After Abernathy had spoken, he began to turn to leave, but Wentworth stopped him.

“Grandpa Abernathy, please be careful. Thomas Vole used to be the Head of the Auror Office at the British Ministry of Magic. His manor won’t be easy to infiltrate,” Wentworth expressed his concern.

Rosier chimed in with a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, you’re underestimating Abernathy! When it comes to these matters, Abernathy is a pro! He once played tricks on his master while being watched by countless Aurors at the United States Magical Congress. He’s a master at stealth!”

Abernathy added with a hint of disdain, “Indeed, it’s just the Head of the Auror Office at the British Ministry of Magic. If I wanted to, I might have already become the President of the United States Magical Congress.”

Upon Wentworth’s insistence, Abernathy called in a few wizards from the Alliance to provide support.

After Abernathy’s departure, the Alliance’s Christmas banquet continued. As night fell, the wizards began to leave in groups.

However, some wizards who had come from afar chose to stay overnight at the Greengrass family’s manor.

Concerned about Abernathy’s safety, Wentworth decided, following Rosier’s suggestion, to spend the night at the Greengrass family’s manor.

Wentworth couldn’t fall asleep, as he was preoccupied with Abernathy’s situation.

Instead, he was examining a notebook that had been left at his feet.

The notebook contained various magical incantations and demon-related knowledge.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Wentworth assumed it was Abernathy returning, so he rushed to open it.

However, when he did, he was greeted by a young girl in a Lolita-style dress holding a tray.

“It’s quite late. What is it, Astoria?” Wentworth inquired.

The girl was none other than Astoria, the youngest member of the Greengrass family.

Astoria, looking nervous, raised the tray she was carrying and said, “My brother asked me to bring you some sherry juice soda.”

Wentworth frowned slightly upon hearing this. He was well aware of Auston’s intentions.

Auston likely intended to use Astoria to gain favor with Wentworth, albeit innocently, since Wentworth was not yet twelve years old and couldn’t engage in anything inappropriate.

Wentworth couldn’t directly rebuke Auston, as managing relationships with subordinates was delicate.

So, he smiled, accepted the tray from Astoria, and thanked her.

He didn’t invite her into his room but conveyed his appreciation for the banquet and Auston’s leadership.

Astoria seemed relieved by Wentworth’s response.

She tugged at her shirt’s hem, bowed to him, and quickly left.

As Wentworth watched her disappear down the corridor and was about to close the door, the adjacent door opened, revealing Rosier, who wore a mischievous smile.

“Still awake, Wentworth? Would you like to enjoy some sherry soda?” Wentworth asked with a slightly embarrassed smile as he gestured for Rosier to enter.

Rosier waved off the offer with a chuckle, saying, “No need. That’s something you enjoy when you’re young. Clearly, it’s a special treat prepared for you. Auston Greengrass not only covered all the expenses for today’s banquet but also had his own sister deliver drinks to you late at night!”

Wentworth blushed slightly at Rosier’s words but was about to explain when he saw Rosier’s expression grow serious.

“Remember, Wentworth, don’t let others overshadow your voice. Only one person in the Alliance can speak out, and that person’s last name is Grindelwald.”

Taking in Rosier’s words, Wentworth understood that this was Rosier’s way of teaching him how to become a true leader.

He nodded, indicating his comprehension.

At that moment, footsteps approached from the end of the corridor.

Rosier initially frowned, thinking it was late for someone to be coming, but then Abernathy appeared at the corridor’s corner.

“Grandpa Abernathy!” Wentworth instinctively moved toward Abernathy but was halted by Rosier.

“Wentworth, are you certain this man is Abernathy?” Rosier questioned.

Upon hearing Rosier’s inquiry, Abernathy, who was advancing toward Wentworth, halted and raised his hands as a sign of peace.

“Rosier, let me through! I need to report today’s findings to Wentworth.”

Rosier went forward to verify Abernathy’s identity, then allowed him to enter.

“Please come in, Grandpa Abernathy. Rosier, you too.”

The three of them entered Wentworth’s room together.

Once inside, Abernathy wasted no time.

He picked up the sherry juice soda Wentworth placed on the table and took several sips before proceeding with his report.

“I visited Cassandra’s home. Their manor is located on the other side of London. It has many defensive and early warning spells, but fortunately, none were particularly complicated or challenging.”

“After entering the Cassandra family’s manor, I Confunded one of the servants, making him spin around, and then I used the Disguise Charm the Master provided to take on his appearance. I proceeded inside the manor without any issues.”

“Cassandra’s manor is quite remarkable. The grounds are meticulously maintained, and the servants and housekeepers are in good spirits, busily preparing the manor. It appears they are getting ready for a banquet.”

Wentworth relaxed upon hearing this and said, “So, the Cassandras are indeed planning a banquet. That’s reassuring.”

Abernathy paused momentarily, took another sip of the sherry soda, and continued, “That’s the part that seems normal. Now, let me tell you about what’s unusual.”

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Published On: December 13, 2023

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