Wentworth was overjoyed when he learned that the person before him was the absolute number one student at Hogwarts in the next few years.

After all, Cedric is the one who is genuinely recognized by the Goblet of Fire and can represent Hogwarts.

Harry Potter was just lucky to have the plot armor.

In a previous life, Wentworth, who had experienced the education of the Celestial Empire, knew very well how important it was for a student to have a friend of a scholar, especially since this scholar came from Hufflepuff.

You know, Harry Potter and the others are going to enter Hogwarts next year.

When he decided to stay away from the Big Three of Hogwarts, Wentworth had already excluded Gryffindor and Slytherin.

He wanted to dodge far away from those two houses where trouble and danger seemed to be the norm.

Afterward, under Wentworth’s deliberate flattery and flattery, Amos regarded Wentworth as an extremely motivated and good student before leaving.

He repeatedly instructed Mr. Derek to take care of Wentworth. “As long as you brag about my son, you are a good boy!”

And although Cedric was a little embarrassed about Wentworth’s touting, in the end, Cedric was still a 12-year-old child.

How could the boy in front of him, no older than him, be already mature?

Soon, Cedric had regarded Wentworth as his confidant and friend.

With his father’s request before he left, Cedric took Wentworth onto the Hogwarts Express.

On the way, he refused many invitations and went with Wentworth to find an empty compartment to sit down.

Soon, by the time the Hogwarts Express started, Wentworth and Cedric had become close friends.

Cedric mostly explained Hogwarts to Wentworth, sharing many interesting things about it.

Suddenly, the door of the compartment was pushed open from the outside.

Wentworth watched helplessly as a pair of slender hands pushed open the door.

Then, a girl in a long gothic dress entered, her most eye-catching feature being her dark green eyes.

“It’s you?”

“It’s you!”

The two said in unison.

“You two know each other?” Cedric asked curiously when he saw Wentworth and the girl’s reaction.

“I saw her once while shopping in Diagon Alley before school started. Her name is Cassandra, and like me, she is also a freshman at Hogwarts this year.” Wentworth explained to Cedric.

“The one next to me is Cedric, our senior.” Wentworth introduced Cedric to Cassandra.

“Hello, my name is Cedric, a second-year Hufflepuff,” Cedric hurriedly stretched out his hand and introduced himself.

But Cassandra did not intend to reach out; she just nodded slightly and sat beside Wentworth.

Although Cedric was a little embarrassed, he just shrugged and said nothing.

The atmosphere in the compartment suddenly solidified.

After a while, Cassandra said, “It was full outside. Originally, my father had informed Hogwarts that he would leave a compartment for me, but for some reason, Hogwarts didn’t do it. This matter won’t just end here!”

Cassandra said sternly.

Cedric and Wentworth looked at each other and saw a smile in each other’s eyes, but neither said anything.

Cedric had such a personality, while Wentworth was simply mature for his age and found it amusing.

Seeing that after she finished speaking, neither of them agreed with her.

Cassandra couldn’t help but pout and said, “Hey, do you know who my father is? My father is the head of the Auror Office of the British Ministry of Magic! All Aurors in the UK are under his control!”

Hearing Cassandra say this, Cedric hurriedly said, “Really? So, your father and my father are colleagues!”

“Your father is also an Auror?” Cassandra’s expression softened.

“No, my father works in the Department of Magical Creatures Management and Control at the British Ministry of Magic!”


Cassandra returned to her arrogant look.

At this moment, the compartment door was opened again, and a woman wearing a top hat, a long ponytail, and a trench coat walked in.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but there are no seats in the other compartments. Do you mind if I sit here?”

Although the woman said so, she had already sat down.

In the middle of a compartment full of children, an adult woman suddenly appeared, and the three of them were a little surprised when they looked at the woman who had just entered.

Seemingly aware of the three people’s eyes, the woman smiled and explained, “My name is Ilona. If nothing else, I will be your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for the new semester!”

The three of them instantly looked at each other, dumbfounded.

At this time, the atmosphere in the compartment had dropped to freezing point, and there was no sound.

All three of them sat in their seats, honestly.

Even Cassandra, who was arrogant before, was extremely well-behaved at this time.

Wentworth looked at the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher before him and felt a little familiar. Still, he didn’t know the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher for this semester, and there was no introduction in the original book, so he only thought a little about it.

After a while, Cassandra wanted to make a good impression in front of the new teacher.

Cassandra broke the silence and said, “Ms. Ilona, there seems to be some dirt on the corner of your clothes. Let me clean it up for you!”

“Scourgify!” Cassandra took out her wand and waved it lightly, and the corners of Ilona’s clothes were as neat as new.

“Thank you very much! Ms. Ilona nodded lightly and thanked her with a smile.

At the same time, she picked up the water glass in her hand and took a few sips gracefully.

Her teacher praised Cassandra before school started, and she was obviously a little happy.

Seeing this scene, Cedric, who was on the side, seemed to want to show off in front of the new teacher and immediately took out her wand.

“Mr. Ilona, let me add some water for you!”

With Ilona’s permission, Cedric pointed his wand at Ilona’s water glass, “Aguamenti!”

Afterward, Ilona also expressed her gratitude to Cedric.

In the end, everyone’s eyes were on Wentworth, looking at him with piercing eyes.

This made Wentworth, who was watching energetically from the side, have a stiff expression on his face.

“What are you looking at me for? Do you want me to perform an Occlumencyfor you? You two won’t be able to perform Legilimency either!” Wentworth thought.

When Wentworth was feeling embarrassed, the compartment door was opened again.

“Does anyone want some snacks?” the salesperson asked politely.

This made Wentworth heave a sigh of relief and then said, “In that case, let me show you my magic!”

Afterward, Wentworth took out a golden galleon from his pocket, pointed to the vending cart, and said, “I’ll buy all of these!”

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Published On: August 18, 2023

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