As the banquet commenced, Wentworth, the new leader of the Alliance, engaged in friendly conversations with the wizards in attendance, accompanied by Rosier and Abernathy.

In reality, Abernathy and Rosier had introduced Wentworth to these fellow Alliance.

After all, as a leader, it wouldn’t do for him not to recognize his own subordinates!

Being one of the 28 Holy Families in the United Kingdom, the Greenglass family still held a certain influence, although the Weasley family was an exception to the rule.

The banquet’s spread rivaled the richness of dishes served at Hogwarts’ opening dinner.

After meeting all the wizards present, Wentworth grew a bit hungry.

As he savored the food, a girl with blond hair approached him.

Initially, Wentworth assumed she was the child of an Alliance member, given the many similar cases he had witnessed that night.

However, the girl approached Wentworth and said suddenly, “Hello, Wentworth Grindelwald, my name is Luna Lovegood.”

Hearing Luna’s introduction, Wentworth found himself momentarily speechless, nearly choking on his food.

Luna? What was Luna doing here? Yet, considering Cedric’s involvement with the Alliance, Wentworth found Luna’s presence here not entirely surprising.

After Luna watched Wentworth struggle to swallow his food, she remarked, “You’re adapting quite quickly.”

“Pardon?” Wentworth was puzzled, not comprehending Luna’s point.

Luna gestured to the spot where Wentworth had been standing earlier and continued, “You were nervous at first, but eventually, you seemed to settle in and even appeared to enjoy it.”

Hearing Luna’s observation, Wentworth fell silent for a moment.

Then, a slight smile graced his lips, and he replied, “Yes, you’re right. I’ve developed a liking for this feeling. It’s like a fine wine—the more you savor it, the more intoxicating it becomes.”

Tilting her head, Luna regarded Wentworth for a moment before saying, “My father mentioned that all the dark wizards are here, and you are their leader. So, I thought it would be best to stay away from you.”

Wentworth couldn’t help but offer a wry smile in response to Luna’s candidness.

He glanced over at Xenophilius, who was searching for Luna and said slowly, “Sometimes, the way we appear to others is determined by their perceptions. However, it’s important to remember who we truly are inside.”

Puzzled, Luna thought for a moment and then inquired, “So, who are you?”

Wentworth, gazing at the wizards in the distance who were joyfully conversing with each other, replied without turning back, “I used to think I was a wanderer, embarking on an endless journey. But unexpectedly, I’ve found my home in the midst of it.”

Before Luna could respond, Xenophilius finally approached, looking nervously at Wentworth.

He took Luna’s hand and led her away from the conversation.

As Luna left, Rosier approached, watching Luna’s departure and commenting, “I’ve heard Abernathy speak about her family. This young girl is quite interesting. When she attends Hogwarts, she might become another Cassandra.”

Hearing Rosier’s words, Wentworth suddenly recalled something.

He placed the small cake he had been holding onto the table and asked Rosier, “Have there been any updates from the British Ministry of Magic?”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s question, Rosier cast an approving look at him and said, “Wentworth, it’s good that you’re thinking about it.”

Wentworth was slightly perplexed. What was Rosier referring to?

Unaware of Wentworth’s momentary confusion, Rosier continued, “Don’t worry, Wentworth. We have someone monitoring the British Ministry of Magic. If they make any moves, we’ll be sure to find out. We won’t let a situation arise where our Alliance gathers here and is caught off guard by them.”

“Moreover, it would be foolish for them to make a decision to attack at this time. After all, the elite wizards of the entire British Alliance are here, and the Aurors from the British Ministry of Magic wouldn’t return if they made such an attempt.”

While Wentworth realized that Rosier had misunderstood his question, he chose not to correct him.

Instead, he inquired further, “Is there any news regarding the former Head of the Auror’s Office at the British Ministry of Magic, Thomas Vole?”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s question, Rosier pondered for a moment before shaking his head slowly. “No, our sources haven’t seen him at the British Ministry of Magic. Why do you ask? Is something amiss?”

Facing Rosier’s inquiry, Wentworth retrieved the invitation letter Cassandra had given him from his pocket and explained, “Cassandra mentioned that her father had safely returned home. In celebration of his return, she plans to host a banquet at their family’s estate in two days.”

Upon hearing this, Rosier took the invitation letter from Wentworth, examining it closely.

However, She couldn’t discern anything unusual.

Nevertheless, Rosier remarked, “Wentworth, I suspect there may be more to this than meets the eye.”

Wentworth agreed, saying, “Indeed. If Cassandra’s father hasn’t returned to report to the British Ministry of Magic, something peculiar must happen. I just wonder what role Cassandra is playing in all of this.”

“Is Thomas Vole truly back, and if so, is it the real Thomas Vole who has returned?”

As Wentworth seemed lost in thought, Rosier patted him on the shoulder and said casually, “Your instincts haven’t changed.”

Caught off guard by Wentworth’s suspicious gaze, Rosier continued with a smile, “Wentworth, remember, you’re not alone. You have the entire Alliance standing behind you. If you want to confirm whether Thomas Vole has returned, it’s quite simple. We’ll send someone to find out.”

Without waiting for Wentworth’s response, Rosier gestured for Abernathy to come over and relayed the information they had discussed.

Abernathy then turned to Wentworth and said, “If that’s the case, I’ll personally investigate whether Thomas Vole has returned. We’ll determine if it’s truly him.”

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Published On: December 11, 2023

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