After returning from Cassandra’s manor, Wentworth enjoyed a few leisure days. Though he initially wanted Rosier, Abernathy, and others to continue teaching him magic, Rosier firmly refused.

“Wentworth, we all know how hard you’ve worked for the sake of Alliance. There is not a single day that goes by that we never notice on how hard you’ve been pushing yourself lately. Please, for your own good, why don’t you give yourself a rest and enjoy your time with your friends for a while?” Rosier earnestly advised Wentworth.

Taking this advice to heart, Wentworth rested at home for a few rare days.

The night before he was set to return to Hogwarts, he knocked on Rosier’s door.

“Wentworth? Why are you here?” Rosier welcomed him in and poured a glass of honey lemon.

“I’m packing my things. Tomorrow, we’ll take the Hogwarts Express back. Have you packed?” Rosier inquired.

Faced with Rosier’s question, Wentworth remained silent.

Observing this, Rosier set aside the clothes he was holding, sat beside Wentworth, and asked gently, “What’s on your mind, Wentworth? Not eager to return to Hogwarts?”

Wentworth hesitated for a moment before slowly shaking his head and explaining, “Grandma Rosier, I hope you won’t return to Hogwarts with me. Find any reason and resign as the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor.”

Taken aback by Wentworth’s request, Rosier paused for a moment before smiling and saying, “What’s bothering you, Wentworth? Ah, I see. Is it the rumors about Voldemort’s curse on the position? Don’t worry, it’s just a rumor, there’s no such thing as a curse!”

Wentworth waved his hand, clarifying that it wasn’t what he meant. After a moment of thought, he explained, “Grandma Rosier, not long ago, I had a dream that hinted at a significant issue with the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor next semester, seemingly linked to Voldemort’s return.”

However, Rosier was quick to respond, “So, you’re concerned about me. Changing the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor next semester implies I might meet with trouble, right? Don’t worry, Wentworth; I’m not that easy to defeat.”

Undeterred, Wentworth gazed into Rosier’s eyes and said slowly, “Of course, I know how good of a witch you are, grandma… But this isn’t about that. I simply think that if you refrain from getting involved with the current conflict that’s about to unfold, then perhaps we could alter the results to the way I wanted them.”

Perplexed by Wentworth’s request, Rosier wore a puzzled expression while keep staring at him.

Wentworth continued, “Grandma Rosier, I hope Voldemort returns to England, even confronting Dumbledore directly. Because if Dumbledore learns of Voldemort’s return, then I, at Hogwarts, would be relatively safe.”

“I doubt that even with Dumbledore’s strength, he’d engage in simultaneous conflicts with both the Death Eaters and the Umrah Party. If that were to happen, you know who’ll be profiting from that situation?” Wentworth asked with a sly smile.

Hearing his reasoning made Rosier dumbfounded again after knowing how far his plans were ahead for Alliance’s sake.

While Rosier initially showed excitement at Wentworth’s words, a sigh followed, and she expressed, “Wentworth, thank you for your efforts. If it weren’t for the absence of the former Lord, things wouldn’t be this complicated. If anyone voices dissatisfaction, just trample them down to the ground. But, from now on, every single choice you’ll make will be a heavy burden for your own.”

Wentworth smiled and remarked, “It doesn’t matter; if you want to wear a crown, you must bear the weight! Besides, I believe it won’t be long before I achieve what Grandpa Gellert did back then.”

Rosier smiled upon hearing Wentworth calling Gellert with Grandpa. After that she patted Wentworth and hugged him tight.

The following day, Wentworth headed alone to platform nine and three-quarters in London.

Upon meeting Cedric and Green, the trio boarded the Hogwarts Express and journeyed back to the castle.

During the train ride, they expressed profound regret when Cedric and Green learned that Rosier would no longer be the professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts.

Rosier’s decades of combat experience and expertise in dark magic made her a valuable instructor, offering significant benefits to the students.

Green, in particular, felt disappointed. Now that both he and Wentworth had joined the Alliance, having an Alliance member as a Professor at Hogwarts could significantly boost Hufflepuff’s chances of winning the House Cup.

Last semester, Hufflepuff had accumulated points in Defence Against the Dark Arts as effectively as Slytherin had gained points from Snape’s Potions class.

Even during the vacation, Green had formulated multiple strategies on how to capitalize on the Defence Against the Dark Arts class to earn points.

However, all these plans crumbled with Rosier’s departure.

Adding to Green’s despair, the situation worsened during the first dinner back at Hogwarts.

Dumbledore announced that he had resigned from teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts due to Professor Ilona’s illness.

“Great! After all my plans went to ruin with Professor Ilona’s departure, now Professor Snape is going to be directly teaching us lessons. I wonder how much worse can it get?” Green remarked frustratingly.

Snape would take over the position for the remainder of the term.

Upon hearing this news, Green slumped onto the table, wearing a look of hopelessness.

The majority of Hogwarts students shared his disappointment, and even the Slytherin students, who typically maintained a composed demeanor, displayed discontent.

Wentworth directed his attention towards Slytherin, noticing Cassandra sitting at the table.

She raised her cup, facing him. Ignoring the surprised glances from other Slytherin students, Cassandra toasted to Wentworth.

Observing this, Wentworth smiled subtly and raised his cup in acknowledgment of Cassandra’s salute.

Cassandra’s gesture seemed to irk some of the surrounding Slytherin students.

Sitting next to Cassandra, one of them expressed dissatisfaction, commenting in a slightly annoyed tone, “Hey, they’re Hufflepuffs. What’s the meaning of this?”

Undisturbed, Cassandra calmly lowered her cup and responded without turning her head, “Are you instructing me on what to do?”

The disgruntled wizard stood up, expressing his anger, “Don’t forget, Slytherin and Hufflepuff scores are neck to neck. The Academy Cup will undoubtedly be contested between our two houses. Don’t forget your allegiance!”

Cassandra chuckled, displaying disdain, and retorted, “Considering Slytherin’s current standings, you might struggle to accumulate enough points in five semesters. Or perhaps, try deducting points over the same period; that might be an easier task for you.”

The arrogance of Cassandra that Wentworth had yearned for has finally returned to its own rightful place.

Carrying the beauty and the arrogant fitting of it, Cassandra has shown her loyalty to the Alliance party. To be exact, to Wentworth’s side.

No matter whatever hell may arise between them and the World, Cassandra will be there, standing by Wentworth’s side.


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Published On: December 21, 2023

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