Abernathy was met with deafening silence, but within this ominous stillness, the Alliance wizards before him slowly raised their wands, one by one, two by two, until numerous wands were raised.

Observing this scene, Abernathy couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

He then turned his attention to Carlo, who had been on the ground, and spoke chillingly, “You wish to see the young master? Then prove to the young master that you are worthy of that tattoo! The Alliance has no use for the feeble.”

Hearing Abernathy’s words, Carlo, who had been crawling on the ground, sprang to his feet.

He clenched his wand tightly, his eyes filled with madness as he stared intently at Abernathy.

Abernathy, standing alone, continued to make his way towards Rufus, who awaited him and the Aurors behind Rufus.

Seeing Abernathy approaching alone, Rufus subtly signaled to the Aurors behind him to prepare for a confrontation.

As Abernathy moved closer, the sun above was blocked by the black veil, and behind him stood countless Alliance wizards who, while silent, exuded solemn determination.

Although the Aurors were well-trained, most had never experienced a wizarding battle on this scale, and tension radiated through their ranks.

Only Abernathy’s footsteps echoed through the narrow street.

But just as Abernathy reached the midpoint between the two groups, he came to a halt.

With a respectful salute to Rufus, he spoke with politeness, “I am Abernathy of the Alliance, representing our new leader, the Grindelwald family heir, our young master. I bid you all greetings.”

Seeing this, Rufus glanced back, knowing that Fudge must be closely monitoring the situation.

However, Rufus didn’t detect the presence of the Minister of Magic.

With a sigh, Rufus stepped forward, walking toward Abernathy. He replied calmly, “I am Rufus Scrimgeour, Head of the Auror Office at the British Ministry of Magic. I hereby order you to depart immediately.”

Hearing Rufus Scrimgeour’s words, Abernathy smiled and responded indifferently, “Of course, I can leave, but I’m taking our member with me. You know exactly who I’m referring to, correct?”

Rufus humbly replied, “I’ve brought him back to assist in the investigation. If he is proven innocent, we will naturally release him. Until then, the Ministry guarantees his safety.”

Abernathy gradually wiped away his smile, his expression now devoid of emotion. He said flatly, “Rufus, history will remember your name. Today, you’ve chosen war.”

As Abernathy and Rufus confronted each other outside the British Ministry of Magic, several owls delivered letters to the Hogwarts campus.

Cedric received a letter from his father, opening it with surprise etched on his face. He was puzzled as to why his father would send him a letter at this time.

However, as Cedric read the letter, he went into a trance, and the letter slipped from his fingers, falling to the ground. The letter read:

“Cedric, you must be wondering why I am writing to you at this time? My son, you have always been my pride. You are good, kind, and loyal…

Today, in the city of London, a legendary scene unfolded, with countless black veils shrouding the city—a symbol of the Alliance.

I used to believe it existed only in archives and history. Yet, today, it materialized in London, advancing toward the Ministry of Magic.

Although your father is not an Auror, as a member of the Ministry of Magic, it is only natural to stand with his colleagues!

As the war approaches, my only concern is for you. I do not know if we will have another chance. Therefore, I wrote this letter to convey my love and pride as your father.

After the war, should we emerge victorious, I will write another letter to share the news of peace. Do not read further.”

Cedric stood in a daze, taking a long time to regain his senses. The letter’s contents shocked him, making him realize that the war was much closer than he had ever imagined.

“No, I must go to London, to the Ministry of Magic!”

With those words, Cedric rushed out of his bedroom in a panic.

Cedric paid no attention to the surprised gazes of passing Hufflepuff students.

His only thought was that he had to reach London to see his father.

As for how to get to London? Cedric had already made up his mind.

He would seek out Headmaster Dumbledore; such a matter would surely prompt him to take action!

Yet, as he passed by Wentworth’s bedroom door, Cedric hesitated.

After some consideration, he felt it necessary to bid farewell to Wentworth.

After all, he couldn’t be certain if they would ever meet again.

Approaching Wentworth’s bedroom door, Cedric burst inside and urgently addressed him, “What’s happening?”

Cedric didn’t say a word; instead, he embraced Wentworth, then spoke, “Wentworth, I’m heading to the Ministry of Magic. If I don’t return, remember you had a good friend named Cedric Diggory!”

Wentworth was left perplexed…

Seeing Cedric turn and leave, Wentworth quickly caught hold of him.

“No, what’s going on? Explain yourself!”

Cedric struggled a few times but eventually revealed the situation in London to Wentworth.

On another note, Rosier received a letter from Abernathy.

After reading the letter, Rosier flicked it lightly, causing the letter to disintegrate into pieces that fluttered into the nearby wastebasket.

The letter had contained Abernathy’s plans and intentions.

Rosier stood up and gazed out the window, saying to herself, “Abernathy, while I agree with your plan, I must discuss this matter with the young master. Even if it exposes my identity, I must inform Wentworth of what’s transpiring in London.”

With her decision made, Rosier hurried to Wentworth’s bedroom.

However, as she reached the door, she saw Cedric inside and overheard him saying, “This is the situation in London right now.”

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Published On: November 30, 2023

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