Carlo’s rallying cry served as a charge, and the witches and wizards behind Abernathy raised their wands simultaneously.

Facing Carlo’s advance, Rufus gestured the Aurors prepared to engage, their wands at the ready.

Seeing Carlo take the lead in charging toward the Aurors, several of the Aurors aimed their wands at him and cast disarming spells.


Several spells flew toward Carlo, but he appeared unfazed, neither dodging nor defending.

“Alliance? They’re just…”

An Auror began to voice his disdain when suddenly:


At that moment, a spell from behind Carlo enveloped him in a protective layer of armor.

This unexpected development left the Aurors stunned.

While they were seasoned in capturing individual dark wizards, they lacked experience in large-scale wizarding battles like today’s one.

As the Aurors were momentarily perplexed by Carlo’s sudden transformation and his rush through their disarming spells, Carlo waved his wand and exclaimed:


Instantly, the sky seemed to darken as a multitude of sand and gravel particles surged forward, accompanied by a powerful whirlwind. It swept some Aurors off their feet.

Carlo’s mocking voice reached the ears of the Auror in front:

“You think this is a duel? It’s not; it’s a war! Disarming spells? They won’t work here!”

At this moment, amidst the Aurors’ panic, a steadfast voice resounded:


The effect of the sandstorm quickly dissipated from a single point outward.

Many Aurors opened their eyes to witness Rufus half-crouched with his wand embedded in the ground.

“Never underestimate our Aurors!” Rufus declared through gritted teeth, facing Carlo.

Carlo didn’t seem perturbed that his spell had been countered.

Instead, he responded with excitement, “This is getting interesting!”

Guided by Rufus, the Aurors regained their composure and firmly grasped their wands.

However, as the sandstorm dissipated, Rufus Scrimgeour and the Aurors were surprised to find that the number of Alliance wizards on the opposing side had significantly dwindled.

Most of those remaining were middle-aged wizards, descendants of the first generation of the Alliance.

Many elderly wizards who had initially been with Carlo had disappeared.

“Look behind us!” came the exclamations from Aurors at the rear.

Rufus realized that the situation had shifted rapidly. In a brief moment, Alliance wizards had Apparated behind the Aurors, encircling them.

In terms of numbers, the Aurors were evenly matched with the Alliance.

However, they lacked to gain experience in large-scale wizarding conflicts, especially when pitted against the Alliance.

Though Rufus had quickly countered Carlo’s spell, that short delay had given the Alliance a significant advantage.

“Kyle, guard our rear! The rest of you, follow me to deal with the Alliance in front!” Rufus ordered, but the Alliance wizards wasted no time assaulting the Aurors.


A shamanic wizard at the forefront cast a Stunning Spell toward an Auror directly in front.

The Auror swiftly dodged the attack while returning fire, causing the Alliance wizard to lose consciousness.


Unfortunately, the Auror behind him was unprepared, and he was struck by a Stunning Spell from behind, falling unconscious.

The quick-thinking Auror retaliated with a Stunning Spell, but the Alliance wizard, protected by his comrade’s armor and body protection, emerged unscathed.

Similar scenes unfolded across the battlefield.

Over ten Aurors had been incapacitated in the first wave of Alliance attacks.

Watching his Aurors fall one by one to Alliance curses, Rufus felt a sense of shock and urgency.

He also recognized that the Alliance had refrained from using Unforgivable Curses, particularly the deadly Avada Kedavra.

Nevertheless, the battle’s toll was unacceptable to the Aurors’ side…

As Rufus observed his Aurors struggling against the Alliance, he realized that changes were needed; otherwise, failure was imminent.

With this realization, Rufus grabbed an Auror beside him, helped him evade a Stunning Spell, and whispered in his ear, “Go find Minister Fudge immediately! Tell him that the Alliance will break in if he doesn’t come out!”

The Auror nodded vigorously and quickly departed, racing back to the Ministry of Magic.

Upon his return, he found Fudge standing in the hall, surrounded by Ministry of Magic wizards.

While Fudge had been aware of the ongoing battle, he had hesitated in making a decision.

Upon hearing the message delivered by an Auror, Fudge realized there was no time to waver.

Promptly, Fudge rallied all available wizards from the Ministry of Magic, regardless of their department or role, as long as they could wield a wand.

When Fudge saw that their numbers exceeded those of the Aurors, he breathed a sigh of relief, as the initial trepidation was replaced with determination.

“Come with me. Let the dark wizards of the Alliance witness the might of the British Ministry of Magic!”

With resolve, Fudge led the assembled wizards onto the battlefield.

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Published On: December 2, 2023

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