Cedric and Cassandra stared at Wentworth’s hand full of Galleons, never expecting him to have such a fortune.

Once he came to his senses, Cedric quickly intervened and said, “Underage wizards are prohibited from using magic at will outside the school, so most of the freshmen don’t know magic yet.”

Cedric was worried that Wentworth’s display of magic would diminish the good impression they had made on the new Hogwarts teacher, Ms. Ilona, so he quickly explained the rules.

Wentworth understood what Cedric meant, and while holding various snacks from the vending cart, he cast a grateful look at Cedric.

On the other side, Ilona smiled approvingly and said, “Sometimes, wealth is more powerful than magic! Outstanding magic; you are all very gifted students; the future of the magic world is in your hands.”

With the teacher’s praise, Cedric and Cassandra were thrilled, while Wentworth, still busy distributing snacks, looked up at Ilona and felt a strange familiarity in her eyes.

Ilona on the train was, in fact, Rosier under the effect of the Polyjuice Potion.

She had already sent her resume to Hogwarts and received a reply.

Dumbledore invited her to follow the Hogwarts Express to discuss the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher position.

Rosier’s praise for the students wasn’t all just polite talk.

As two little wizards who were only eleven or twelve years old, being able to cast spells so proficiently was indeed a remarkable talent.

As Rosier looked at the three people in the compartment, she sighed, recognizing the Grindelwald bloodline in Wentworth.

Like Gellert back then, many excellent wizards were always gathered around him.

Perhaps they gathered around him for different reasons initially, but in the end, they were all convinced by his charm and embraced him as their leader.

“Professor Ilona, do you want a Chocolate Frog?” Wentworth’s voice interrupted Rosier’s thoughts.

Looking at Wentworth before her, Rosier, disguised as Ilona, smiled.

“Of course, why not? I have to say your spell is an efficient spell, isn’t it?” Ilona took the Chocolate Frog from Wentworth’s hand with a smile, teasing him and making Cedric, who was eating Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, laugh.

But Cedric smiled and grimaced, “I hate it. It tastes like mustard!”

On the other side, Cassandra was eating a Chocolate Cauldron Cake gracefully.

Compared to Cedric, she was obviously much more composed.

And Wentworth also picked up a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean curiously and tasted it.

Well, not bad. Although he couldn’t determine the specific flavor, it was obviously not the earwax flavor.

Wentworth leaned back in his chair, admiring the scenery passing by the car window while savoring the magical snacks.

He couldn’t help but feel that this kind of life was


It was already completely dark when the Hogwarts Express arrived at Hogsmeade Station.

Before he could get off the train, Wentworth had already spotted a giant-like figure through the narrow window beside the train corridor.

The giant had a bushy beard and messy hair.

Undoubtedly, Hagrid, the gamekeeper and Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts, awaited everyone outside.

Another noteworthy character, Wentworth, thought to himself as he followed the crowd and walked off the Hogwarts Express.

However, when Wentworth and others stepped out of the compartment, the first person to speak was not Hagrid.

A witch with glasses walked out from behind Hagrid.

“Excuse me, is Ms. Ilona here?”

Disguised as Ilona, Rosier gracefully disembarked from the train, approached the witch, and said with a smile, “I’m here. Hello, I’m Ilona.”

The witch also smiled and said, “Hello, Ms. Ilona. I’m Professor McGonagall, the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts.” An elegant witch in a long robe stepped beside Hagrid

“I’m here to welcome you on behalf of Headmaster Dumbledore. I apologize that the headmaster couldn’t come in person, but today is the first day of school, and he has many matters to attend to.” Professor McGonagall introduced herself.

Ilona waved her hand indifferently and said, “It’s alright, Professor McGonagall. Hogwarts has been recognized as the best magic school in the world for so many years, thanks to the efforts of Headmaster Dumbledore and the Professors. Understandably, he is busy.”

Hearing Ilona’s words, Professor McGonagall smiled briefly but quickly composed herself.

“Fred and George! Put down your things! What are you two up to?” she scolded, marching over to two identical twins who were up to mischief.

“Hey, Professor, don’t be nervous. It’s just some fireworks!”

“Yes, Professor, it’s for the first-year freshmen! It’s too dark outside, and we’re afraid they won’t see the way properly.”

The twins said with a smile.

Professor McGonagall replied sternly, “Put away your pranks! You should be grateful that the new semester hasn’t officially started. Otherwise, I’d already be deducting points from you!”

After McGonagall had finished her admonishment, she turned back to Ilona and said apologetically, “Let’s proceed this way, Ms. Ilona. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, these kids…”

For some reason, Wentworth felt that when Professor McGonagall departed with Ilona, she seemed to have a fleeting, distant look in her eyes.

As McGonagall and Ilona moved away, the surrounding students gradually became noisy again.

“One year, all the first-year freshmen come to my side!” Hagrid’s voice boomed while he shook a bell in his hand.

“Wentworth, I think we have to separate for a while. Remember what I told you; the first-year students enter the school differently, but it’s alright. I’ll wait for you in Hogwarts castle,” Cedric’s voice came from behind Wentworth, sounding apologetic.

Wentworth quickly responded, “Okay, Cedric, I’ll really miss you every minute we’re apart. But since this is a Hogwarts tradition, I can do nothing about it. I’ll find you at Hogwarts as soon as I can!”

Cedric seemed moved by Wentworth’s words and even hugged him before leaving.

Wentworth watched Cedric leave and then turned to find Cassandra looking at him curiously.

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Published On: August 20, 2023

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