Cassandra emerged from the compartment where Wentworth and the others were sitting.

After taking a few steps, she concealed her smile, replacing it with an air of confusion.

In her mind, Cassandra reminded herself, “I did this to save my father, to protect my family. Wentworth is just a familiar stranger. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

However, as Wentworth’s voice called out her name from behind, Cassandra’s heart raced once more.

But as Wentworth’s footsteps approached, Cassandra composed herself and turned to him impatiently.

“Why are you shouting so loudly? Are you planning to gift me a Christmas present?” she taunted, mockingly smiling.

Wentworth, now standing before Cassandra, responded in surprise, “By Merlin’s beard, Cassandra, do you have the gift of prophecy?”

Cassandra’s smile froze upon hearing Wentworth’s words.

Without warning, Wentworth produced a long gift box from behind and offered a cheerful, “Merry Christmas, Cassandra!”

Cassandra reached out tentatively to accept the gift but quickly withdrew her hand.

She regarded Wentworth with disbelief and asked, “Is this gift box truly for me as a Christmas present?”

Wentworth glanced around and replied with a hint of amusement, “Is there a third person here?”

Cassandra hesitated for a moment, her hand wavering over the gift box.

Then, she decided to accept it.

However, she couldn’t hide her disbelief.

“This gift box… is it really for me as a Christmas present?” she asked again.

Wentworth raised an eyebrow and offered a reassuring smile.

“Yes, Cassandra, it’s for you. I hope you like it.”

Cassandra’s hand trembled as she gingerly accepted the gift box.

When she touched it, she withdrew her hand and looked at Wentworth with slightly red eyes.

“Is something wrong? Don’t you like it?” Wentworth asked awkwardly.

Cassandra shook her head, then gazed at Wentworth with a teary-eyed expression.

Before she could speak, Wentworth continued, “Just like it! I’m not very experienced in selecting gifts for girls. This is the first time I’ve given a gift to a girl. You won’t ask me to take it back, will you?”

Holding the gift box close to her chest with both hands, Cassandra whispered her thanks, “Thank you, Wentworth.”

Wentworth smiled warmly at her.

Suddenly, a burst of cheers erupted from the other side of the carriage.

“Everyone, look out the window! It’s snowing!” exclaimed a Hogwarts student.

Cassandra and Wentworth, originally standing apart, were pushed to the window by their classmates.

They ended up side by side.

Wentworth positioned himself behind Cassandra, leaving room for her to look out.

She stood silently at the window, and together, they watched the snowflakes gently fall outside.

“It’s so beautiful! Is this the first snow of the year?” a fellow student marveled.

Cassandra sighed and replied, “The first snowflakes that touch the ground often melt away before heavy snowfall.”

Wentworth glanced at Cassandra and felt that something was off about her today.

It didn’t seem like her usual self.

“Would you still prefer to see the snowflakes together?” Wentworth asked tentatively.

Cassandra frowned, looked back at Wentworth, and retorted, “On the contrary, it is the strong who take pride in surpassing life!”

“Isn’t that a bit lonely?” Wentworth inquired while looking at the snowflakes outside.

Cassandra remained silent for a moment before replying, “Friendship is merely a jest for the weak. Lifelong friends? Don’t make me laugh.”

With those words, Cassandra forcefully pushed through the crowd behind her, causing exclamations from those nearby.

She disappeared toward the end of the carriage.

While everyone cheered and admired the falling snowflakes outside the train, Green sat in their compartment, sighing to Cedric.

“If Wentworth and Cassandra really end up together, where does that leave me?”

Cedric pondered the question thoughtfully before responding, “The benchmark for love?”

Green couldn’t help but look despondent.

In the meantime, Wentworth entered the compartment, but his hand was empty.

Green noticed and couldn’t help but feel sympathetic. “You’ve given away the Firebolt?” he asked.

Cedric, on the other hand, coughed conspicuously.

Green immediately donned an admiring expression, raised his thumb, and commented, “You can give away something so valuable without hesitation. You truly are someone who accomplishes great deeds!”

When the Hogwarts Express whistle sounded, Wentworth swatted Green’s hand away and was about to say something.

Cedric looked out the window excitedly and announced, “We’ve arrived!”

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Published On: December 9, 2023

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