for your safety and the resurgence of the Alliance’s former glory.

As you navigate the challenges ahead, exercise utmost caution. I earnestly hope the Alliance may reclaim its past eminence under your guidance. Please refrain from seeking explanations for my actions; the pursuit of the greater good drives them!

Wentworth pocketed the letter, deliberated for a moment, and then turned to Hagrid with a query:

“Hagrid, did you happen to bring along some paper and a pen?”

Upon receiving the writing materials from Hagrid, Wentworth took the pen in hand and began writing the content of the letter to reply to the sender. However, after penning a few lines, he abruptly halted, tearing the partially written note into shreds. Ultimately, Wentworth distilled his message to a succinct question:

“What do you want?”

He placed the paper, face down, in his vault and, with a final glance at vault 714, turned away, leaving the remnants of his note behind.

During their ascent to the surface, Hagrid attempted to initiate conversation several times, yet he opted for silence each time he observed Wentworth’s contemplative countenance.

Emerging from Gringotts, the trio headed toward Ollivander’s wand shop. However, a familiar voice disrupted their journey as Draco Malfoy approached Wentworth from behind, exclaiming:

“Wentworth?! It’s truly you!”

Wentworth cast a brief glance at Harry Potter beside him, sensing that the day was about to take an intriguing turn.

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Published On: January 4, 2024

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