This sudden turn of events left the entire scene in stunned silence, with the audience erupting in a chorus of startled exclamations.

Closest to Wentworth at that moment was Green, who experienced a brief moment of shock before reacting swiftly.

He mounted his broomstick and descended rapidly toward Wentworth, who was plummeting at a high speed.

Despite Green’s rapid response, by the time he reached Wentworth, Marcus had already seized him, and the two began their descent.

Combined with the gravitational force acting on them, Green couldn’t bridge the gap in time.

Meanwhile, Cedric, who had rushed onto the field to celebrate with his close friend, witnessed the scene.

Gritting his teeth, he sprinted toward the spot where Wentworth was falling.

Aware that his own magical abilities might not suffice to stop Wentworth’s rapid descent, Cedric extended his hands without hesitation, despite the potential risk of being struck by someone falling at high speed.

Fortunately, they weren’t the only ones witnessing the first Quidditch match of the new Hogwarts school year.

Just as Wentworth and Marcus Flint were about to collide with the ground, the Hogwarts professors who were initially leaving the venue, upon hearing the students’ exclamations, turned their attention back to the scene.

“Levitate them! Levitate them!”

Almost simultaneously, different voices cried out, and several levitation spells, cast by different professors, struck Wentworth and Marcus.

However, Marcus had only one levitation charm from Professor Snape, compared to Wentworth being enveloped by at least four levitation charms.

The audience collectively gasped as they watched Wentworth and Marcus come to a halt less than three meters above the ground.

In a peculiar turn of events, Green, who had been descending alongside Marcus, seemed either genuinely incapable of controlling his broom or intentionally executed a maneuver.

He collided with Marcus broom suspended in mid-air.

Following their mid-air collision, both of them tumbled onto the Quidditch pitch’s grass, rolling for several rotations before finally coming to a stop.

This spectacle drew another round of shocked gasps from the onlookers.

Yet, as soon as Green halted his roll, he sprang to his feet, straddling Marcus and pinning him to the ground.

Fuming with anger, Green bellowed at Marcus Flint, “What were you thinking? You scoundrel! Are you trying to kill him? You’re a murderer! It’s outright murder!”

Witnessing this, everyone, including other Hogwarts professors and even Professor Dumbledore, rushed to Wentworth’s side.

Although Professor Snape furrowed his brow at first, he appeared to ease up upon noticing that Professor Ilona had retrieved her wand.

To Professor Snape, Green riding on Marcus Flint’s body might not be an entirely negative development.

“How’s Wentworth feeling?” Cedric inquired, offering support to Wentworth, who still appeared shaken.

Wentworth shook his head silently, indicating that he was unharmed.

However, when he cast a glance toward Marcus, who was currently pinned down by Green, Wentworth instinctively reached into his robes.

Upon realizing his wand was left in the lounge before the match started, he let out a breath of relief.

With Wentworth confirmed to be okay, attention shifted to Marcus.

“Green, release Marcus first,” Professor McGonagall ordered sternly.

Hesitating for a moment upon hearing Professor McGonagall’s voice, Green finally relinquished his hold on Marcus Flint as Wentworth and the other professors approached.

Green then picked Marcus up by his hair.

In the very next moment, Wentworth lunged forward with a stride, kicking Marcus squarely in the abdomen and sending him tumbling away.

Had Cedric not restrained him from behind, Wentworth might have inflicted more harm.

“Dear me! Wentworth, how could you…”

Before Professor McGonagall could complete her sentence, Professor Ilona interjected.

“Wentworth! What are you doing? Remember, you’re a wizard! Issues should be resolved with magic!”

Professor Ilona extended her wand toward Wentworth, but he shook his head regretfully, pushing Professor Ilona’s wand away.

“Thank you, Professor Ilona, but I practice both magic and martial arts!”

Professor Ilona wore a puzzled expression as she observed Wentworth, who seemed to have calmed down somewhat after his outburst.

Professor Dumbledore, who had remained silent for a while, finally spoke up. “First, let’s inquire with Marcus Flint about why he did this.”

Upon hearing the Headmaster’s statement, Professor Snape stepped forward, seized Marcus by the collar, and hoisted him up for all to see.

Marcus appeared almost frightened at this point, unable to fathom how he could have committed such an act.

Yet, as he stood there, his eyes became clouded, and a look of hatred washed over his face when he saw Wentworth.

Uttering an exclamation in his mind, Wentworth was about to voice his thoughts, but he noticed an abrupt shift in the atmosphere around him.

Several Hogwarts professors, including Professor Ilona and Professor Dumbledore, along with others, immediately swarmed Marcus.

Professor McGonagall, on the other hand, shouted loudly, signaling all the other Hogwarts students to leave and return to their dormitories.

This sudden change bewildered Wentworth.

After a brief pause, Professor Ilona spoke first, “It’s not the Imperius Curse, though there are indeed traces of a curse. It differs from the Imperius Curse.”

In response to Professor Ilona’s statement, Professor Snape leaned in close to Marcus Flint’s mouth, then twisted his waist sharply.

A scream escaped Marcus Flint’s lips, and Professor Snape stated, “There’s a lingering potion scent, but it’s unclear what kind of potion it is.”

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Published On: November 21, 2023

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