Looking at Grindelwald before him, Dumbledore spoke with profound meaning, “Absolute power sometimes begets immense chaos.”

Maintaining eye contact with Dumbledore, Grindelwald responded with neither humility nor arrogance, “But absolute power can also quell all chaos.”

The two fell silent, sitting side by side, gazing quietly out the window at Nurmengard’s surroundings.

Meanwhile, Fudge and Umbridge stood together in the corridors of the British Ministry of Magic, surrounded by numerous Aurors, poised and ready.

In front of Fudge, an Auror from the Ministry of Magic reported, “Minister Fudge, there are numerous wizards of unknown origin approaching the Ministry, slowly converging towards it.”

In London’s streets, Abernathy strolled calmly amidst buildings cloaked in black veils.

Following behind him were several individuals: Rita with curly hair and glasses and Xenophilius, who held his daughter Luna’s hand.

As Abernathy, leading the group, neared the British Ministry of Magic, Rita’s nervous heart threatened to leap from her chest.

If Ministry officials spotted her walking with the Alliance, she might be destined for Azkaban for life.

Thus, Rita tremulously inquired, “Mister Abernathy, what exactly do you want us to do here? My magical abilities are quite limited. I only graduated as a reporter!”

Xenophilius nodded in agreement, while Luna, tightly gripping her father’s hand, looked on with curiosity.

Walking ahead of them, Abernathy responded without turning back, “Don’t worry, I didn’t bring you here to fight for the Alliance.”

Rita and Xenophilius breathed sighs of relief simultaneously.

Abernathy continued, “You’re not yet qualified.”

The two individuals exchanged glances.

“I want you to document everything that transpires today and then report it to the magical world. Let the entire wizarding community know what transpired in London today. Any objections?”

Before they could react, Abernathy produced two bags of gold Galleons, tossed them to Rita and Xenophilius, and then vanished, leaving them with one statement, “This is your payment!”

With a rush of air, Abernathy reappeared on the street directly above the British Ministry of Magic.

Standing opposite him was Rufus, with a row of Aurors holding wands behind him.

At Abernathy’s sudden appearance, a young Auror among Rufus’ group instinctively raised his wand.

In the next instant, with a “pop,” the young Auror’s wand flew out of his hand.

Without glancing at the young Auror, Abernathy remarked, “Young man, don’t tremble so much when holding your wand. A Ministry Auror should be able to keep a firm grip on their wand.”

The young Auror’s face reddened instantly.

With Abernathy’s arrival, numerous wizards dressed in various attire silently followed him, filling the street behind him amid countless magical explosions.

Simultaneously, the black veils that had gathered over London coincidentally positioned above Rufus’ location.

Looking above, Abernathy muttered softly, “This is a sight to remember.”

He then regarded the many wizards following him, some of whom he recognized and some he did not.

Among them were young wizards.

Amid the crowd, Abernathy saw remnants of comrades from battles fought long ago.

Abernathy turned to face the assembled crowd and, utilizing Sonorus, spoke loudly, “Family, loved ones, I am Abernathy. Today, I have gathered you here to convey an important message. Some of you may already know, while others are unaware, but I have my suspicions.”

“That’s right! Our Alliance’s leader, the Grindelwald family’s heir, has returned. Our Alliance will no longer be a mere faction of remnants. We remain the future of the wizarding world!”

Abercrombie’s words initially met with silence, but then, from somewhere in the crowd, someone shouted, and soon after, a deafening chorus of slogans filled the London air.

“For the greater good!”

The Alliance members repeated this slogan fervently.

Tears welled in the eyes of many, while others were fueled by fanaticism.

A disheveled-looking wizard made his way through the crowd, reaching Abernathy, and urgently inquired, “What about the young master? Let me see the young master immediately!”

Abernathy observed the somewhat frenzied wizard before him and calmly responded, “Carlo, I recall your solemn oath that the Carlo family would forever be vassals to the Grindelwald family. You have sworn allegiance to the master and the master’s descendants. Yet, your descendants chose to follow Voldemort and became so-called Death Eaters. Why did you not uphold your oath?”

Hearing Abernathy’s words, the wizard known as Carlo fell to the ground, trembling, and confessed, “No, no, no! I never forgot my oath! It’s all my fault, entirely my fault! I failed to guide my descendants properly, and they betrayed me, even stealing my sacred artifact! I disowned them for this betrayal!”

With that, Carlo ripped apart his already tattered shirt, revealing a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol on his chest.

Carlo displayed the tattoo on his chest to Abernathy and those behind him, explaining with pain etched across his face, “After they stole my sacred artifact, I left the Carlo family. However, I never forgot my identity and the oath I swore. So, I had this tattoo inked onto my body. For all these years, I’ve wandered, waiting for this day!”

Subsequently, Carlo produced his wand and declared firmly, “If the young master doubts my loyalty, I am willing to make an unbreakable vow!”

Observing Carlo’s actions, Abernathy glanced behind him at the crowd and then asked, “What about the rest of you? Are you also prepared to wield your wands in service of a new holy war for the glory of Grindelwald and the Alliance?”

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Published On: November 29, 2023

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