Amidst the light rain veiling the streets of London in August, a teenager with a suitcase strolled unnoticed. Strangely, despite the absence of an umbrella, the raindrops refused to touch his body that was swaying left and right, enjoying the rainy atmosphere.

Standing in front of his room, the boy surveyed the familiar surroundings and couldn’t resist a stretch. “Finally back! That darned Dumbledore… How dare he lie about the summer camp! It doesn’t even come close to the usual summer camp; what a bollock!”

Approaching the door, an idea struck Wentworth, prompting a discreet glance around. Satisfied that no one was watching, he lightly patted his jacket pocket.

A faint green head cautiously emerged, surveying its surroundings with wariness.

Unaware of its origin, Wentworth retrieved a turtle from his pocket and placed it in front of the green figure.

With clumsy waves of its arms, the green entity climbed out of Wentworth’s pocket, showcasing human-like facial features. If an outsider happened upon this scene, they would be astounded by the uncanny resemblance to a pocket-sized tree with human characteristics.

Wentworth offered the key in his hand to the Treant, which he then pointed towards the room’s door. The Treant leaped up, heading straight for the keyhole, and deftly maneuvered its arm, clicking the door open.

“Leafy, you are such a great pet!” Wentworth exclaimed while reaching for Leafy’s pot in admiration, only to receive a disdainful look from Leafy.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t call you a pet… Did you hate it?” Wentworth asked Leafy.

Leafy replied with a nod as if telling Wentworth, “Yes!”

“Then I’ll call you friend from now on. How about that?” Wentworth asked while leaning his face in toward Leafy.

Leafy smiled and danced a little before Wentworth put it along with the pot in his hand.

With a smile, Wentworth glanced at the slightly opened door and said softly, “There is going to be a surprise behind this door, Leafy! Are you excited?” He gently pushed the door ajar and entered the room.

A second later…

“It’s me, Grandma Rosier!” Wentworth felt a wand against the top of his head and promptly declared his identity.

A surprised voice responded, “Wentworth?! You’re finally back!”

Rosier emerged beside Wentworth while lowering the wand.

Wentworth sighed in relief, turning to see a surprised expression on Rosier’s face.

Setting down his suitcase, Wentworth embraced Rosier, conveying the warmth of his return after the unexpected adventures that unfolded outside the familiar streets of London.

Rosier released Wentworth, took a step back, and scrutinized him with a hint of moisture in his eyes. She mumbled, “Why do you look so worn out, Wentworth? Did you go through a lot out there?”

Wentworth responded with a reassuring smile, “Indeed, I faced challenges, but I’ve gained valuable experiences. This little fellow,” he patted his pocket lightly, “is one of the treasures I’ve acquired. It’s a shy one, though.”

Despite Wentworth’s attempt to showcase Leafy by introducing it to Rosier, it only peeked half of its head, maintaining a vigilant gaze before retreating back into the pocket.

Apparently, even a Treant could feel shy around new people…

Rosier glanced at the Treant with a slight frown, but the concern quickly vanished. He suggested, “Rest for a while, Wentworth. It’s almost dinner time. I’ll inform Abernathy and the others about your return. They’ll be delighted!”

As Rosier and the rest celebrated Wentworth’s return over a sumptuous dinner in the Headmaster’s room at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall stood alongside Headmaster Dumbledore, engaging in a serious conversation.

Hagrid, the key keeper and gamekeeper at Hogwarts, joined them.

“Albus, are you certain about this? Allowing Harry Potter to contact Wentworth so soon doesn’t seem wise,” McGonagall expressed her concerns.

Hagrid could only nod in agreement before he added, “Yeah, Headmaster Dumbledore, Harry… he’s still just a kid!”

Dumbledore glanced at Hagrid and remarked, “You mean Harry ten years ago?”

Shifting his attention back to McGonagall, Dumbledore calmly stated, “Minerva, this was an agreement we made long ago, wasn’t it? Besides, Harry Potter is on the verge of entering Hogwarts, and his encounter with Wentworth is inevitable!” He explained with a stern look.

“Moreover, allowing him to interact with our exceptional students at Hogwarts in advance is beneficial for his growth. It’s akin to wizard chess – playing against high-level opponents improves your skills, whereas playing against those of lower skill diminishes them. If you play against others of equal skill, your abilities plateau.” He continued.

Despite Dumbledore’s rationale, McGonagall expressed her reservations with a conflicted expression, “But why does it have to be Wentworth? Can’t it be Cedric? I believe Cedric is a more suitable choice!”

Dumbledore fell silent for a moment before carefully stating, “I chose Wentworth for the same reasons you are hesitant about Wentworth. Trust me, Minerva, they will become friends.”

Realizing Dumbledore’s firm decision, McGonagall and Hagrid exchanged glances and reluctantly abandoned their plan to persuade Dumbledore further, nodding in reluctant agreement.

They know that if Dumbledore has already made up his mind, then nothing will be able to change it. Most of the time, even when they won the argument against him, it still won’t affect his choice…

Rather than wasting more time by having a useless discussion with Dumbledore, Hagrid and McGonagall decided to went on their own way and continue their day.

As the sky began to brighten the following morning, Wentworth awoke from his slumber and indulged in a satisfying stretch.

“Ah, my own bed. So comfortable! No need to wrestle for the quilt with that guy Rolf. How did such a dim-witted fellow manage to win Luna in the future?” Wentworth mused as he turned on the light, preparing to pour himself a glass of water.

However, before he could proceed, a knock echoed on his door.

Wentworth grabbed his wand and approached the door vigilantly. “Grandma Rosier, visiting this early?” he questioned.

Approaching cautiously, Wentworth simultaneously opened the door and extended his wand, peering outside. “Headmaster Dumbledore? Hagrid?” he exclaimed in surprise upon identifying the figures standing by his house.

In an instant, Rosier, Abernathy, and others appeared beside Dumbledore, wearing wary expressions and clutching their wands, ready for action.

Dumbledore surveyed the surroundings with a hint of helplessness. “Wentworth, your family’s welcome ceremony appears to be quite unique!”

Before Wentworth could respond, Carlo positioned himself behind Dumbledore before exclaiming with a hint of desperation, “Is it really you, Dumbledore? You imprisoned Lord Grindelwald for decades, and we were ousted from our home because of you. Now, you dare to intrude into our territory! You are courting your own demise! Stand aside!” He exclaimed furiously.

Adopting a casual tone to talk with them, Dumbledore retorted calmly, “I’m here to visit my students. Is there an issue with that?”

Seeing how trouble was bound to happen if he didn’t try to step in, Wentworth readied himself to jump in and save the day if things got worse…

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Published On: January 3, 2024

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