When Wentworth spotted Cedric waiting outside his bedroom the next morning, the two exchanged smiles. Cedric returned the pendant to Wentworth with a solemn gesture, whispering in his ear, “Thank you.”

With a smile, Wentworth asked, “Did you see them?”

Cedric nodded earnestly and replied, “They’re all good people.”

Although Cedric was unaware of the details, he understood that his family would likely resort to dark magic if needed in the heat of battle.

Hence, Wentworth’s statement.

Just as Cedric was processing Wentworth’s words, Green approached from a distance.

“Hey, Cedric, you’re back! I was terrified by what Wentworth told me yesterday. By the way, is your father alright?”

Green greeted Cedric with a warm hug and an inquisitive look.

The three of them headed to the Great Hall of Hogwarts for breakfast as they conversed.

Once seated, Green couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer.

“Cedric, spill the beans! What exactly happened yesterday?”

Not only were these three discussing the matter, but if you observed closely, you’d notice numerous students whispering around the Great Hall.

Some students were already aware of what had transpired in London the previous day.

Wentworth, wearing an expression of anticipation, also joined them.

The events of the previous day seemed to promise an exciting story.

Cedric was about to reveal the carefully prepared story he had crafted when a cacophony of owl hoots filled the air as owls descended into the Great Hall.

“It seems that the answers you seek have arrived,” Cedric remarked, gesturing toward the incoming owls with a wry smile.

Indeed, with the arrival of the owls came an influx of letters from Hogwarts students’ parents and the newspaper’s latest issue.

One of the headlines on the front page of the Daily Prophet read – “Deadly Conflict!”

While the article was extensive, the summary was straightforward:

The Alliance, which had once terrorized Europe and the United States, had staged a resurgence but encountered fierce resistance from the British Ministry of Magic in the UK.

Under the leadership of Minister Fudge, the British Ministry of Magic vowed to combat the Umbra Party with all its might.

In the end, the enraged Alliance attempted to force the British Ministry of Magic to yield by kidnapping a Hogwarts student. However, Minister Fudge used his political acumen to negotiate tirelessly and ultimately exchanged several low-ranking wizards for the young wizard.

The article went on to heap praise on the British Ministry of Magic and Minister Fudge, accompanied by photographs of Fudge during interviews.

In the Hogwarts auditorium, while others were engrossed in the newspaper, Wentworth and Green gazed at Cedric, who seemed bashful.

“Does that mean you’re the Hogwarts student mentioned in the newspaper?” Green pointed to the newspaper and then at Cedric, wearing a disbelieving expression.

Cedric nodded with a blush on his face.

Gasps filled the air as Wentworth and Green both let out astonished breaths.

Before they could react further, cries of “Come and see the latest issue of The Quibbler!” echoed through the Great Hall.

Under Green’s influence and personal connections as a Hufflepuff prefect, a copy of the latest “The Quibbler” soon found its way to their table.

Unlike the Daily Prophet, the front page of The Quibbler displayed only a photograph.

Even though it was just a picture, the photo conveyed a sense of tension and foreboding.

It depicted wizards from two opposing factions confronting each other on the dimly lit streets of London, shrouded in darkness.

On the second page, the reporter provided a detailed account of the incident, from its origins to its resolution. The article concluded with the words:

“I believe we must face a startling fact: Legends have become a reality.”

At the end of the article, a poignant photo illustrated the war-torn streets of London, serving as a reminder that the war was far from being as simple as the Daily Prophet had portrayed.

Witnessing the image on the last page, Wentworth and Green exchanged glances before focusing their attention on Cedric, who was seated next to them, their expressions dumbfounded.

“The First Generation Dark Lord Grindelwald?” Green couldn’t help but ask, pointing to the newspaper in his hand and then at Cedric with disbelief.

Cedric nodded with a shy smile.


Green and Wentworth gasped simultaneously.

Before they could react, Cedric’s attention was drawn to the commotion around them as numerous students began discussing the events in London.

Wentworth couldn’t help but dwell on Green’s words:

“The First Generation Dark Lord Grindelwald?”

The First Generation Dark Lord Grindelwald?

Grindelwald… Grindelwald…

The name sounded oddly familiar. Could it be…?

Lost in thought, Wentworth suddenly realized he had no idea who he truly was.

“Wentworth?” Cedric’s gentle voice brought him back to the present.

Wentworth managed a more awkward smile than heartfelt and replied, “I think… I need to visit the library first.”

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