For some time after that, Wentworth learned Occlumency every day under the training of Rosier and others.

When the school start date approached, Wentworth could finally do it; even when facing Abernathy, he could hide his thoughts well.

Time quickly came to September 1st, the day when Hogwarts started school.

Wentworth got up early that day, and under the leadership of Abernathy, he Apparated directly to platform 9¾.

“Abernathy, why didn’t you see Grandma Rosier today?” Wentworth asked curiously while standing in front of the platform.

Initially, Wentworth thought that Rosier must have come to see him off, but he didn’t expect Abernathy to knock on his door this morning, and Rosier never showed up.

Abernathy replied with a smile, “Dear Wentworth, as a man, you have to understand that no matter how strong a woman is, they are always soft! Rosier thinks you’re leaving her alone to go to Hogwarts. It’s unbearable sadness.”

“Rosier said that she couldn’t stand the feeling of separation, so she simply didn’t come. Haha.”

In fact, this was what Rosier had negotiated with them.

They didn’t want to reveal Rosier’s actual whereabouts to Wentworth, lest he worry about her safety and disagree with Rosier going to Hogwarts to become the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

After listening to Abernathy’s explanation, Wentworth remembered the days and nights he had spent with them.

Although the dark wizards before him were crazier than the Death Eaters, he had to say they had unique ways.

He was genuinely fond of them and considered them as his family.

Wentworth was also heartbroken at the thought of parting.

“Okay, Wentworth, come in! When you arrive at Hogwarts, remember to write to us! If you need help, let us know in the letter! Most importantly, you know what to do if there is any danger!” Abernathy whispered in Wentworth’s ear.

“I understand. I will always remember that, don’t worry, Abernathy.” Wentworth replied confidently.

Wentworth pulled out a pendant from his clothes.

It was taken from the Grindelwald family vault at Gringotts.

The pendant had a triangular shape with a circle and a vertical line inscribed, representing the Deathly Hallows.

Wentworth wore it around his neck, but Abernathy solemnly placed it under his shirt.

“Remember, this pendant, don’t let others see it casually. It is a symbol! However, if you are in danger one day, infuse magic into the pendant; no matter where we are in the world, we will feel your presence at the fastest speed.”

“Alright, Wentworth, it’s getting late. Let’s go!” Abernathy patted Wentworth on the shoulder and said very solemnly.

Then, Wentworth pushed his suitcase, aimed at the legendary pillar, closed his eyes, and rushed in.

Abernathy watched Wentworth disappear before him and was about to leave but instantly became alert and hurriedly reached for his wand.

“Abernathy, who allowed you to embellish my part of a story like that?”

Abernathy heaved a sigh of relief as Rosier’s voice came from behind him.

Abernathy looked back and saw a woman wearing a top hat, a long ponytail, and a dark green trench coat appearing behind him.

“Oh, Rosier, sure enough, no matter what you become, you have such a noble temperament, like a warm rose in a barren land. I think you need to pretend more; you know you will meet Dumbledore!”

But Rosier ignored Abernathy’s flattery, looked into his eyes, and said, “Who told you that no matter how strong a woman is, their hearts are always soft? Do you really know women well, Abernathy?”

Abernathy smiled awkwardly, not knowing how to respond.

And Rosier, ignoring Abernathy, walked straight to platform 9¾.

“However, what you said is right, I really can’t stand the separation, so I must let him come out of that tower in an open and fair way!”

After speaking, Rosier disappeared in front of platform 9¾ leaving only Abernathy.

Meanwhile, Wentworth had already arrived in front of the old-looking train, and the sadness of parting had been entirely replaced by excitement for the new life at Hogwarts.

“Is this the Hogwarts train? It doesn’t look as good as I thought it would be…”

Wentworth looked at the dilapidated train in front of him, although he had told himself that this was Britain in 1990 and he shouldn’t judge it from the perspective of more than 20 years later.

But for Wentworth, who was used to riding the Harmony and the Renaissance in his previous life, the train in front of him might seem shabby and unworthy of recognition.

“Yes, the train is indeed old, but it’s part of Hogwarts, isn’t it?”

At that moment, a male voice sounded behind Wentworth.

Wentworth turned his head and saw a handsome and sunny boy standing there, accompanied by a middle-aged man with a backpack.

“Hogwarts freshman? Hello, my name is Cedric, Cedric Diggory!” Cedric greeted with a smile that could captivate thousands of girls, extending his hand to Wentworth.

And the man behind Cedric followed closely and said, “Cedric, my son, he had the best grades among the freshmen at Hogwarts last year! All O’s!”

Upon learning that the person in front of him was Cedric, Wentworth was momentarily stunned.

He didn’t expect to meet an important character from the Harry Potter novels so quickly.

He quickly put on a brilliant smile.

“Hello, senior! I’m a freshman at Hogwarts; you can call me Wentworth! It’s a pleasure to meet you, senior. Are all the seniors at Hogwarts so dignified and impressive? I feel… It’s quite stressful!”

Cedric didn’t expect Wentworth to speak so directly.

He blushed for a moment and didn’t know how to answer.

Amos, who was behind Cedric, said triumphantly, “No, kid, you’re a freshman, and you don’t know yet. In fact, most of the students at Hogwarts barely pass their grades!”

“So, if you have any questions in the future, feel free to ask Cedric. That’s it! He’ll help you!” Amos said proudly with a smile while patting Cedric on the back.

“Father, I don’t want you to say that to my classmates. Everyone has different strengths and interests!” Cedric replied.

Cedric looked at Wentworth with a warm smile, “However, Wentworth, if you have any doubts or difficulties in the future, you are still welcome to come to me! It would be even better if we ended up in the same house, Hufflepuff!”

“Oh? Is this really how Cedric is? I like him!” Wentworth thought excitedly.

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Published On: August 18, 2023

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