When Marcus heard Wentworth’s parting words, anger surged through his chest, and his eyes reddened with fury.

Simultaneously, a persistent voice echoed in his mind:

“Defeat Wentworth, victory belongs to Slytherin!”

Determined to act, Marcus followed Wentworth from behind on his broomstick, discreetly extending his hand.

However, just as Marcus Flint was about to reach Wentworth, Green unexpectedly positioned himself in front of Marcus. With a vigilant look, Green asked, “What do you want, kid?”

Green’s sudden appearance snapped Marcus back to his senses.

In the midst of this confrontation, Wentworth, who had heard voices approaching from behind, also reacted and spotted Green in the standoff with Marcus Flint.

Seeing the Hufflepuff and Slytherin players’ attention shifting to their confrontation, Marcus Flint was forced to shoot Wentworth a resentful glare and said, “Wentworth, just you wait! You might be cautious, but you won’t win this game! Victory belongs to Slytherin!”

With these words, Marcus turned and flew away.

As Marcus departed, Green also shifted his focus back to Wentworth, cautioning, “Wentworth, be careful with Marcus. He seems off today!”

Listening to Green’s advice, Wentworth replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, Senior. If that kid were a Beater, he might stare me down and pelt me with Bludgers. But as a Chaser, he can’t just whip out his wand and cast spells on me!”

Green pondered for a moment but decided to ask Wentworth once more.

After Wentworth confirmed his readiness, Green nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Slytherin’s Seeker, having miraculously returned to the field after consuming Professor Snape’s potion and receiving a quick treatment from Madam Pomfrey, received a warm welcome from Slytherin supporters in the stands.

Professor Snape, back in the stands, commented sourly, “Wentworth certainly has a sharp mind. I hope he applies it as diligently to his studies.”

Upon hearing Professor Snape’s words, Professor Ilona, sitting in the front row, half-jokingly and half-seriously remarked, “Apart from Cassandra, there aren’t many first-year students who can rival Wentworth, right? It appears Professor Snape has high hopes for him!”

Professor Snape’s expression darkened further upon Ilona’s comment, but he refrained from responding, emitting only a heavy grunt.

The live match resumed at that point.

On the Quidditch pitch, Hufflepuff and Slytherin players battled back and forth, with both sides experiencing wins and losses.

However, Slytherin consistently maintained the upper hand in the score.

During the match, both Wentworth and Slytherin’s Seeker caught sight of the Golden Snitch briefly.

However, they were thwarted by the opposing Beaters as soon as they began their pursuit.

Gradually, the situation reached a stalemate.

At that moment, Wentworth heard a whistle on the field.

Glancing in the direction of the sound, he saw Green.

Wentworth felt elation because this was the signal Hufflepuff had agreed upon before the match, signifying that the Golden Snitch had been spotted.

Without hesitation, Wentworth moved in Green’s direction, keeping silent.

Halfway there, Wentworth glimpsed the figure of the Golden Snitch not far from Green.

However, just as Wentworth was closing in on the Snitch, he heard Marcus Flint shouting from the other side, “Wentworth found the Snitch!”

Marcus yell drew the attention of everyone on the field toward Wentworth.

Frustrated by this sudden development, Wentworth couldn’t help but curse, “Marcus, are you insane? Why are you focusing solely on me?”

Having spoken his piece, Wentworth wasted no time and accelerated toward the Golden Snitch.

Simultaneously, Marcus who had been curiously fixated on Wentworth all day, was also gripped by a surge of anger upon hearing Wentworth’s shout.

Despite these emotions, Marcus understood that this was not the time to dwell on them.

Seeing Wentworth draw closer to the Snitch than Slytherin’s Seeker, Marcus knew he had to intervene.

Therefore, without uttering a word, Marcus mounted his broom and headed in Wentworth’s direction.

Seeing Marcus steadily approaching, Green turned around to shield Wentworth from Marcus.

“Wentworth, go catch that Golden Snitch; leave the rest to me!” Green commanded loudly.

With no time to respond, Wentworth’s focus narrowed to the Golden Snitch right in front of him, darting and weaving.

As Wentworth closed in on the Snitch bit by bit, Marcus drew nearer as well. However, Green stood firmly between Marcus and Wentworth.

Both Green and Marcus clashed in the air, with Marcus attempting to force his way past Green to interfere with Wentworth’s capture of the Golden Snitch.

Green, meanwhile, did everything in his power to keep Marcus Flint away from Wentworth.

As the two grappled, the stadium suddenly erupted with exuberant cheers.

Both Green and Marcus Flint turned their heads in surprise.

Not far ahead, Wentworth held the Golden Snitch high, soaking in the raucous applause.

“Oh, oh, oh! I knew it all along that Wentworth is Hufflepuff’s lucky star! I’ve known it for ages!” Green exclaimed with delight, ignoring Marcus Flint at his side.

The game having concluded, only Hufflepuff players remained on the Quidditch pitch, jubilantly celebrating their victory.

Slytherin players, defeated, gradually descended to the ground in preparation to leave.

In the stands, Slytherin supporters, dejected, were also getting ready to depart.

The resounding cheers from Hufflepuff were a stinging mockery to them.

In that moment, Marcus appeared to be in a daze.

He couldn’t believe that Slytherin had suddenly and inexplicably lost the match!

All Marcus could see was Wentworth, who had just kissed the Golden Snitch in his hand, and the name “Wentworth” resounded loudly in the Hufflepuff cheers from the audience.

That name echoed relentlessly in Marcus’s mind:

“Wentworth! Defeat Wentworth, victory belongs to Slytherin!”

As his vision blurred, Marcus Flint, to the shock of everyone present, rushed toward Wentworth, crushing into him, and the two descended together from the sky!

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Published On: November 20, 2023

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