At that moment, Auston approached with another person and addressed Wentworth, saying:

“My Lord, we found this man upstairs, and he claims to be…”

Before Auston could complete his sentence, Cassandra, who had been silently observing, hurried over and stood beside Wentworth, stating, “Wentworth, this is my father!”

Observing this, Wentworth gestured for Auston to release the man in his grasp.

Simultaneously, Rosier gestured with her hand to ask the other Alliance members to follow her and gave them privacy.

Standing at a distance, Cedric contemplated approaching to offer a few words but was restrained by Green.

“Let them be Cedric. It’s Wentworth’s job from now on. We’ve done what we already need to do. Just trust him, will you? He is a Hufflepuff, after all.” Green reassured Cedric while dragging him away, following the other Alliance members.

Standing a bit timidly in front of Wentworth, Cassandra seemed hesitant to meet his gaze.

Meanwhile, her father looked at Wentworth and spoke in a raspy voice thanks to Christine’s abandonment and not nourishing him. “Wentworth Grindelwald? I know you and your family… Cassandra did all this because of me being a useless father. Please forgive her in my stead. If it’s anyone that deserves to be blamed then I believe it would solely be my responsibility to take it…”

Upon hearing Thomas’s words, Cassandra became visibly anxious. “Father…” She mumbled.

However, before Cassandra could say more, her father raised his hand to silence her.

At that moment, after watching Thomas’s expression, which looked really pitiful in front of his daughter, Wentworth spoke, “Cassandra, you’d better help your father first. Go sit down there and comfort him for a while!”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s words, Cassandra nodded slowly. She assisted Thomas to settle in the corner of the hall, poured a glass of water for her father, and then returned to Wentworth’s side.

Approaching Wentworth, Cassandra spoke cautiously, “I followed the instructions you gave from that paper crane. I placed the broom at the door to signal that I meant no harm and I didn’t do all of this on purpose… I was really doubtful whether you’ll come or not after everything that happened, but you… You came and helped us…” She voiced her concern with a somber tone that lingered in the air for a while, decorating the silence with her complaints.

Wentworth’s lips curved into a smile as he responded, “If I were merely Grindelwald, I would have left and let the wizards of our Alliance wizards unleash spells on this manor. But first and foremost, I am Wentworth, and my classmate is still inside. I came in to save her.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s answer, Cassandra was trembling and questioned with teary eyes, “Why? Why did you have to go so far?”

Wentworth replied indifferently, “Why? Do I need a reason for that? I guess it’s because I’m a Hufflepuff after all!” He finished with a bright smile.

Cassandra inquired further, “What would you have done if by the time you sent me those messages, but I hadn’t left my broomstick at the door?”

Wentworth’s smile faded as he replied, “Then I would have come in as well, but trailing behind my subordinates. What would unfold inside is not something I needed to contemplate. I believe both you and your father know very well about what will happen.” He said coldly.

Having received the answer, Cassandra remained silent for a prolonged moment while occasionally glancing at Thomas, who was having a serious expression while staring at Wentworth.

Eventually, she bowed to Wentworth with great respect and uttered, “Thank you very much, I give you both of our thanks for saving us from Miss Christine’s devious plan. Once again, I am sorry for causing you all this trouble!”

Facing Cassandra’s expression of gratitude, Wentworth waved his hand dismissively, “No, just as you said, you didn’t really want to harm me. It was to save your father. I might have made the same choice if I were in your shoes. You better stick with your father.”

After these words, Wentworth patted Cassandra on the shoulder and turned to leave.

After a few steps, he halted, turned back, and addressed Cassandra, “You look so pitiful! I’m really not used to it. I still prefer your arrogant demeanor!” He said with a wide smile.

With that, Wentworth exited without looking back, and Cassandra burst into laughter.

However, as she turned around to return to her father’s side, she never anticipated that her father’s first words would be, “Cassandra, I will say this for your own good. Stay away from that boy in the future…”

Perplexed and shocked, Cassandra questioned her father, “But why?! After everything he had done for us, you want me to stay away from him?!”

Ignoring what she just said, Thomas replied, “After this incident, I realized that nothing compares to our family being able to live together safely.”

Hearing her father’s words, Cassandra fell silent for a moment, before responding to Thomas with a cold expression, “Father, you are getting old! I am guessing you are actually going senile! Don’t forget that I am a Slytherin!”

“I’m a Slytherin too, so what?” Thomas Levo asked with a puzzled look.

Cassandra responded methodically, “Being a Slytherin is either being great or nothing at all!”

Hearing Cassandra’s words, Thomas abruptly stood up, “You think he’s great? He’s a dark wizard for God’s sake, Christine!” He said angrily.

Facing her father’s anger, Cassandra remained unafraid while maintaining eye contact and asserting, “It’s the dark wizard in your mouth who just saved you and your daughter today!”

Thomas, although infuriated, continued to argue, “Cassandra, you have to think about it. He is the leader of the Alliance, and his future is destined to cause a storm in the magic world!”

Listening to her father’s concerns, Cassandra turned her gaze towards the direction in which Wentworth had departed and remarked, “No, you’re wrong, Father. He doesn’t make a storm; he is the storm! And I am willing to do anything to stand by his side, becoming the beacon of light to guide him whenever he feels lost!”

Hearing Cassandra’s resolute response, Thomas, who understands his daughter’s determined nature, reluctantly sat back in his chair and questioned, “Why? I can’t fathom why you did that, Cassandra. Simply because his last name is Grindelwald?”

Cassandra turned to face her father, gently shaking her head before replying slowly, “No, it’s because his name is Wentworth! While Grindelwald’s name once echoed through Europe and America, it wasn’t enough to sway me. I chose to follow him solely because his name is Wentworth Grindelwald!”

“I believe that one day, the name Grindelwald will resonate worldwide again, but this time, it will be under the leadership of Wentworth himself! Keep this in mind, father, one day the whole world will kneel before Wentworth Grindelwald! When that day comes, I will be standing proudly beside him.”

Meanwhile, Wentworth had exited Vole Manor’s gate, and Christine, along with her underlings, had vanished.

Looking up at the bright sunshine, Wentworth couldn’t resist stretching.

At that moment, Cedric and Green approached. Observing the two friends beside him, Wentworth suddenly felt a twinge of nostalgia for Hogwarts.

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Published On: December 19, 2023

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