After a prolonged pause, Fudge, who had just grasped the gravity of the situation, pointed a trembling finger at Rufus before him, uttering his disbelief, “How dare you! How dare you make such a monumental decision without my authorization? Do you comprehend the nature of those wizards in the Alliance? They are a group of fanatics!”

“Grindelwald, who infiltrated the Magical Congress of the United States for several months, turned the Magical Congress into a laughingstock in the entire magical world! And now, you dare to openly provoke the British Ministry of Magic and potentially incite war with the Alliance?!”

In response to Fudge’s scolding, Rufus Scrimgeour stated firmly, “Minister Fudge, I’m not attempting to incite war between the British Ministry of Magic and the Alliance. I am merely fulfilling my duties as the Head of the Auror.”

However, Fudge remained unconvinced by Rufus’ response.

With an exasperated wave of his hand, he angrily demanded, “Enough! You’ve said your piece, so what should we do now?”

Rufus, who had a plan in place, calmly replied, “Minister Fudge, I’ve already issued orders for the recall of all Aurors. You must understand that London is the seat of the Ministry, and our wizarding population far outnumbers that of the Alliance.”

Hearing this, Fudge’s expression relaxed slightly; his previous outburst was primarily a reaction to the shock of impending war.

Deep down, he knew that the British Ministry of Magic held unparalleled authority within the UK’s wizarding world.

Fudge now appeared more composed as he questioned, “And the second matter?”

Rufus Scrimgeour had already contemplated the course of action and proceeded confidently, “For the second matter, Minister Fudge, I suggest you promptly dispatch a letter to the International Confederation of Wizards and the Ministries of Magic in European countries, requesting their assistance. We need their Aurors to support us. The more reinforcements we have, the greater our chances of success.”

Fudge, however, voiced a lingering concern, “Will they come to our aid? You must understand that, despite surface appearances, the Ministries of Magic in various countries engage in a covert power struggle.”

In response to Fudge’s question, Rufus expressed assurance, “They will come because the Alliance led by Grindelwald is a nightmare that haunts the minds of many. No one wishes to witness the return of the Alliance.”

Fudge suddenly realized and nodded before promptly responding, “Very well, I will draft a letter immediately, informing them that the menace that once loomed over the Ministries of Magic in Europe and America has once again revealed its fangs.”

As Fudge was about to depart to write the letter, Rufus detained him with a firm grip.

“What is it? Is there something else, Rufus?” inquired Fudge, surprised by the unexpected hold-up.

Rufus nodded slowly and spoke with deliberation, “One more thing, Minister Fudge. I believe you should send a letter to Dumbledore. We do not yet know how many wizards will flock to the Alliance’s side, let alone who might emerge.”

With a disconcerting pause, Rufus continued, “However, if Grindelwald were to leave Nurmengard and come to London, I fear that none but Dumbledore would be a match for him.”

At the reminder from Rufus, Fudge realized the gravity of the situation.

If the Alliance were considered a menacing specter haunting the Ministries of Magic in Europe and America, then this evil force that could leave even the Ministries of Magic helpless was none other than Grindelwald.

The wizard who had singlehandedly infiltrated the Magical Congress of the United States without detection for several months and nearly decimated all of Paris in a dance of destruction—an individual revered as a leader by countless witches and wizards in his time.

Although Fudge was known for his self-importance, he wasn’t a fool.

In the face of Grindelwald, his magical abilities were utterly inconsequential.

This understanding prompted Fudge to nod solemnly and declare, “You’re absolutely right. Except for Dumbledore, any other wizard attempting to defeat Grindelwald would likely lead to the deaths of countless wizards. I will send a letter to Dumbledore right away. As the President of the International Confederation of Wizards, this is a responsibility he must bear.”

True to his word, Fudge hastily began making his way to his office to compose a letter addressed to Dumbledore.

However, in the midst of this, Umbridge, who had been silent for a while, unexpectedly interjected, “Hold on a moment, Minister Fudge.”

Taken aback by Umbridge’s interruption, Fudge furrowed his brow and questioned, “What is it? Is there something more pressing than this matter at hand?”

Umbridge approached Fudge with a subtle smile, taking two steps forward before whispering in a low voice, “Have you considered how to word this letter to Dumbledore?”

Baffled by Umbridge’s sudden inquiry, Fudge hesitated for a moment before responding truthfully, “Of course, I intend to inform Albus about the situation here and request his presence to confront Grindelwald.”

Umbridge gently shook her head and explained, “Mr. Minister, I believe you should draft this letter with greater precision. After informing Dumbledore of the situation, he suggests visiting Nurmengard first to confirm whether Grindelwald is still imprisoned there. If Grindelwald remains in Nurmengard, request that Dumbledore oversee him there temporarily.”

Fudge appeared somewhat pensive upon hearing Umbridge’s words.

Addressing Rufus Scrimgeour’s question, Umbridge elaborated, “Without Grindelwald, the Alliance is essentially a gathering of ordinary elderly wizards. With the combined strength of the British Ministry of Magic and the Aurors from other countries, they would pose no significant threat and could easily be subdued. And, Mr. Minister, this achievement could be touted as a remarkable feat under your leadership.”

Pausing meaningfully, Umbridge continued, “However, the condition is that Dumbledore cannot appear in London, as there may be some wizards who would credit him for their defeat.”

Umbridge’s message was delivered with implicit intent.

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Published On: November 28, 2023

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