Wentworth had initially breathed a sigh of relief and even smiled upon hearing Abernathy’s words.

However, Abernathy’s further explanation wiped the smile off his face.

“Did you notice anything unusual?” Wentworth asked, his concern evident.

Abernathy assumed a dignified expression and nodded solemnly. “Yes, something is definitely amiss. When I transformed into the servant and inquired about the manor, I noticed that all the servants, including the house-elves, were eerily silent. They hardly uttered a word except for occasional movements. Everyone remained utterly quiet.”

Wentworth, puzzled, suggested, “Could it be that these servants and House-elves are exceptionally well-trained? Perhaps it’s a family tradition or rule?”

Abernathy shook his head slowly and emphasized, “Wentworth, you need to connect my previous observations with this. Imagine being in a vast manor with servants all around, smiling but always maintaining complete silence. It’s an eerie atmosphere, like a place devoid of life.”

Wentworth shuddered at the mental image painted by Abernathy’s words.

Abernathy continued, “Not only that when I pretended to break a cup accidentally, a House-elf immediately appeared to clean it up. Throughout the process, neither the house-elf nor the other servants said a word. It was as if nothing had happened. No one even looked at me.”

Abernathy’s account visibly shaken Wentworth, who was already feeling uneasy.

But what Abernathy said next was even more unsettling.

He looked at Wentworth with utmost seriousness.

“In such a scenario, I can only think of one reason – the Imperius Curse.”

Wentworth swallowed nervously. “If it is the Imperius Curse, then there’s a significant danger in Cassandra’s manor. It would require more than one or two skilled wizards to cast the Imperius Curse on so many servants and House-elves. Many wizards may be involved.”

Rosier, standing nearby, also had a grim tone.

After hearing Rosier’s words, Abernathy held up his hands, showing a fierce light in his eyes.

However, Rosier coughed discreetly and gave Abernathy a warning glance.

Abernathy quickly corrected himself, “That’s just my suggestion. Ultimately, it’s up to you, Wentworth.”

Wentworth fell into a contemplative silence. After a long pause, he asked, “I still don’t understand, Cassandra… What role does she play in all of this?”

Rosier was about to speak, but Abernathy gave him a stern look, and then Rosier spoke with seriousness, “Wentworth, you’re incredibly clever. It’s hard to believe you haven’t noticed. Cassandra is undoubtedly aware of this. Women’s intuition doesn’t fail them.”

Wentworth acknowledged this but pondered further.

“But she has no apparent reason to be involved, does she? Unless she’s being coerced for some reason, maybe they’re using her to manipulate me.”

Abernathy interjected firmly, “But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s working against you!”

Wentworth’s room fell silent as they considered the situation.

Finally, Wentworth asked a hypothetical question, “If my grandfather were here, what do you think he would do? For instance, what would he do if someone captured Grandma Rosier and forced her to act against my grandfather’s interests?”

Both Abernathy and Rosier were taken aback by the question, unsure how to respond.

After a moment, Rosier offered a wry smile and replied, “I believe in such a situation, the master would respond with overwhelming force, dealing a severe blow to the adversary, and then reprimand me sternly.”

Wentworth nodded in understanding, and then he turned to Abernathy, asking for his opinion.

Abernathy considered it and said, “If it were your grandfather, he would likely employ sheer strength to crush the opposition, followed by a stern dressing-down.”

As they continued their conversation, Abernathy began to discuss preparations for the following day, but Rosier quickly reminded him of the need for discretion.

Wentworth acknowledged their advice and ordered, “Please arrange for the necessary manpower tomorrow, Grandpa Abernathy. No matter who is involved, we must eliminate the threat.”

“But this time, let’s avoid a repeat of the London incident, where the whole world knew about it.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s directive, Abernathy flushed with embarrassment and promised, “Understood. I’ll make the necessary arrangements.”

Rosier expressed concern about Cassandra’s safety.

Wentworth reassured her, saying he would find a way to handle Cassandra separately.

Once Abernathy and Rosier had left, Wentworth sat in his room in deep thought.

Late at night, he approached his desk, picked up a quill, and retrieved a thousand paper cranes from his pocket.

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Published On: December 13, 2023

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