Upon hearing her daughter Luna’s words, Xenophilius paused for a moment.

After a brief silence, he turned to Luna and said, “You’re right, Luna. Maybe I should get to know this young man. Perhaps this could be significant news.”

Without further ado, Xenophilius walked over to his desk and began writing a letter.

Luna picked up the photograph on the table and examined it closely.

Before long, an owl flew from Xenophilius’ house, carrying the letter he had penned, bound for Hogwarts.

Meanwhile, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall were enjoying some delightful Honey Candy in the Headmaster’s office at Hogwarts.

Professor Dumbledore was savoring the candy while Professor McGonagall watched him.

“Minerva, are you certain you won’t try one?” He extended a Honey Candy toward Professor McGonagall.

However, Professor McGonagall’s gaze remained fixed on him, and she spoke in a serious tone, “Albus, I hope you know what you’re doing! You’ve asked Lupin to teach Wentworth advanced spells. Wentworth has already displayed his provocative eloquence, sharp intellect, and the gift of prophecy from Grindelwald’s lineage. If we add a mastery of spells far beyond his peers, are you truly confident you’ll be able to control him in the future?”

Professor Dumbledore noticed that Professor McGonagall showed no interest in the Honey Candy he offered and reluctantly consumed it himself.

He responded calmly, “Minerva, we don’t aim to control him. Controlling students? No, we are educators at Hogwarts. Our responsibility is to help every student reach their fullest potential.”

In response to Professor McGonagall’s inquiry, he continued, “Yes, Minerva, I haven’t forgotten. That’s precisely why I’ve arranged for Wentworth to learn advanced magic from Lupin. Magic is the only means to counter magic.”

Professor McGonagall appeared to have more to say, but before she could voice her thoughts, he interjected, “Minerva, what about the matter I asked you to investigate?”

Taken aback by his question, Professor McGonagall sighed and replied, “I’ve conducted a thorough investigation during this time. Wentworth did not attend the Halloween dinner that evening or left the event early. Thirteen students had the opportunity to enter Wentworth’s dormitory.”

“Twelve of them can provide alibis, as most of them were in groups of two. Only one student cannot.”

Professor McGonagall paused for a moment, then uttered a name slowly, “Cassandra.”

She continued, “However, Albus, do you truly believe that Hogwarts students are responsible for this? Hogwarts students couldn’t have created that Portkey!”

Professor Dumbledore’s expression grew cold as he responded, “Similarly, outsiders cannot enter Hogwarts, can they?”

Professor McGonagall was disheartened by his words, acknowledging their accuracy despite her reluctance.

“Albus, how do you intend to proceed?” Professor McGonagall inquired, her voice lowered.

Professor Dumbledore waved his hand mysteriously and replied, “There’s no need for action. Fear has the power to unlock a person’s potential.”

Following a few more exchanges, Professor McGonagall bade farewell and departed. However, she encountered Hagrid outside the Headmaster’s office, who handed her a letter from Headmaster Dumbledore.

“Professor McGonagall, a letter from Headmaster Dumbledore.”

Given the letter, Professor McGonagall returned to the Headmaster’s Office and admitted Hagrid, who had something to deliver.

When Hagrid presented the letter to Dumbledore, the Headmaster inspected the sender’s name on the envelope, his expression revealing a trace of surprise.

Dumbledore unsealed the envelope and read its contents attentively.

After reading the letter, he remained silent for a moment.

He then hastily took out parchment and a quill, quickly penning several pages before placing them into an envelope, which he handed back to Hagrid.

“Please deliver this letter for me,” He instructed Hagrid. Once Hagrid left, Professor McGonagall prepared to depart as well but was stopped by him.

“Minerva, care to guess who sent that recent letter?” Professor Dumbledore inquired.

Professor McGonagall was taken aback by the question before slowly shaking her head.

Without maintaining any mystery, Professor Dumbledore smiled slightly and said, “Do you recall Xenophilius Lovegood?”

Surprise crossed Professor McGonagall’s face, and she asked tentatively, “I have some recollection. Wasn’t he a Ravenclaw student?”

Dumbledore nodded and elaborated, “Indeed, he founded a newspaper called ‘The Quibbler.’ His recent letters listed several of Wentworth’s actions and asked if Wentworth was my protege.”

Professor McGonagall, now informed, looked bewildered. “How did he know these things? More importantly, why did he ask these questions? How did you respond?”

Dumbledore chuckled and replied, “I answered in the affirmative.”

In the afternoon, Xenophilius, at home, received a response from Professor Dumbledore.

Upon reading Dumbledore’s unwavering confirmation, Xenophilius felt a sense of relief, though he couldn’t quite explain why.

At that moment, Luna approached and asked, “Father, what did the Hogwarts Headmaster say?”

Xenophilius handed Luna the response letter and casually remarked, “It seems I’ll be working late tonight to catch up on my articles.”

Luna glanced at the one-word response in the letter, a hint of curiosity playing on her lips.

Meanwhile, after a day of rigorous spell practice, Wentworth, accompanied by Cedric, returned to the Hufflepuff common room, their bodies weary.

Prefect Green approached them upon their return, eager to ask what they had learned in the past two days.

However, Wentworth pushed him aside.

“Don’t say a word, don’t ask any questions. We’re exhausted; we’re going to bed.”

With those words, Wentworth headed straight to his bedroom.

Little did Wentworth know that he was on the brink of becoming famous.

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Published On: November 16, 2023

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