Observing Rosier as he held the Deathly Hallows pendant aloft, moving deliberately toward the battlefield, the members of the Alliance couldn’t help but feel a pang of nostalgia as they gazed upon the pendant in his hand.

Much like the others, Carlo rushed to Rosier and respectfully bowed before the pendant in his possession.

Carlo rose from his bow, his excitement evident as he questioned Rosier eagerly, “Rosier, is Lord finally willing to come out of Nurmengard?”

Rosier, however, shook his head slowly. Seeing this, Carlo’s expression shifted to one of disappointment.

Rosier explained, “This pendant was retrieved by our young Lord from the Grindelwald family’s vault, and I am here with new orders from the young Lord.”

Hearing Rosier’s words, Carlo immediately straightened himself and responded with the utmost respect, “I shall fulfill the Grindelwald family’s will.”

Rosier acknowledged Carlo’s pledge with a nod and then directed his attention toward the center of the field, where Fudge, guarded by elite Aurors, stood.

Suddenly, a figure from the British Ministry of Magic’s wizard camp dashed towards Rosier.

This unexpected move prompted the wizards of the Alliance to instinctively raise their wands, with Carlo positioning himself in front of Rosier, his wand trained on the approaching wizard.

Carlo sternly warned, “How dare you approach this pendant? Do you understand the significance of this pendant? It is the symbol of Grindelwald, the pride of the Alliance!”

Seeing the Alliance wizard brandishing his wand again, the British Ministry of Magic’s wizards and Aurors were poised for conflict.

Some even shouted from behind, “What are you doing? Get back, Amos!”

However, Amos, the wizard who had approached Rosier, halted a few meters away and pleaded earnestly, “Please don’t harm the boy! Regardless of the circumstances, he’s innocent and just a child!”

Upon seeing his father’s intervention, Cedric felt a pang of heartache, his eyes welling with tears.

But Rosier seemed to pay Amos no heed.

He continued to gaze toward Fudge and Rufus, remarking, “I am Rosier of the Alliance, the new leader of the Alliance and the Grindelwald family’s heir. Our young Lord has a message for Minister Fudge.”

Hearing this, Fudge, though initially dismissive, found himself the center of attention. Reluctantly, he inquired, “What is it you wish to convey? Speak from where you stand.”

Rosier, however, maintained a smirk and replied, “Our young Lord merely instructed me to relay a message to Minister Fudge. I did not mention other wizards who are qualified to listen. I invite Minister Fudge to come closer for a detailed conversation.”

Upon Rosier’s words, the Alliance wizards who had been surrounding him promptly stepped back to create space.

On the other hand, Fudge remained unmoved and retorted, “Are you attempting to deceive me or manipulate the Ministry of Magic? I won’t fall for your tricks!”

Rosier appeared unfazed by Fudge’s response and instead wore a sardonic smile.

She extended his wand, handed it to Abernethy, who stood behind him, and boldly strode toward Fudge.

Witnessing Rosier’s audacious approach into the midst of the Aurors, the onlookers were stunned momentarily. No one dared to intervene.

It wasn’t until Rosier stood directly before Fudge that he spoke again, “Since you wouldn’t come, I came instead. Can we converse now?”

Seeing this, Fudge nodded reluctantly. Rosier signaled for the surrounding Aurors to disperse.

Fudge contemplated for a moment before declaring, “The other Aurors should step back, and Rufus shall remain by my side.”

Fudge’s stance caught Rufus off guard; he hadn’t expected Fudge to be so unyielding.

Fudge’s words didn’t seem to faze Rosier.

She chuckled briefly and asked perplexedly, “How did you become the British Minister for Magic?”

Fudge’s face flushed with anger upon hearing Rosier’s question.

He retorted, “That is a matter concerning the British Ministry of Magic. What does it have to do with your Alliance? What do you wish to discuss? Is your Alliance finally acknowledging reality and considering peace negotiations?”

Rosier merely shrugged dismissively, then responded, “If you perceive it as peace talks, then so be it.”

However, before Fudge could speak, Rosier continued, “I am here to deliver a message from our young Lord. Fudge, are you still intent on retaining your position as British Minister for Magic?”

Fudge was initially taken aback by Rosier’s words, but he pointed an accusatory finger at Rosier and exclaimed, “You… This isn’t peace; it’s a threat!”

Rosier simply shrugged again and quipped, “I never claimed it was peace.”

Fudge retorted fiercely, “Do not grow complacent! The British Ministry of Magic is not a place for your Alliance! If you have the courage, then come and take it!”

Fudge’s words drew surprised glances, even from Rufus, who had not anticipated Fudge’s boldness.

Rosier, however, couldn’t help but chuckle briefly.

Afterward, he locked eyes with Fudge until Fudge felt a chill run down his spine.

Rosier then spoke slowly, “To infiltrate the British Ministry of Magic? It hardly seems necessary, does it? It’s far simpler to remove you from office than it is to infiltrate. Do you really wish to remain as British Minister for Magic?”

Though taken aback by Rosier’s assertion, Fudge tried to maintain his composure.

He retorted, “What you intend to do doesn’t concern me. The British Ministry of Magic is not within your reach! Do you think you can intimidate me into submission?”

But Rosier laughed, seemingly unfazed by Fudge’s response. She continued, “I never mentioned intimidation, did I?”

Seeing this, Fudge declared defiantly, “Do not underestimate me! The British Ministry of Magic is not your playground! If you have the courage, then come and try!”

Fudge’s words ignited a fierce determination in Rufus’ eyes, but Rosier’s laughter persisted.

Afterward, she said calmly, “To barge into the British Ministry of Magic? It hardly seems necessary. But here’s the real question: Are you willing to risk your life to remain as British Minister for Magic? Is it worth the sacrifice?”

Rosier’s words sent a chill down Fudge’s spine as he finally faced the very fear he had always harbored.

The thing he had been dreading most was brought to the forefront by Rosier’s chilling proclamation.

However, Fudge attempted to maintain his facade of courage as he proclaimed, “If you want to reach that point, many members of your Alliance will also pay the price. Their existence will be greatly diminished!”

Rosier nodded in agreement but then continued, “You’re correct. Some among us will perish. Yet, we are prepared to sacrifice everything for our young Lord, even if it means the end of the Alliance here. We are willing to fight to the death for Grindelwald. Are you willing to do the same, Minister?”

The question hung heavily in the air, challenging the very essence of Fudge’s resolve.

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Published On: December 3, 2023

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