Confusion lingered among the students as Professor McGonagall hurried out of the classroom.

However, Wentworth, catching the ominous glance from Professor McGonagall in his direction, felt a foreboding and swiftly beckoned Cassandra aside.

Approaching Cassandra, Wentworth noticed that she appeared unaffected by Professor McGonagall’s demeanor. Instead, she gazed at the cufflinks in her hand with a satisfied expression.

Curious about the reason why Professor McGonagall stormed out of the room, Wentworth leaned in to peer at the cufflink in Cassandra’s hand.

To his surprise, he recognized the symbol of the Deathly Hallows and an unsettling feeling washed over him.

No wonder McGonagall glanced at Wentworth sinisterly before ending the class… Cassandra just made the cufflinks according to the proud symbol of Alliance.

“Do they look good? Here, they’re for you!” Cassandra said with a smile, seemingly oblivious to the astonished looks from the surrounding Slytherin students.

Accepting Cassandra’s cufflinks, Wentworth managed a smile that bordered on awkwardness, nodding as he commented, “Thank you, Cassandra. Just remember to send a real one next time. Transfigured items don’t tend to last.”

Wentworth could only compliment her on her effort of Transfigurating the needle to become the Deathly Hallows symbol. Knowing if he pursued this matter further, it would only offend Cassandra and grab more attention from the other students.

After leaving the classroom, Professor McGonagall made a beeline for Dumbledore’s office.

“Albus, in class today…” McGonagall began, but Dumbledore preemptively waved a hand, conjuring an unknown cup of hot tea for her.

“Minerva, what’s with the rush? Here, have some tea first!” Dumbledore offered the cup of tea by floating it toward her.

However, Dumbledore’s words remained unfinished as McGonagall stared at him and, in turn, waved her hand to dismiss the cup of tea, insisting, “Listen to me! Cassandra Vole, a student from Slytherin in my class today, transfigured a needle into a Deathly Hallows cuff pin!”

With urgency, McGonagall proceeded to narrate every detail of the day’s events to Dumbledore, emphasizing Cassandra’s creation of cufflinks bearing the Deathly Hallows logo.

Anxiously, she concluded, “Headmaster Dumbledore, I believe our worst fears have materialized. Within the confines of Hogwarts, Wentworth has initiated the formation of his Alliance! As the Headmistress of Hogwarts, I cannot allow this to happen inside the walls of Hogwarts!”

Dumbledore, however, maintained a calm expression in the face of Professor McGonagall’s concerns.

“You were already aware of this, Albus!” She said furiously while staring at Dumbledore in the eyes.

Dumbledore responded with indifference, “Professor McGonagall, I believe you need to hear the full story.”

“You see, our associate… Cassandra’s father, or the one that we know more as Thomas Vole. Is actually still alive.” Dumbledore revealed.

Hearing the revelation from his mouth made McGonagall surprised as she gasped audibly, “It can’t be! How is it possible for him to be alive after that accident?” The shock on her face truly shows it all…

He proceeded to recount the events at the Vole manor on the third day after Christmas over the next ten minutes.

In concluding the narrative, Dumbledore said, “So, the Cassandra incident could be considered an accident or a unique circumstance. As for Cedric and Green, their inclinations were already anticipated, weren’t they? Rest assured, if Wentworth truly intends to establish a way to recruit other students for Alliance at Hogwarts, I will engage in a conversation with him!”

Upon hearing Dumbledore’s remarks, Professor McGonagall nodded thoughtfully and remarked, “So that’s how it is. No wonder Cassandra ended up being an accomplice to those individuals. Thank goodness, Thomas is still alive! But, Dumbledore, how were you so well-informed? You weren’t present, were you?”

Dumbledore playfully blinked and explained, “I simply borrowed something from a new student arriving this year; his parents have made a deposit with me.”

Meanwhile, back in the dormitory, Wentworth promptly gathered Cedric and Green, recounting the events of the Transfiguration class and issuing instructions, “Professor McGonagall will undoubtedly inform Headmaster Dumbledore about today’s incident. I’m uncertain how Dumbledore will respond. If any trouble arises, find a way to Hogsmeade Village.”

Cedric and Green exchanged glances, and eventually, Cedric expressed concern, “Wentworth, aren’t you being too careless? I don’t believe Headmaster Dumbledore will…”

Wentworth waved his hand to interrupt Cedric, stating, “I hope Headmaster Dumbledore understands it’s not my intention. However, we can’t rely solely on others, can we?”

Hearing Wentworth’s words, Cedric and Green nodded in agreement.

They could only wish nothing worse happens as days goes by…

A sense of calm prevailed in the ensuing days, allowing Wentworth to ease his anxious nerves and resume the intense competition for points with Cedric.

Wentworth, in particular has been excelling in several consecutive classes, completing assigned tasks ahead of Cassandra and securing opportunities for Hufflepuff to gain additional points.

Just as Wentworth started to wonder if he had genuinely outshone Cassandra within half a year, Professor Snape’s potions class brought a stark revelation. Cassandra’s performance made it clear that things weren’t as Wentworth had assumed.

With the entire Hufflepuff house rallying under Green’s call, and especially with Wentworth and Cedric leading the charge to accumulate points, Hufflepuff surged ahead of Slytherin in a matter of days, creating significant pressure for the Slytherins.

This leads to a new surge of competitive spirits for the Slytherin students who were expecting the House Cup to be solely carried by Cassandra’s act alone.

Instead of wishing for more participation from Cassandra to earn more points for their House, the other students became more proactive. Which leads to a new wind of change within Slytherin.

In Professor Snape’s potion class, Slytherin students were eager to use the opportunity to reclaim lost ground.

As the class commenced, Professor Snape presented a net-like plant, asking, “I hope you won’t tell me you don’t know what this is?”

Facing Snape’s question, Wentworth raised his hand despite knowing the slim chances of having the correct answer.

However, Snape merely glanced at Wentworth before turning his attention toward the Slytherin students.

As Snape’s gaze swept across, all the first-year Slytherin freshmen instinctively looked at Cassandra. She had already demonstrated through practical actions that she was the prominent figure among the first-year Slytherins.

Yet, at this moment, Cassandra remained seated, silent, creating an awkward atmosphere. On Cassandra’s side, another Slytherin student appeared undecided. Just as he contemplated raising his hand, he felt a gaze upon him.

Following the gaze, he caught Cassandra looking at him with intense eyes. It seemed that eyes in this world could indeed communicate, as he distinctly perceived a warning in Cassandra’s eyes. Swiftly, he lowered his half-raised hand.

At this point, everyone already knew that Cassandra, even though a Slytherin student herself, supports Hufflepuff by making it easier for Wentworth to rake in points.

Observing the lack of response from Slytherin, Snape reluctantly calls Wentworth’s name. “It’s the Devil’s Snare, Professor,” Wentworth answered, and Snape motioned for him to resume his seat. From that point on, Snape refrained from posing any further questions throughout the entire class.

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Published On: December 28, 2023

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